Item# MBRM1 - Onsite Clinic That Empowers People to Take Control of Their Personal Health


Most onsites “just” deliver the required care and fail to work on improving the health risks embedded in the workforce so as to also decrease long term costs. This onsite model instead is patient participatory so as to create close collaboration between the patient and provider. At every visit, the provider explores the root causes for health issues and conditions taking a holistic care approach.  Proprietary health coaching techniques are used to create shared decisions that align with the patient’s values, preferences and goals.  Clinics provide / can provide the full range of “non-occ” and occupational services tailored to each employer’s needs. Vendor has 12 years of sustained organic growth, 150+ locations across the US and applies Six Sigma and Lean rigor to operations. There is a guaranteed pricing structure, $0 markup on labs, drugs, serums, vaccines and a Performance Guarantee equal to 10% of the total fixed annual fee


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Item # MBRM2 – On-Line System for Patient to Learn of Less invasive Treatment Alternatives to Major Surgery                     

This On-Line Major Surgery Tutorial Shifts 20% of the Healthcare Plan Members Who have been Prescribed Major Surgery to Less Invasive Alternative Procedures - Average Savings = $7,500+ per Affected Member.

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Item # MBRM3 –Low Cost, Mobile-to Employer’s Site, Basic and Advanced Biometric Screenings                                          

This 13+ Year old, HIPPA Compliant Vendor has a Fleet of JCA Accredited Mobile Labs that come to the Worksite to provide not only Basic Biometric Screenings but Optionally, Advanced Screening for Early Stage Diseases e.g. Heart Attacks, Strokes, Cancers, etc. that Occur even in Asymptomatic Young to Middle-Aged Individuals with Very Low Framingham Risk Scores (i.e. <5%). Has 4 to 1 ROI  

Item # MBRM4 - Customized per Employer Location, Employee Physical Exam PPO                                                                                      

This Consultant Develops Low Cost, Non-Executive Style/ Basic but Comprehensive Employee Physical Exam PPO’s with Networks that are developed per Employer Location and that are Customizable to Include Services Specific the Employer’s Desires

Item # MBRM5 – IVR-Driven Absence Tracker that Creates Database Linkable to Wellness Data                                          

This System Requires Employees to Call-In to Report Off and Report Reasons for Absence. This Process creates a Hard Data Tracking and Management Reporting System for Facilitating the Linkage between the Employer’s Wellness Program Database and Employee Absences

Item # MBRM6 -  SaaS Based, Real Time, All-Healthcare Data Repository with Nurse Driven Targeted Outreach Campaigns for At-Risk Populations Monitored by Dash Boards

Most Legacy Technology Healthcare Data Warehouse Vendors provide Stale Information in Flat Reports that is supported by Outside Consultants to interpret the Data and Drive Action Plans. Instead, this New Technology provides Real-Time Analytics with which to manage the Healthcare Plans and any Related Programs on a Day-to-Day Basis. Vendor creates and drives Nurse-Driven Member Communication and Incentive Campaigns for Targeted At-Risk Populations so as to drive Down Costs while allowing all Activity to be monitored in Real Time by the Client and its Advisors as desired, via the Embedded Dashboards. ROI =15 to 1+

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Item # MBRM7 -Mobile-to-Employee Site, Sleep Management Clinic to Address this Hidden Health Risk                                      

SaaS-Based, HIPAA Secure Platform and Proprietary Processes to Test, Diagnose and Manage Sleep Disorders that are often the Root Cause of Hypertension, Type II Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Failure, Stroke and ADH. Services include Initial Sleep Testing at Employee Site, Ongoing Remote Sleep Monitoring and Management Level Reporting on Outcomes and Progress. Includes a Proprietary Initial Analysis to Identify Specific Healthcare Costs Directly Attributable to Sleep Disorders and develop a Go-Forward strategy. ROI = 1.05 Y1 to 6.3 Y2 and Beyond

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Item # MBRM8 - Doctor/Patient Cash Incentive Program for Adherence to Evidence-Based Medicine Protocols                  

This 17+ Years-in-the-Development, Multi-Patented System manages both Incentives (as paid from the Benefit Plan) and Proprietary Processes for both the Physician and the Patient to be Mutually Accountable to One Another for Physician-Guided Adherence to Evidence-Based Medicine Protocols. System manages 100+ Guidelines thus covering 50% to 55% of the Total Employer Spend. Patient Participation Rate is 65% with ROI Ranging 3:1 to 17:1 in Independent Studies.  

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Item # MBRM9 –Total Health Risk /Condition Management Incentive Program                                                                                       

This is a Total Health Plan Employee Engagement Enhancement System to Incentivize and Manage any Desired Employee Action (Participation, Utilization, Outcomes, Behavior Change) using any Desired Reward Type or Value (Monetary or Non-Monetary) across any Desired Mediums (Phone, Web, Text, PDA, iPhone, Device)

Item # MBRM10 - Specialized Employee Stress Management / Well-Being Consultancy

This Specialized Consultancy offers Training and Interventions for a Range of Topics such as Stress Management, Resilience and Enhanced Well Being which can be Easily Integrated into Existing High Pressure Work Routines and Structures without the Need for Additional Time and Resources. Reduces Health Related Absences and Increases
Employee Engagement Levels thereby Increasing Productivity and

Item # MBRM11 – Specific-to-Your-Industry-Sector, Wellness Program Incentive Modeling Tool to Assure ROI                     

This Flexible, SaaS-Based Software System is used for Enterprise-Wide Modelling and Managing of Wellness Reward Programs. It Uses a Proprietary Data Base of Specific-to-your-Industry Financial Performance Indicators thereby allowing for Continuous Progress Measurement against Norms and the Assurance of a Return on Investment for Wellness Reward Incentives  

Item # MBRM12 - Physician-Led and Interactive, Healthcare Plan Participant Empowerment Live Webinars                    

Patients do not have Adequate Face Time with their Primary Care Physicians to learn about Health & Wellness. This Board-Certified Internist & Author has thus created Interactive Webinar Training Programs Designed to empower Healthcare Plan Participants to optimize their own Health and decrease Personal and Corporate Healthcare Expenditures. Webinars typically include a 30-45 Minute Presentation followed by 15-20 Minutes of Interaction / Q&A on a Variety of Topics including, but not limited to: Communicating Effectively with Health Care Professionals, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Smoking Cessation, Weight Management, Cardiovascular Risk Factor Modification, Partnering in Your Health Care and Maximizing Care While Minimizing Cost

Item # MBRM13 - SaaS-Based and Transparent Patient Centered Medical Home (PCHM) Driven by Meaningful Dollar Incentives for Primary Care Physician’s (PCP) to Manage Patient Health & Program Reduce Costs                                    

This SaaS-Based system is driven by front-end detailed analytics at the company and individual levels that create individual personal health profiles to show gaps in care, medical history, pharmacy usage, etc. The system connects PCPs’ and specialists to each other, to system information, to facilities and to their patients on a price-transparency-to-everyone basis including the employer. Physicians are paid additional dollars for patient-specific health outcomes that show improvedhealth and reduced health benefits costs

Item # MBRM14 – Customized-to-Your-Wellness-Program-Needs, Centralized Tracking and Reporting System for Activities, Outcomes and Rewards                                                        

In many companies the “Wellness Program” is communicated as being a centralized, cohesive effort, but behind the scenes may actually consist of a number of disparate programs and vendors. This can -make data collection, tracking, reporting and rewards allocation near impossible. This customized-to-your-program vendor populates a central data repository that via date feeds from you and / or your vendors, tracks wellness activities and wellness outcomes and provides management reporting that measures consolidated wellness program results. The data can be linked to virtually any desired reward system so as to manage reward programs ranging from wellness points to health plan premium credits

 Item # MBRM15­ - Most Intensive Wellness Leader Training for Employers Wanting to Create Competitive Advantage by Havingthe Healthiest Employees

Enlightened Employers recognize the Impact that Having Healthy Employees can have on Reducing Healthcare-Related Expenditures and / or Increasing Productivity yet, very few in HR are Trained Well Enough to help drive the Organization's Wellness Initiatives. This External Instructor-Led Training Consists of a Series of 20 Wellness-Related Topics each Comprised of Seven, One hour Courses. The Series Covers all Aspects of Wellness e.g. Actuarial Science, Wellness Program Design, Engagement Planning, etc.so as to Assure an Understanding of Latest Applied Behavioral Research and the Most Effective, Tested Strategies for Changing and Fixing Health Habits and Generating a Wellness ROI

Item # MBRM16 - Wellness -Services- Only, Actuarial Consultancy that uses Proprietary Databases to Model Likely Wellness Program Effects and Predict ROI   


This Specialized Wellness-Only Actuarial Consultancy is Independent of any Wellness Products thereby making it Unbiased in its Analyses. A Robust Database has been developed from having consulted with Health Insurers and Wellness Companies across the Globe. This Data, Combined with their own Research, allows them to "Dose Value" and Model the Ranges for the likely Impact of Various Health Habits and Wellness Strategies on Health Insurance Costs, Risk Factors andother Risk Rates (such as Mortality, Absenteeism, etc.) They also have a Proprietary Method for quantifying the ROI of any Current or Planned Wellness Program


Item # MBRM17 - SaaS-Based, HRA-Driven Portal to Manage the Six Requirements for Having a Successful Wellness Program

Employers will often internally design a wellness program but then lack a system to pull all of the disparate program components together so as to track and manage for results. This SaaS-Based system provides the employer with a wellness program portal from which to manage and track the wellness program by individual and across desired employee groups. This works where employees' HRA results are linked to targeted interventions and behavior change & motivation tools. Wellness activities are tracked and linked to the employer's rewards /incentive program. Robust management reporting tracks results, compares to normative data and estimates savings from wellness improvements in the areas of healthcare expenditures, productivity and absenteeism


Item # MBRM18 - SaaS Based Total Health Risk Management System Driven by University Developed, Specific-to-the-Individual Behavioral Change Messaging and Action Plans

This SaaS-Based Total HealthRisk Management System uses the Employer's own Healthcare/Rx Claims and HRAData to develop Risk Profiles and a Unique Personal Platform for each Employeeand Dependent. A Portfolio of over 3,000 Behavioral Messages Driven by SocialNorms, Implementation Intentions and Default Effect as developed by Behavioral Psychologists at a Notable University is tailored to each Employee so as to have a High Probability of Achieving Desired Engagement. The System is Vendor Agnostic and ties in current Wellness Programs (e.g. smoking cessation, disease managers, etc.) and Pushes the Appropriate Vendors Out to each affected Member to drive immediate action. Robust Management Dashboards allow for Tracking Engagement, Vendor Utilization, Costs and Trends on an Aggregate Basis at Desired Levels within the Organization


Item # MBRM19 - SaaS-Based System to Design, Track and Manage the Types of Employee Wellness Challenges that Require Measurable Results

Wellness-Oriented Employers may want to run various Fitness Challenges but have neither a Tool to help Guide them in the Design nor a Method for Tracking and Reporting. This System allows the Challenge Program Administrator to establish Quantifiable Parameters for various Types of Challenges like Walking/Physical Activity, Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Healthy Eating, etc. Goals, Terms, Limits/ Milestones, Reward Points, etc. can be Set using System-Guided Drop Downs based on Data from other Administrators' Proven Challenges. Participant Results can be manually or electronically Entered and Tracked by the Participant and/or Administrator. Management Reports Track either Per Participant or Employee Team. Excel Data Files can be easily Exported to other Systems that Require Wellness Program Results

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Item # MBRM20 - HRCI Accredited, On-line Course to Help HR with Implementing and Managing an Employee Wellness Program - Complete with Professional Certification

HR can be required to drive an employee wellness initiative may but lack the proper foundation for doing so. This 4 hour on-line course serves as the foundation for defining HR's role with implementing and managing worksite health. The course includes a video lecture, tool kit and coordinator's manual plus ongoing support from experienced wellness professionals. It provides 4.0 HRCI Recertification Credits and the "Health Promotion Coordination Certification" from the BWI National Health Promotion Training Institute. Go to www.bwihp.org and click on e-Learning Store to enroll. Enter promo code HRMDCO (in caps) to receive a 10% discount.


Item # MBRM21 - On-line Course for Training Employees on Heath Risks Complete with Post-Course Certification

Wellness programs participants may lack formal training on the major areas of health risk or might not be tested to assure comprehension. This web based wellness training course (compete with work book), uses video lecture, interviews, activities, etc. and contains 12, 30-minute health-wellness education modules in areas like knowing your numbers, exercise, tobacco usage education, healthy eating, diabetes prevention, weight management, how to be a smart healthcare consumer, etc. Participants who complete all 12 modules and pass with a score of 80% or better receive a "Personal Health Certification" from BWI National Health Promotion Training Institute that can be used for wellness incentive purposes. The certification provides 9.0 HRCI Recertification Credits and continuing education for over 450 other organizations. Go to www.bwihp.org and click on e-Learning Store to enroll, enter promo code HRMDCO (in caps) to receive a 10% discount.



Item # MBMR22 - Free-to-All Blood Glucose Meter Tied to Patient Monitoring and Reporting System 


80% of all claims over $250,000 involve diabetics and by 2024, nearly 1 in every 3 members of a health plan will have diabetes. Unfortunately, the diabetic population notoriously fails to self-monitor and control diet such that case managers, physicians and family members lack the information needed to help keep patients compliant and healthy. This free Blood Glucose Meter (test strip are competitively priced) and real time information support system accurately tests glucose levels and automatically sends the results to the patient's secure, on-line and FDA approved account, which can be shared with healthcare professionals or other individuals involved in the patient’s care.  Reporting shows whether the patient is testing as instructed, indicates what the results are of their daily tests, automatically generates a log book and produces patient reports that outline target ranges and compliance over time.  The system allows for the set up Alerts and Watch Lists for severe patients that are monitored daily on demand. Results include a decrease of hospitalizations, decrease in number of ER visits, elimination of wasted test strips, etc.


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Item # MBRM23 – Proprietary Onsite Wellness Coaching Add-on Service to Significantly Increase Employee Population Wellness Outcomes beyond Current Levels


Independent studies show that employee populations that engage in wellness coaching achieve 5X to 10X the health risk reduction of populations that do not.  Therefore, one of the keys to workplace wellness success is very high employee population engagement in wellness coaching.  Unfortunately, the traditional technology based (telephonic/online) wellness coaching methodology so commonly utilized today does not stimulate nearly high enough levels of engagement (only approximately 5% - perhaps as high as 20% with well-conceived incentives) to drive workplace wellness success. This leading national onsite wellness coaching vendor, with its proprietary onsite wellness coaching methodology developed and refined over the past 12 years, does – consistently engaging 90%+ of the employee populations it serves in wellness coaching – consistently achieving, therefore, outstanding levels of improvement in employee population health risks.


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Item # MBRM24 – Vendor Neutral Consultancy for Wellness Program Strategy Development, Gap Analysis, Program Integration and Innovation


Employers know they need healthy, engaged employees, yet most wellness programs have not proven to be successful as they consist of a series of sub-programs that have been adopted without knowledge of each program’s evidence-based efficacy and they have not been built under an overarching strategy that considers both program integration and implementation. This consultancy begins with a thorough analysis of existing wellness programs within the context of the company’s specific culture and demographics that includes integration with other initiatives such as recruiting, benefits and HR policies. A culturally specific strategy is developed based on the company’s needs and goals that includes both programming and communicating so as to create an engaging program. Vendor neutral guidance on programs, tools and resources is provided as is assistance with RFP’s if /as needed. The result is a wellness program with measurable results that is designed specifically for the company and its unique culture that will lead to teams that thrive.   



Item # MBRM25 – Proven Methodology with a Strong Actuarial Underpinning to create a “Healthy Culture” thereby Increasing Employee Productivity, Reducing the Employer’s HR- Related Program Costs and Improving Overall Business Performance  


In spite of well-intentioned efforts by HR, the health and well-being of the workforce may continue to steadily decline due the employer’s culture and employees’ lifestyle choices and behaviors. This can result in escalating health costs, absenteeism, disability rates and safety incidents plus lost productivity. This consultancy deploys a proven methodology that draws the various stakeholders into a “Healthy Culture” initiative so as to redefine then guide desired employee behaviors in order to achieve the employer’s desired results - all within current or reduced budget constraints. Generally, the process involves the facilitation with key stakeholders to articulate a vision for a future state including the strategic priorities and guiding principles. An action plan is developed that defines program and process redesign, implementation of revised plans / programs and required communication. Behavioral design and rigorous actuarial modeling of program options ensure budgeted dollars are optimized. Customized success metrics are designed and applied to monitor progress and success in achieving the vision. Results typically include improved employee experience and workforce health, a reduction in unscheduled absences and other program costs plus increases in employee productivity and overall business performance.


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Item # MBMR26 – An Employee Elective, Health and Wellness-Driven, Fully-Insured Indemnity Program that Both Increases Employee Pay and Generates Tax Savings Income for the Employer


Employee health management and wellness programs typically come at cost to the employer and can be ineffective in that “unhealthy well” and “chronically ill” employees do not participate at desired levels. This fully-insured product was developed to both increase health management and wellness program participation and decrease the cost of the healthcare benefits plan by providing indemnity-type benefit payments to and pay increases for, employees who elect to participate. Employees access the program via a user-friendly portal that provides access to a wellness activities menu, health coaches, telemedicine, provider cost and quality information plus Rx price shopping. The pre-tax nature of the insurance premiums combined with a monthly wellness activities dollar credit provided under the insurance policy combine after all program expenses to produce both:

- an increase in pay for (most) employees which is estimated for each employee at time of program participation election (or not),

-an increase in employer income resulting from corporate FICA tax savings                        

The benefits to the employer and employees as documented in a suite of robust management reports can include:

- health management and wellness programs with increased participation levels

- a decrease in the healthcare benefits plan spend

- an increase in employee net pay and additional income for the employer


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Item # MBMR27 - Fees-at-Risk, Specialized Tele-Health Service that Teaches Diabetics How to Reduce the Disease Process not Just Manage Medications


With 14% of the US population having the disease, diabetes is a “Top 3” cost-driver for health plans with the expected overall costs of diabetics being 2.3 X those of non-diabetics ($18,000+/ year). In response, this specialized-for-diabetics telehealth service develops a high-touch therapeutic relationship to guide and coach each patient by addressing his/her unique needs, values and preferences. Transcending outdated treatment guidelines and the traditional primary focus on drug therapies, these certified and licensed healthcare professionals instead deploy a whole-person approach that combines western medicine research, evidence-based mind/body practices, and other natural / non-prescription-drug approaches. The program’s prior results show close to a $5,900 savings per program participant (net of the “sentinel effect”) and are over 250% more effective than the American Diabetes Association program. This program has unique a clinical effectiveness guarantee and a guaranteed minimum ROI of 1:1 (actual norm is 2:1 to 3:1) after the first 18 months.