Item # PMT 1 - Jack Welch Endorsed and Commercialized, GE Forced Distribution Style Performance Management System

This Jack Welch-Webcasted and Endorsed, GE style Performance Management and Alignment System puts into Performance Terms How each Employee’s Efforts (Top to Bottom within the Organization, as desired) link to the Business’s Mission, Vision, Values and Overall Business Plan - Even as the Plan changes During the Course of the Year. Employees are rated against and across Standardized Employer - Developed and Aligned Criteria on any Desired Frequency and then automatically positioned within the GE-Style Distribution of Bottom 20%, Middle 70% and Top 10%. Training and Development Plans can be assigned by Person and Monitored for Progress with Continuous Two-Way Feedback. Robust Graphics and Documented Historical Content Greatly Simplify the Continuous Performance Evaluation Process

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Item # PMT 2 - A Practical 360 (Including Customers) Performance Management System Linked to Job Grades to Assure Consistent, Multi-Level Performance Standards

Employees and Managers often go through the Motions of Annual Performance Reviews, but question their Relevance as they do not relate back their Organization’s Own Job Evaluation System. Under this Web-Based, Multi-Rater Approach, Each Compensable Factor is linked to a Consistently-Defined Set of Required Competencies that vary in Degree by Job Level. These Competency Degrees are then linked to a Consistently-Defined Set of Success Measures for Each Competency that Vary by Competency Degree. This is done for all Staff in the Organization so as to assures Consistent, Multi-Level Performance Standards   

Item # PMT 3 -W. Edwards Deming (The Father of Process Improvement)-Consistent Performance Management System to Support Six Sigma / LEAN Organizations                                     

W. Edwards Deming the “Father of Process Improvement” believed neither in Traditional Performance Reviews nor Pay-for-Performance. This Performance Management System Instead builds a Review Process based on Improving the Employee’s Performance Relative to the Business Processes in which the Employee Participates. There is no Rating System only Written and Agreed upon Mutual Process Improvement Commitments for both the Supervisor and the Employee that emanate from “White Flag” Meetings the Frequency of which Depends on Employee Sufficiency and Mutual Trust Levels. This Process Instead Creates the Requisite Environment of Trust, Openness and Engagement by Improving the Quality of Interactions among the People Involved in the Business Processes so as to Ultimately Improve Quality and Overall Business Results

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Item # PMT4 – SaaS-Based, Low Cost, Twitter-Like Approach to 360 Degree Performance Management with Bite-Sized Updates                                                                                             


Traditional Performance Reviews can be Frustrating for all and can obsess on the Metrics and the Review Process over Actual and Continual Performance Improvement. This Low Cost, User-Friendly and 360 Degree Continuous FeedbackSystem facilitates Collaboration, allows for Timely Interventions and facilitates Easy Steering in the Right Direction. Employees can create, share and track their Goals and Objectives and Collect the 360 Degree Feedback. The System also allows for Praise and Recognition, Collects Historical 1-on-1 Meeting Notes and effortlessly monitors the Progress of Performance along the Way


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Item # PMT5 - Customizable-to-Your-Unique-Needs 360 Multi-Rater Rater System

This 360⁰ Multi-rater Service allows companies of any size to have a completely customizable feedback tool to fit their specific needs. The service ranges from just the “set-up” of the 360 Degree Measurement System to a “fully managed” service offering. The 360⁰ is populated with the behaviours you want to measure, for the employee groups you want to seek feedback from, using the criteria (e.g. frequency, effectiveness, etc.) you want the behaviours to be measured by. It can serve as a basis for discussing performance improvement, targeting coaching efforts, measuring leadership effectiveness, auditing communication, etc.

Item # PMT6 - System to Align and Manage Short and Long Term Company Business Goals with Ongoing Employee Performance               

This SaaS-Based System allows the CEO to have the Organization’s Short and Long Terms Business Goals Hardwired and Cascaded Down into the Annual Performance Plans of Managers and / or other Desired Employees. Powerful Dashboards Continuously track Ongoing Performance against Plan by Employee and by desired Roll-Up Group to allow the CEO (if/as desired) and other Managers to take Immediate Corrective Actions. The System Auto-distributes Continual Reminders for Employees to update their Progress-against-Plan, and it Tracks Comments throughout the Year so as to provide a Historical Track Record for having Detailed Performance Discussions at Review Time    

 Item # PMT7 - Department-Level Score Cards to Measure and Improve Performance

Failure to communicate Annual Performance Expectations at the Department Level is a Common Cause of Underperformance. This Score Card Process defines the Department-Level Performance Objectives and Metrics that are aimed at Providing Mission-Critical Deliverables to Internal/External Down-Stream Customers. With these Score Cards, Department Managers and Employees can Measure their Contributions, Track Trends and use the Results in Department Action Plan meetings to Ensure Focus on Opportunities for Improvement and Customer Satisfaction. Score Card Objectives can also be Included in Individual Performance Evaluation Plans and can be Linked to an Annual Incentive Pay Plan


Item # PMT8 - SaaS Based, Traditional 360° Style Performance Review for Supervisors, Managers and Leaders

This SaaS-Based 360° Style fully Automated "To and From" Performance Evaluation tool provides Participants with a Global View of Individual Performance from any Level within in the Organization. The Process utilizes 60 – 80 Proven Questions (Plus an "Add-Your-Own" Feature) based on Years of Experience and Thousands of Surveys across multiple Categories to include Knowledge/Strategic, Character, Interpersonal,
Leadership/Innovation, Execution, Talent Building, Innovation/Change and Culture. The system generates Feedback Reports by Manager, by Peer, by Direct Reports to include Two Factor Leadership Profile, Category Breakdown, Written Comments, Frequency Distributions, Manager's Blind Spots, Biggest Increases and Decreases and
Gap Analysis for Year-Over-Year Views


Item # PMT9 - SaaS-Based, Manager-Employee "Management by Objectives" (MBO) Style Performance Management System

Employees need to Understand how their Roles and Accomplishments contribute to Company Performance / Success. This SaaS-Based Performance Management System facilitates setting Goals/Objectives, identifying Required Competencies, establishing Individual Development Plans and documenting Performance Commentary all within a Configurable Submission and Sign-Off Process. This results in Improved Business Performance as Employees clearly understand what is Expected of Them, are given Development Plans to meet those Expectations and can track their Individual Progress against Expectations Going Forward


Item # PMT10 - 360 Leadership Survey with Traditional Individual Feedback but Also Management Team-Level Roll-Ups and Comparisons


Other 360's typically only provide Feedback to the Assessed Employee and His/Her Superior thereby Stopping Short of Identifying overall Team Strengths and Weaknesses and Comparing / Ranking Individual Managers across the Entire Relevant Team. This Employee-Survey Firm uses a Comprehensive Team-Based 360 Leadership Feedback Survey to identify and assess Leadership Effectiveness across Desired Groupings of Leaders. Each Leader receives His / Her Personalized Report of Actionable Information and Insight about how they are perceived and Areas for Improvement. HR and / or Select Senior Leaders can receive the Results for each Individual Leader as well as Roll Up Reports comparing and reviewing Strong and Weak Leaders in Rank Order along with Critical Information for Boosting Performance of the Leadership Teams



Item# PMT11 - Tool for Assessing the Employer’s Job Performance Management Policies and Procedures


When employment and performance decisions are based on nonperformance related factors, employees become defensive which can result in lower morale, third party intervention, discrimination claims and wrongful discharge lawsuits. This comprehensive assessment tool developed over 25+ years with continuous refinement consists of over 50 questions to be answered by the organization so as to assess the current state of employer’s performance management policies and procedures. Results are that employment decisions are more clearly and specifically related to job performance so as to be better accepted by employees thereby increasing the motivational power of the reward/punishment system and decreasing the need for third-party intervention and exposure to employment-related claims.