Item # WPL1 - Low Cost, Quick Turnaround, Empirical Data-Driven Workforce Analyses and Prediction Consulting (U.S. Only)

Employers May Need to know about Micro or Macro Changes Occurring in the Workforce so as to better Target their Recruiting, Training, Staffing, Diversity, Compensation and other Workforce Related Initiatives. This Specialized Labor Force Consultancy Provides Empirical Results for the most Challenging Labor Market Questions such as Alternative Skill Pools, Occupation Morphing / Migration, Cost Comparison Analysis, Trend Analysis, etc. The Data Never more than 12 Months Old and Covering 100's of Millions Data Points coming from National Databases, uses 1100+ O*NET-Based Occupations and 2400+ Levels Across 560 Geographic Area derived from Over 400,000 Establishments (U.S. Only)


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Item # WPL2 – Competively Priced Org Charting Software to View, Model and Analyze the Workforce 

Many employers create organization charts manually using Vizio, PowerPoint and other “presentation-type” software with no connectivity to HR data making accuracy and change tracking next to impossible.  This desk top application integrates with any and all HR files to auto-generate a visualization of the workforce and reporting structures. (A Visio compatible version is available). A powerful auto-refresh feature updates revised org charts based on changes to underlying HR data files at any desired frequency. Modeling capabilities assess impacts on organization structure changes in terms of span of control, performance levels, training, experience levels, pay, bonuses, etc. ”Interactive PDF’s” can be peeled off to allow for analysis at the business unit level. This tangentially helps to identify HR data files errors, gaps, overlaps and other reporting anomalies that can be identified only via visualization

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Item # WPL3 - Low Cost, All Incumbent, Job Suitability and Eligibility Assessment                                                

Cost-Effective, Competency-Based Decision Support System that Compares Each Current Employee for Job Fit Against a Master Job Repository of 1200+ Jobs thereby Accurately Predicting how Successful Current Employees will be in Other Jobs so as to Reduce Recruiting and Workforce Development Costs


Item #WPL 4 - SaaS-Based, Agile Workforce Employee Readiness Assessment and Employer Financial Opportunity Identification and Quantification Tool

For Some of Today's "Knowledge Workers", Work can be described more in terms of "What They Do" not "Where They Do It". This Easy-to-Use Web Based Tool determines if there is a Case for Workplace Change and the Size of any Opportunities to thus better align the Company's Workplace Approach with its Business Strategies. Using Algorithms based on over 20 Years of Client Experiences, Employees Self-Assess their current Work Behaviors and Preferences and are segmented into One of Six Unique Categories of Agile Work Style. Employers then know How Employees can be more Effectively Enabled to Work Tomorrow. Depending on Quantified Results, Employers can realize Potentially Significant Operational Saving, Improve Employee Work Effectiveness and Work-Life Balance and substantially enhance Workplace Efficiencies to improve Results for Shareholders, Employees and the Communities in which the Employers Operate



Item# WPL5  – Software for Projecting and Analyzing Labor Costs for Collective Bargaining, Workforce Planning, Budgeting and Mergers and Acquisitions 

Employers and Labor Organizations calculating and projecting labor costs for collective bargaining, workforce planning, budgeting and mergers and acquisitions most often use error-prone, complicated and frequently disconnected spreadsheet models. This unique software solution produces enhanced accuracy and insight with greater speed and ease of use than a spreadsheet model can. The software has been in continuous development for over 20 years, improved with the input of hundreds of experts in all industries.  Software users enter current provisions and practices related to compensation plans, work rules, time-off allowances, employee benefit contributions and legislated payments. Clicking on each of these categories produces a refined drop-down menu of items, enabling the entry of multiple rules and limitless proposals to change them. Cost projections include consideration of workforce dynamics such as historical or predicted turnover rates, changes in headcount and employees’ changing lengths of service.  Forecasts are provided for up to 10 years. Robust reporting capabilities allow instant customization for various constituencies.  The software license includes tailored training and unlimited telephone and internet support for 12 months.  The software provides better analysis and overall decision-making at all levels of the organization.



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