Item # AMP 1 –Fully- Automated, Real Time, Absence Program Tracking and Reporting Sytem                                    

This System is driven by an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Front End. Core Voice Scripts are customized for any Desired Paid or Unpaid Absence Programs for tracking Continuous or Intermittent absence, Tardiness or Leaving Work Early. The IVR and the Auto-Generated Management Reporting both work to Minimize Human Error and Create a Real Time Operating Environment e.g. Supervisors notified within 20 Seconds of Call-Off. System minimizes Regulatory Compliance Issues and Union Grievances, facilitates Effective Staffing and Labor Cost Control and it Optimizes Disability / Work Comp Insurance Program Costs. Averages 15% Reduction in Absence Rates Year 1 + 10% Reduction Post-Sentinel Effect (Also See AMP2 on FMLA below which optionally, can be implemented together or Stand Alone)

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Item # AMP2 –Fully-Automated, Real Time FMLA Tracking, Reporting System and Optional Outsourced Administration (U.S. Only)                                                                                                       

This FMLA Tracking and Reporting System is driven by an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Script used by   Employees to Self-Report Potential FMLA Claims. System deploys 13-Years-in-the-Development, Proprietary Voice Script Algorithms that automatically pre-determine FMLA Eligibility. This System can be the front end for the Client’s current FMLA Administrator, or Vendor can provide Fully Outsourced Administration to include mailing EE Certification Forms, approving / denying Claims, tracking Continuous and Intermittent Leave Occurrences, maintaining Employee FMLA Leave Time Balances and monitoring Employee Intermittent Leaves for Abuse/Suspect Claims

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Item # AMP3 -Employee On-Line Time Utilization Analytic and Management Reporting System                                                   

This SaaS-Based, Quick Loading “App” gets installed at each desired Workstation / Mobile Device to create Transparency of On-Line Time Usage. It measures the What , How, and When of each Specific Computer Application Interaction (Down to the Website Level) so that Both the Employee and Employer can determine which Applications are “Productive” and “Non Productive “ for the Individual and / or Group. A Powerful Data Collection Engine sends Usage Information to the Server for Analysis so as to produce Maps of Productive and Non-Productive Usage, Dashboards, Peer Comparisons and Employer-Determined Manager Alerts that Auto-Send Warning Notices of Mis-Use. Productivity Gains = 15% due to Sentinel Effect and + 25% Post-Implementation for a total 40% Gain

Item # AMP4 Employer-Controlled, Business Purpose Driven, Reward and Recognition Social Network                    

This SasS-based Social Recognition Platform allows Employees to Recognize and Reward their Colleagues and Team Members and has Nearly 5 Times more Traffic than the Traditional Employer Intranet.It also Facilitates Knowledge Sharing, Creates Collaboration on Projects and Results in Employees becoming “Recruitment Brand Ambassadors” as they Share their Recognition Stories over Traditional External Social Networks

Item # AMP5 -Mobile-to-Employee Site, Sleep Management Clinic                                                                                                                 

SaaS-Based, HIPAA Secure Platform and Proprietary Processes to Test, Diagnose and Manage Sleep Disorders that are often the Root Cause of Hypertension, Type II Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Failure, Stroke and ADH. Services include Initial Sleep Testing at Employee Site, Ongoing Remote Sleep Monitoring and Management Level Reporting on Outcomes and Progress. Includes a Proprietary Initial Analysis to Identify Specific Healthcare Costs Directly Attributable to Sleep Disorders and develop a Go-Forward strategy. ROI = 1.05 Y1 to 6.3 Y2 and Beyond

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Item # AMP6 -At-the-Worksite, Employer Controlled, Paycheck Advance ATM to Minimize Stress and Tardiness 

 HR Mining is currnetly in discussions with this vendor

Item # AMP7 -Specialized 100% Dedicated Consultancy for Stress Management (with unique Resilience Training Approach                                                                                          

This Consultancy via Workshops, Interventions, Coaching Services etc. helps Individuals, Managers and Organizations perform at Peak Levels Despite Adversities and Challenges that Cause Stress. Plus, a Proprietary 5 Step Resilience Training Methodology works to Harmonize all aspects of one’s being, Thoughts, Emotions, Physical Body, Relationships / Social Network and Life Purpose / Future Direction to build Resilience to Stress. Objectives are to Reduce Ill Health and Absence Costs plus Increase Employee Engagement and thereby Productivity Levels

Item # AMP8 - Wellness -Services- Only, Actuarial Consultancy that uses Proprietary Databases to Model Likely Wellness Program Effects and Predict ROI                                                          

This Specialized Wellness-Only Actuarial Consultancy is Independent of any Wellness Products thereby making it Unbiased in its Analyses. A Robust Database has been developed from having consulted with Health Insurers and Wellness Companies across the Globe. This Data, Combined with their own Research, allows them to “Dose Value" and Model the Ranges for the likely Impact of Various Health Habits and Wellness Strategies on Health Insurance Costs, Risk Factors and other Risk Rates (such as Mortality, Absenteeism, etc.) They also have a Proprietary Method for quantifying the ROI of any Current or Planned Wellness Program

Item # AMP9 - Elder Care Employee Assistance Program and Related Services PPO                                                                             

Caring for the Elderly can reduce Employee Productivity via Workday Interruptions and the Health Effects related to Caregiver Stress. This Specialized Eldercare Services Organization provides 24X7 Access to Experienced Eldercare Advocates and works to educate Caregivers on Available Options, coordinate Local Services and facilitate Connections to Needed Services at Discounted Prices. Low PEPM can be Employee Paid, Employer Paid or a Combination 

 Item # AMP10 - SaaS- Based Transparency Tool for Measuring and Monitoring the Productivity On-Line Type Workers

Employers fear that today's on line workers may be wasting valuable company work time on socializing in Facebook, playing computer games, sending out resumes, etc. The system monitors workers' activity in real time and retroactively by taking screen-shots of their computer work every three minutes. For each work product or project, robust Gantt Charts and dashboards enable managers at all levels to see the current progress, determine amounts of time being spent and assess the costs of all related tasks. Productivity gains ranging from 15% to 40% have been realized


Item # AMP11 – Proven Methodology with an Actuarial Foundation to Create a “Healthy Culture” thereby Increasing Employee Productivity, Reducing the Employer’s HR- Related Program Costs and Improving Overall Business Performance  

In spite of well-intentioned efforts by HR, the health and well-being of the workforce continues to steadily decline due the employer’s culture and employees’ lifestyle choices and behaviors. This can result in escalating health costs, absenteeism, disability rates and safety incidents resulting in lost productivity. This consultancy deploys a proven methodology with rigorous actuarial analysis that draws the various stakeholders into a “Healthy Culture” initiative so as to redefine then guide desired employee behaviors in order to achieve the employer’s desired results - all within current or reduced budget constraints. Generally, the process involves facilitation with key stakeholders to articulate a vision for a future state including the strategic priorities and guiding principles. An action plan is developed that defines program and process redesign, implementation of revised plans / programs and required communication. Behavioral design and rigorous actuarial modeling of program options ensure budgeted dollars are optimized. Customized success metrics are identified and applied to monitor progress and success in achieving the vision. Results typically include improved employee experience and workforce health, a reduction in unscheduled absences and other program costs plus increases in employee productivity and overall business performance.


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Item # AMP12 - Actuarial Consultancy with a Proven Methodology to Redesign Paid and /or Unpaid Time Off, Absence and Leave Programs to Align with Total Rewards Strategy/Employee Value Proposition, Enhance Attraction and Retention/Satisfaction/Well-Being, Control / Reduce Costs and Improve Operational Performance


Employment candidates and current employees attach a disproportionate value to paid time off programs relative to their actual value. At the same time, many benefits finance and HR people cannot even determine that actual value which is often costlier than the employer’s own medical benefits program. This firm deploys a strategic and actuarially based consulting process designed to weave time-off benefits into the fabric of the employers’ total rewards strategy and better support the desired culture. The process defines current state (including current employee behaviors, gaps and overlaps, etc.) and develops a philosophy that leads to defining a future state for the programs. This results in the design of revised programs that will achieve desired outcomes. The above process includes actuarial modeling to develop financials and identify gainers and losers, the solicitation of employee / leadership feedback and a regulatory compliance assessment. A detailed implementation plan is also developed that considers administrative infrastructure, tracking and reporting systems, communication, training and success metrics. Typical results include a more reliable workforce, with significant reductions in unscheduled absence while at the same time improvements in employee relations leading to better attraction and retention rates of top talent and less HR and supervisor time spent on absence related issues.


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Item # AMP13 – Personalized- to-Situation, Call Center Based, Adult Caregiver Advocacy Services


Adult caregiving affects 20% of US households and 70% of caregivers report a negative impact on their job performance including 12% leaving the workforce entirely.  This call center based caregiver advocacy service provides a comprehensive solution to the complex challenges faced by a family member providing adult caregiving.  Services include 1) unlimited, toll-free access to trustworthy and  experienced caregiver advocate who provides guidance on benefit eligibility,  support programs, long-term planning and Medicare / Medicaid ,2)  a web-based portal for accessing relevant-to- situation information and searchable databases for doctors, 3) specialized fraud and estate settlement via  fraud specialist access who perform credit file reviews, resolve of existing fraud, facilitate the settlement of a spouse or dependent adult’s estate. These services result in an employee who is better able to focus on work and thereby become more productive.



Item# AMP14 – Personalized Natural Disaster Services to Include Planning, Personal Assistance and Informational Guidance  


Natural disasters (e.g. floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.) impact every state in the U.S. causing affected individuals and families to seek shelter options and address family needs. This specialized suite of services helps members plan for a natural disaster, safely reach shelter and restore normalcy post-disaster. Personalized assistance from a Disaster Advocate, a website filled with disaster-related information and even a mobile app combine to deliver the suite of services. Services include:

- Family Planning (including seniors, disabled’s, those with special medical needs and family pets), risk assessment, proactive steps identifications, communications and disaster kit creation

- Personal Assistance with evacuation and shelter, communications triage, account access, fraud protection, document replacement and organizing property claims documents

- Disaster Response Platform that provides state-specific breaking event news, local weather conditions, emergency and other response resources and real-time advice

Results include individual safety, security and optimization of the individual’s productivity  



Item# AMP15 - Tool for Assessing Leaves of Absence Activities and Processes


Governmental mandates such as FMLA, other leave programs, and changing business objectives in areas such as employment branding, employee retention, employee satisfaction / commitment, and productivity improvement cause employers to continually plan, design, adjust, and implement various paid and unpaid leave programs. This comprehensive assessment tool developed over 25+ years with continuous refinement consists of over 110 questions to be answered by the organization so as to assess the current state of its FMLA and related leaves of absence activities and processes. The result is having leaves of absence that are in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations. (Ron are there any other results or just compliance here.