Item # CPG 1 -Competency-Driven Career Pathing Tool Directly Linked to Your Job Grades and Competency Requirements                                                                                  


This SaaS-Based Career Pathing Tool Links the Job Evaluation System and Compensable Factors to the Corresponding Required Competencies of Each Specific Job and Job Level within the Job Hierarchy. With the Critical Competencies and Behaviors identified, Employers can better select Job Candidates and identify Development Needs and Learning Plans. Optionally, Employers can allow Employees to Determine Their Own Development Plans


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Item # CPG 2 – Low Cost Employee Assessment to Identify Career Pathing Opportunities                                                                

This Cost-Effective, Competency-Based Decision Support System Assesses Each Current Employee or Targeted Employee Groups for comparing and ranking them for Job Fit against a Master Job Repository of Optimized Competency Profiles for 1200+ Jobs. This Process allows for Accurately Predicting how Successful Current Employees will be in Other Jobs with the Employer so as to Reduce Recruiting Costs and Better Target Workforce Development needs so as to control Training-Related Costs

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