Item # GHR1 - Actuarially-Determined Human Capital Risk for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Models

Human Capital Risk Assessment can be a very Weak Component within a Risk Management Firm’s ERM model as the P&C Brokers tend to focus on Areas where Insurance Products are needed like Employment Practices Liability. This Assessment begins with an Enterprise-Wide Risk Survey of Leaders / Managers /Supervisors that Provides Information and Insight for Managing and Mitigating both Known and Previously Unknown Risks.The Assessment is followed by Actuarial Modeling to Quantify HR Exposures recognizing the Potential of Internal Organizational Developments, Organizational Equity and Cost Effectiveness, Competitive Forces for Talent, Governmental Developments, etc. Allows the Employer to be Out-in-Front of Potential HR -Related Developments so as to outflank the Competition

Item # GHR2 - Actuarial Valuation of Cross Country Total Rewards to Assure and Communicate Parity


Comparisons of Cross Country Total Reward Programs coming from the Major Consultancies can be “Squishy” with Stated Comparative Values like “Somewhat Low” or “Slightly Better”. This Actuarial Valuation instead, Objectively Determines the Comparative Dollar Value of Social, Employer-Paid and Employee Paid Total Rewards between Countries so as to Assure Parity in Compensation for Expats and TCN’s on a Hard and Dollar-Value Equivalent Basis  

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Item # GHR3 - Centrally Managed Global Payroll Services Provider                                                                                                     

This Vendor provides a Consolidated Payroll Solution across a Portfolio of 130+ Countries. Utilizing a Single Web-Based Platform and a Proprietary Network of Payroll Services Companies, the Vendor provides an End-to-End Solution from the taking of Payroll Changes to Calculation and Distribution Services. Offers Single Contract, Single Billing and Single Point-of-Contact.  Can consolidate Funding and Invoicing to your Specifications and can distribute Payments to Employees in any Currency or Combination of Currencies. Includes Gross-to-Net payroll Calculations, Net distributions to the Employees' Local Bank Accounts, Tax Remittance, Compliance, Monthly and Year-End Tax processing, General Ledger Feeds and HRMS Interfaces


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Item # GHR4 - Low/Lowest Cost Global Job Documentation and Job Evaluation System                                                                

Mutlinational companies can be hard pressed to find a job evaluation that will work in many countires due to cultural and other differences. Developed by a team of former Aon-Hewitt compensation technology consultants this point factor system helps to document jobs around the world so as to develop a global job hierarchy. Push technology is deployed so as to “force“ completion of the job documentation and job evaluation processes. This system helps to assure internal equity on a global basis.

Item # GHR5 - Elective Benefits for U.S. Expats                               

A+ Rated Top 100 U.S. Insurance Carrier that Offers a Full Suite of US-style Elective Benefits to U.S. Expats in all Countries by using ACH and Toll-Free Access to its US Call Center

Item # GHR6 - Global Major Medical Insurance                 

Medically Underwritten, High Dollar Limit Major Medical with Choice of Deductibles, Individual Medical Insurance Policy that Pays for Healthcare Services Anywhere in the World (Not Available to Already Insured US Citizens)

Nore: HR Mining is currently in discussions with this vendor 

Item # GHR7 - Global Reward and Recognition Programs Management System                                                                    

SaaS-Based System to Aggregate and Manage Reward & Recognition Programs Globally and/or by Business Unit with Non-Marked-Up Awards & Simplified Pricing Model

Item # GHR8 - Simple 4 Factor Global Job Evaluation (and Optional Career Pathing and Performance Management) System   

Global Job Evaluation System that Uses only 4 Factors and has been Proven Effective in Over 100 Countries with Option to Link to Job-Content-Consistent Yet Customizable Global Career Pathing and / or Performance Management Tools

Item # GHR9 - Low Cost, World Wide Cost of Living Comparison Salary Calculator

Employers recruiting talent from around the world may not know the cost of living differences so as to aptly evaluate base pay offerings for the country differences. This cost effective on-line tool allows the employer or relocating candidate to compare the cost of living and calculate comparable salary for close to 150 cities in 90+ countries. Information about the minimum salary required to maintain current standard of living, cost of living differences between a candidate's current city and his/her destination city, comparable prices of up to 22 essential items, average prices of furnished and unfurnished apartments, etc. are included in a personalized cost of living report. The cost of living report will help employers effectively manage the cost of living salary expectation of their successful candidates and maximise their chances of employing global talent.

Item # GHR10 – High Quality Translation Service for HR-Related Content in Over 80 Languages

Global employers or local country employers with multilingual employees will want to have translated all or perhaps just select HR-related content so as to help assure compliance with company policy and procedure, provide an understanding of total rewards and minimize workplace risks. This 25+ years-in-the-business, award-winning professional services provider translates desired HR (and other business) content into 80 + languages. An assigned project team of highly experienced / certified translators and grammatacists follow a rigorous quality assurance process. The process moves from initial language translation to editing (for local area vocabulary, cultural nuances, etc.) to final proof reading. HR content examples include websites, benefit plans, employment contracts, vendor agreements, PowerPoint presentations, employee assessment instruments, union contracts, company brochures, training programs, online HR forms, stock option plans, etc., all with the fastest delivery times humanly possible, if/as needed. Results include a rapidly-produced, high quality end product that in turn leads to an improvement in organizational effectiveness


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Item # GHR11 - Language Interpretation Services for HR (or Other Business-Related) Meetings and Events In-Person or by Telephone 24 X 7 X 365   


The employer may have circumstances such as meetings, dinners, webcasts, depositions, etc. wherein multiple languages are either needed or would greatly increase the effectiveness of the communication.    This 25+ years-in-the-business, award-winning professional services provider maintains an extensive network of highly trained (and court-certified as needed) language interpreters across 80+ languages virtually anywhere in the world.  Interpreters get matched to the subject matter at hand plus the languages of the meeting and can work either consecutively (i.e. speaker speaks, then interpreter translates orally) or simultaneously (where an equipment-supported interpreter translates orally while the speaker speaks)


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Item # GHR12 - International Hiring Practices and Employment Regulation Consulting Services Firm



Hiring new staff or transferring existing staff for out-of-country assignments requires having knowledge of local country business methods, customs, laws and language(s). This 25+ years-in-the-business, award-winning professional services firm conducts in-country, in-language market research to position companies for global expansion. Researchers who speak the target-country language and know its customs are assigned for each unique project. They equip HR with knowledge of local country corporate hierarchies and structures; compensation / benefit practices; plus laws/regulations related to hiring; interview questioning; firing; discriminating (relative to age, gender, religious, sexual-orientation); employment contacting and interviewing references. As desired, this firm can obtain specific laws and / or translate them into English



Item # GHR13 - Global M&A Due Diligence Services


Employers may wish to merge / acquire businesses outside of their own country and need to establish true and accurate values. This consultancy provides full range of M&A due diligence services in any region and country. Services can include any or all of:

  • Analysis of plans and programs of target(s) - benefits, comp, broader HR
  • Comparison of the target plans and programs to competitive / local benchmarks, buyer plans and programs, philosophical targets
  • Determination of integration strategy, tactics and implementation
  • Cost analysis, including potential buyer cost saving opportunities
  • Commentary on local country implications of closing / modifying operations

Services are customized to the needs of each transaction and are delivered in the most cost-efficient way possible for each situation 



Item#  GHR14 - Global, Co-Employment / PEO Style “Foreign Subsidiary as a Service” (FSaaS) Provider for Your Already-Recruited Local Nationals or Ex Pats  


Some companies may want to first test-out a foreign market’s potential and are thus not yet ready to set up a legal entity or they may have independent contractors in a foreign country who desire to be converted to employment status. This PEO-style provider offers a "Foreign Subsidiary as a Service" (“FSaaS”) in 150+ countries for employers hiring local nationals or sending expatriates into a market.  Services include timely and accurate payroll, compliance with foreign laws and employee benefit programs. It allows companies to enter foreign markets quickly and with a light footprint, reduces employment related costs by as much as 50%, reduces hire time by up to 90% and keeps the company focused on running its core business 



Item # GHR 15 -  Global Payroll Assessment and Planning Services


As organizations expand globally, a top challenge is complying with individual country regulations and legislations many of which apply to payroll.  This vendor agnostic and well experienced consultancy conducts a thorough and objective analysis of the both the global payroll and the business operating environment. It begins with  an evaluation of the current global payroll process and controls for each  local country.  Then, a detailed analysis of industry best practice is conducted and charted against organizations that are similar to the client so as to identify all possible options for process improvement  and other potential wins for the organization :  

  • Improve the accuracy of organizational policy adherence
  • Increase the ability to withstand external audit and review
  • Provide the availability of data and trends for business use and evaluation
  • Hold managers accountable to a standard set of practices
  • Produce accurate and automated interfaces to all-organizational systems
  • Ensure all process controls and validations are inplace
  • Sustain growth and prevent fraud and business disruption
  • While always looking to minimize costs