Item #TAD1 - Employee Education to Put the 401(k) Savings
Decision into Overall Financial Wellness Context (U.S. Only)

401(k) Vendors Communicate the Advantages of Saving and Investing for Retirement but they do not provide a Larger Contextual Framework within which the Employee can make an Educated Savings Decision so as to Help Create a more Financially Stable Employee Overall. This Vendor provides a Series of Live and/or Web-Delivered workshops that Educate (not merely Communicate Facts and /or Sell) Employees on Personal Financial Matters and Retirement. Topics include Budgeting, Debt Management, Savings, Investing Basics, Retirement Planning, etc.

Item # TAD2 -Transitioning for Moving from Front- line Production/Service to Supervisory Role (and Leaving Some Things Behind) Certification Course                                                

Front-Line Production / Service Employees Typically have Great Difficulty transitioning to Management Roles as their Preparatory Training for Supervision usually focuses only on Operations and HR Compliance- not Management Principles and Skills. Ill-Equipped Managers can “Suffer in Silence“ for Years. This Certification-Formatted Program and Curriculum is customized to the Employer Organization Based on Senior Leadership-Defined Needs. It arms Managers with Critical Skills to improve Daily Performance and Overall Organizational Effectiveness. Certificates are awarded within a Formal Class Graduation Ceremony so as “reshape” Managers’ Internal Organizational Identities

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Item # TAD3 - Customized-to-Your-Organization, Customer Service Program Development and Related Training             

Most Organizations think they have a “Customer Service Program” in Place when in Reality they have a Fragmented Set of informal “Customer Service Expectations” that are not Consistently held by their Team. This Consultancy begins by assessing the Current State of the Customer Service Program to use as the Basis for Defining “What You Want” by Developing Goals and Objectives with Your Relevant Leadership Team. This Information is then used as Guidance to mutually design both a Customer Service Plan /Program and a Related Training Program that are tailored to Each Organization’s Unique Needs 

Item # TAD4 - (This Listing is currently under Construction) Corporate University Development and Automated Curriculum Completion Tracking System

Item # TAD5 - EEO Training by Former EEO Insiders with a Focus on Employee Behaviors, Conflicts, Crisis and Current Work Environment                                                                                   

Most EEO Training Courses focus solely on “the Regulations” with little Regard to Practical Application in the Workplace. This Course is led by former EEO insiders, who in Addition to addressing Regulations, provide Managers with Concrete Intervention Strategies including Case Studies and Practical "How To" Processes for Harnessing and Extinguishing the Harmful, Destructive Staff Behaviors that create a Hostile Work Environment. New Workplace Environments Resulting from this Training reduce "Staff / Management Conflicts" and the Number of Formal EEO Complaints

Item # TAD6 - Financial Education Workshops Using Skill-Based Learning Principles (U.S. Only)                                             

These Led-Onsite or Web-Based Training Workshops are designed to Solve Specific Problems not simply to “educate” as other Workshops do. They deploy the Latest Skill-Based Learning Principals providing Progressive “Layers of Information” and Engaging Exercises so as to Achieve Progressive Learning Results that actually Build Skills, Change Behaviors and achieve Sustainable Change. Courses teach Money Basics and how to Manage Money, avoid Debt Traps, find Money and prepare for Retirement

Item # TAD7 – Unique Stress Resilience Training by Specialized Stress Management Consultancy                                                

This Stress Management Consultancy delvers a Proprietary, 5 Step Stress Resilience Training Course that works to harmonize all Aspects of One’s Being: Thoughts, Emotions, Physical Body Relationships / Social Networks and Life Purpose / Future Direction so as to build Resilience to Stress. Objectives are to Maximize Personal and Corporate Capabilities and thereby increase Productivity despite High Pressure / Challenging Work Environments

Item # TAD8 – Facilitator-Led, Experiential Learning Exercise to Create an Environment of Teamwork

This Facilitator-Led Workshop deploys Powerful Metaphor-Based Gamification Techniques that Help Employees who work in and with Teams to move for a State of “We vs. Them” to a State of “Collective We” so as to Actually Realize and Experience the Benefits of True Teamwork

Item # TAD9 – Test-Results-Driven LMS to Drive Training Comprehension as well as Prove Regulatory Compliance Understanding so as to Create a Pathway to Legal Defensibility

Many learning management systems focus on content management and delivery and less on what the employee has really learned from a given training course. This easy-to-use, accessible anywhere/anytime, SaaS-based system instead was built to emphasize its powerful test creation and drill-down reporting tools to evaluate and verify comprehension of content so instructors can address failed comprehension issues without delay. The system is so powerful that it is in use by colleges and universities. All data are available and exportable to regulatory bodies as needed and / or can be used for internal performance review purposes. Like other modern day LMS' this system delivers any training materials in any format (e.g. Word, video, Power Point) and can link to any desired internal or 3rd party content. Content can be created and controlled at the organization, department and / or instructor levels. The system allows multiple instructors delivering their own content and validation, and training / testing / reporting / communication can be targeted to appropriate individuals

Item # TAD10 - Creating Effective Cross Generational Teams

The Co-Existence of Four Distinct Generations in the Workplace (Traditionals, Baby Boomers, X’ers and Millennials) can result in Tension and Miscommunication. A Common Understanding of the Differences among the Generations – and what causes those Differences – is the Starting Point for Creating Effective Cross-Generational Communication and Working Relationships. This Consultancy provides Effective Workshops that Replace Judgment with Understanding. They facilitate Dialogue and Solutions to Bridge Generational Differences

 Item # TAD11 - Root Cause Analysis Techniques for Resolving Work-Related Problems

Problem Solving is a part of every Employee's Job. Yet, most Employees do not have the Technical Training to Perform Activities such as Statistical Evaluation or LEAN assessment. This Course on Root Cause Analysis teaches a Simple, Easy-to-Use Technique that enables any Employee or Team to define the Problem, identify the Cause and Take Action to eliminate it. It is one of the Fundamental Tools that Department Action Teams can use to Improve Workflow, Eliminate Errors, Increase Productivity and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Item # TAD12 - Process Mapping to Improve Flow of Material and Information so as to Reduce Impediments to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Not all Organizations have adopted Enterprise-Wide Process Improvement Initiatives like LEAN/Six Sigma. Yet, when Work and Information fail to flow smoothly, the Results can be Detrimental to Quality, Productivity, Cost, Customer Satisfaction and Morale. This Course is designed to Teach Employees how to develop a Customer-Focused Process Map that Ranges from their Contribution Out to the Customer's Expectations. The End Result is a Visual Display of the Relationships between Employee & Customer, Upstream Provider Downstream User, Raw Material & Finished Goods and Information & Action. Employees can then identify and eliminate Potential Failure Points, define Customer Requirements and measure their Ability to meet these Expectations. Employees who understand the Technique of Process Mapping can state: "I don't accept poor quality for myself and I don't produce poor quality for others"


Item # TAD13 - Instructor-Led / Classroom Training Time Optimization Consulting Using Blended Learning Techniques

All or portions of instructor-led training sessions may be conducted using an on-line virtual learning environment instead of being conducted within the actual classroom setting. This consultancy works to determine which training program components such as pre-work preparation, questionnaires, profiling, case study review, knowledge level testing, etc. can be conducted on-line so as to optimize the actual in-classroom time and experience  for any training program. The results are reduced training budget costs and improved learning transfer


Item # TAD14 - Off-the-Shelf or Customized-to-Your-Needs Coaching Packages for Internal Trainers

With training budgets being stretched organizations need to seek ways to develop staff without usingexternal resources. This consultancy develops packages that can be used by your internal training facilitators for non-technical training courses for any leadership, personal development or coaching subject. Packages include slide decks, in depth running orders, DVDs demonstrating techniques such as interviewing coaching and appraisals. Consultancy can also produce skill builder handouts with 12 week self-directed learning which encourages self- development and structured learning. Packages can be loaded on to the organization's intranet for refreshing facilitators and providing just-in-time learning.