Item # TRR1 -Daniel Pink Style Employee/Team Self-Assessment Tool on the Drivers of Motivation and their Linkage to Intrinsic Rewards

This Employee / Team 15 Minute Self-Assessment is based on the Combined Research of Maslow, Schein and the Enneagram Institute. Although independently derived, it is Congruent with the Thinking of Daniel Pink. Assessments are linked to Robust Individual and Team Motivational Maps that Identify what Actions the Individual or Team Leader needs to take and which Intrinsic Rewards to provide (e.g. Recognition, Developmental Assignments, etc.) so as to Increase Motivation Levels

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Item # TRR2 Employer-Controlled, Business Purpose Driven, Reward and Recognition Social Network                                   

SaaS-Based Social Recognition Platform allows Employees to Recognize and Reward their Colleagues and Team Members and has Nearly 5 Times more Traffic than the Traditional Employer Intranet.It also Facilitates Knowledge Sharing, Creates Collaboration on Projects and Results in Employees becoming “Recruitment Brand Ambassadors” as they Share their Recognition Stories over Traditional External Social Networks

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Item # TRR3 - On–Demand Solution for Employee Recognition and Reward Program Management with On-line Program Training and No Mark-Up on Awards                                               

This SaaS-based system provides a single platform from which the employer can launch and manage both monetary (if desired) and non-monetary awards programs by BU or globally so as to recognize employees for any desired reasons. On-line, employees can get trained about award programs rules, redeem awards and as desired by the employer, they can e-reward and recognize one another. Unlike most all other award programs that bury high vendor mark-ups in the price of the awards, this fully-transparent model provides awards without mark-up.

Item # TRR4 - SaaS-Based and Specific-to-Your Industry Modeling Tool to Assure Positive ROI for Non-Cash (and Cash as Desired) Incentive Programs                                                           

Non-Cash Incentive and Recognition Programs are typically designed within Organizational Silos and without a Financial Modelling Tool to optimize Program Design on an Enterprise-Wide Basis Upfront and then monitor Progress to Assure On-Going Positive ROI. This SaaS-Based System allows for the Design and Modelling of One or All Rewards (Non Cash and .or Cash) Programs for any and all Targeted Areas (e.g. Sales, Wellness, Customer Service, etc.) while (optionally) considering the Cost Impact on other Corporate Functional Areas. Projected Results are then benchmarked against KPI’s for the Employer’s Industry-Specific Peer Group to create a Range of Outcome Scenarios for Worst, Expected and Best cases. Progress Reporting against Plan on any desired Frequency allows for Interim Course Correction for the Program(s) so as to virtually assure Positive ROI    

 Item # TRR5 - Dynamically-Updated-Throughout-the-Year, On-Line, Total Compensation Statements

Traditional Total Compensation Statements are produced only Once per Year and Contain much Outdated Information even when the Statements are First Delivered to Employees. This Vendor Instead populates a Central Data Repository for the Employer that takes Up-to-the Minutes Data Feeds from any and all Compensation and Reward Systems as desired by the Employer so as to provide Near Real Time Information to Employees Throughout the Year. These Statements are provided most Cost Effectively  when this Vendor also delvers the Employee Benefits Outsourcing Services