Item # AAS1 - Employee/Team Self-Assessment on Drivers of Motivation and Linkage to Intrinsic Rewards                           

This Employee / Team 15 Minute Self-Assessment is based on the Combined Research of Maslow, Schein and the Enneagram Institute. Although independently derived, it is Congruent with the Thinking of Daniel Pink. Assessments are linked to Robust Individual and Team Motivational Maps that Identify what Actions the Individual or Team Leader needs to take and which Intrinsic Rewards to provide (e.g. Recognition, Developmental Assignments, etc.) so as to Increase Motivation Levels

Item # AAS2 - Specialized 100% Dedicated Listening Skills Consultancy for Mastery, Assessment, Consulting and Training                                                                                                            

45% of most Workdays are spent listening - yet we Misunderstand, Forget or Ignore 91% of what we Hear. This 15+ Year Old Specialized Consultancy provides a Proprietary, Validated, Online Instrument that is used with Individuals and / or Group to assess Listening Style, identify the Strengths and Challenges of the Individual’s Listening Patterns and provide Guidance for improving Listening Skills. Other Listening-Related Services include Training, Coaching and Certification with Objectives to discover Personal Habits, Heighten Intelligence, Develop Skills, Build Attention Mastery and listen to the Needs of Others and the Situation

Item # AAS3 - Assessment to Determine “Teamability Metrics” of Coherence, Role and General Teaming Characteristics      

This Non-traditional Assessment was created to answer the Question of “What really happens when People Team together?” It is based on 25+Years of R&D and has Undergone 3 Separate Iterations and 9+Years of System Development to produce a Technology engineered to identify and organize the ways in which People interact in Teams. It deploys multiple “Interlocking Behavioral Simulators” to prevent gaming the system and it identifies Teaming Behaviors (i.e. Role, Coherence, Teaming Characteristics, Role-Respect, Role-Pairing, Role-fit and Team-fit) that affect the Successful Performance of both Individual and Teams

Item # AAS4 – Tailored-Your-HR-Needs and Budget, One-On-One Telephone Interviewing Service                                                 

This Telephone Interviewing Service is driven by “Precision Information Capture” not Mere “Data Collection”. It deploys a Multi-lingual Staff of Real People calling Real People using Computer-Aided Technologies that enable Quick Deployment of Telephone or Web Surveys that are tailored to your Specific HR Needs e.g. On-Boarding, Exit Interviews, Engagement, Work Place Events, etc. They Provide the Difference Between just getting Data and Information and getting the Real Knowledge that can only come from looking at the Actual Responses offered by the Population Surveyed. This Service is backed by Industry’s Most Rigorous Quality Control Processes of 95%+ Audited Response Information vs. an Estimated 8% for Other Vendors thereby Delivering “Squeaky Clean” Root Cause, Actionable Data.

Item # AAS5 (This Listing is currently under Construction) Neuropsychology - Based Employee Motivation and Engagement Measurement Tool with Optional Post-Measurement Remedial Workshops                                          

Traditional employee surveys measure how effective an organization is at satisfying employees, but they do not capture how effective employees are at managing their own engagement and motivation toward the organization’s goals. This total employee engagement survey is based on recent developments in brain research and neuropsychology that allow for expanding the measurement of employee satisfaction to encompass employee engagement and motivation

 Item # AAS6 - SaaS-Based System to Conduct, Manage and Analyze Stay Interviews so as to Improve Engagement and Manage Retention / Flight Risk

Employer Organizations that Implement Stay Interviews report Improvements in Retention and Engagement of 20%+. Yet, some Employers do not do even do Stay Interviews and most that do, have no Systemized way to Manage and Analyze Results from the Process. This SaaS-Based System brings Automation to the Process to create Stay Interviews, Track that they are being Conducted on Schedule, alert Managers about Critical Issues and facilitate the Creation of formal "Stay Plans". Robust Management Reporting includes Relevant Human Capital Financial Metrics such as Forecasting Turnover