Item # HRA 1 – SaaS-Based HR Strategy & Operations Command Center for In-house HR

There are hundreds of critical and changing HR topics, so staying on top is difficult and/or expensive. This web-based resource (14+ years-in-continuous-development) helps employers adopt HR best practices and streamline operations in all US locations. It contains a blend of proprietary content and tools, plus links to use pre-vetted, best in-class vendor partners at a discount. Features include all 10,000+ federal & state regulations, forms, posters, instructions, etc., Ask an Expert, employee handbook writer, learning management system with 6,000+ courses, a survey tool, and 700+ best practice articles & checklists. Soon to come are Compliance Documenter, HR process maps of best practice procedures for all key processes, Assessment Tools, Job Market Pricing, and more


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Item # HRA 2 -Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) Employee Benefits Outsourcing Services Provider     

Employers that Conduct Business with Public Entities may need to meet WBE Supplier Requirements. This Full-Service, Competitively Priced and High Quality Organization provides a Broad Array of Employee Benefits-Related Administration Process Services on an Outsourced Basis. Services range from Robust Benefit Enrollment Management and Related Administration to Benefits Sub-Functions Only e.g. COBRA, HSA, etc. Administration    

Item # HRA 3 - Employer-Controlled, Business-Purpose-Driven, Socia Network                                                                

Most Legacy Employer Intranets are Old Style in Format in Comparison to New Social Network Methods of Communicating and Sharing Information. This SaaS-Based Social Network allows Employees to Share Knowledge and Collaborate on Projects. It also allows them to recognize and reward their Colleagues / Team Members and at the Employer’s Option, become “Recruitment Brand Ambassadors” as they Share their Recognition Stories over Traditional External Social Networks. This System has Nearly 5 Times more Traffic than the Traditional Employer Intranet                                                                                     

Item # HRA 4 – Outsourced HR (and other) Vendor Screening and Ongoing Vendor Compliance Monitoring Service              

This Team of Financial Experts works with the Employer both initially and Throughout-the-Year to run a Complete Screening Process ofExisting and New Vendors. They let the Vendor Know Upfront What your Requirements are for the Vendor to be on your Approved Vendors List. Vendors sign an Agreement outlining your Code of Conduct and Ethical Practices and they Vendor Itself pays for these Screening Fees. Services include: Verification of Business Status and Identity; Annual W-9, Management; Insurance Tracking; Trade License, Bond and Workers Comp Verifications; Background Checks; Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgment Searches; and More

Item # HRA 5 – SaaS-Based System to Handle the Unique Aspects of Managing a Contracted Workforce               

Traditonal Time & Attendance or Payroll Systems may fall short of Managing Certain Aspects of a Contracted Workforce. This SaaS-based System with User Management Application Accessibility manages the Daily Wages of Contracted Employees Including Shiftwork, Overtime Approval and Tracking, Double Shift Logic and Payroll Interface and it can track by Contractor, Departments, Sections, etc. It can manage and track Identifications that use Biometric, Smart Card, Eye Scanner and Finger Prints over to the Attendance System and maintain Academic, Medical Records or other Records

Item # HRA 6 – Low Cost,Business Intelligence Developer that Creates Dashboard-Level Reports for HR                                  

This Low Cast Developer Creates Dashboard Style Reposting from your Existing HR-Related and Other Data Sources as Desired. Reporting is Customized to your Needs and Priced per Dashboard without Implementation Fees. Therefore, the Cost is about One Third of the Normal Market Cost for such Report Development  

 Item # HRA 7 - SaaS-Based, True Single Platform for HRIS, Payroll and Benefit Enrollment & Eligibility

Most Providers of Services in this Space, -Even the Brand Name Ones - Cobble-Together, Disparate HRIS, Payroll and Benefits systems Behind a Fancy Front End thereby Leading to Timing and Quality Issues. This Vendor Instead provides a SaaS-Based, Single Operating System Platform and therefore Real-Time Central Data Repository that reduces Errors and Costs and increases Efficiencies. Robust Functionality includes Employee Self-Service, Customizable Workflows/Alerts, Custom Dashboards and Reports, Drag and Drop Functionality, Org Charts, Real-time Automated Retro Payroll Calculations, Online Document Storage System, Compliance Reporting, Pay Information, Benefits Enrollment & Eligibility with Carrier Feeds, G/L Integration, Performance Reviews, Time & Attendance and Applicant Tracking, etc. This Vendor can also integrate with your existing payroll system if a single operating platform is not important to you.

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 Item # HRA 8 - SaaS-Based External HR (and other type) Consultant / Advisor Invoice Transparency Tool to Assess Veracity of Billed Charges

Customers typically live with the Suspicion that they arebeing Overbilled or Misinformed by their Service Providers and have not had an Effective Way to protect themselves against Losses. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners finds that Fraudulent Billing represents one in every Four Cases of Corporate Fraud in the U.S. This SaaS-Based System monitors External Advisors' activity in Real Time and Retroactively wherever they are Located in the World by taking Screen-Shots of their Computer Work every Three Minutes. For each Work Product or Project, Robust Gantt charts and Dashboards enable Managers at all Levels to see the Current Progress, Amounts of Time being Spent and the Costs of all Related Tasks. Productivity Gains ranging from 15% to 40% have been Realized


Item# HRA9 - Low Cost and High Value HR/IT Consultancy that Develops Customized to-Your-Unique-Needs HR Information Analysis and Reporting Systems


HR can be responsible for administering programs that are unique to the specific employer and require data capture and management reporting from multiple systems and data silos. Unfortunately, there is no off-the-shelf automated system to manage the program(s) and report out on these systems and processes. This low cost, high value HR IT consultancy develops customized and integrated data capture, data repository and management reporting systems across one or more programs. A rigorous upfront needs assessment and road mapping exercise is deployed to help assure desired end -user functionality. The newly developed and refined workflow and system takes the hours, cost and pain out of managing any process



Item# HRA10 - Customized-to-Your-Needs, Mobile Technology App Platform and Support System to Provide 24/7 Access and “Push” Type Marketing of HR (and/ or General Business) Policy, Procedure and Program Information to Your Desired Audiences


The 21st-century workforce is global, highly connected, technology savvy and demanding of real time information on a mobile technology basis, but employers may not have the requisite delivery platform to meet this need. This mobile app system serves as the centralized communication hub for employees to easily find needed HR (and optionally other corporate) information and services. Push notifications can be used to timely direct employees to critical information. A backroom employer-level administration dashboard allows for the customization of the content to be delivered, (e.g.  enrollments, policy and procedure, 401(k), etc.), the messages to be pushed out (e.g. annual enrollment windows, upcoming training, wellness initiatives, etc.) and the audiences to be reached (union, non-union, departments, supervisors, diabetics, etc.). Activities are tracked and reported at the group level down to the individual employee on a HIPAA compliant basis where applicable. Results have shown increased employee engagement levels on employer-desired issues, reduced supervisory time spent on informational responses and reduced employer costs by directing employees to lower cost healthcare alternatives.     



Item# HRA11 - Holistic HCM Vendor Evaluation and Selection Consultancy that Considers Not Only the Technology Specifications but also the HR / HCM Process Improvement Requirements and End-User Adoption Needs


Companies making a HCM system technology vendor decision typically focus solely on the technology aspect of the decision. This may cause eventual failure of the system in actual business operations as they do not also consider either the organizational effects of operating under improved HR / HCM processes or the revised end- user technology adoption requirements. This well-versed, vendor -independent HR technology consultancy provides unbiased vendor selection advice all the way from product evaluation through contract negotiation. Their proprietary approach considers all related business issues by carefully defining upfront the intricate interdependencies of technology, process and people - not just technology issues as virtually all other “technology only” consultancies do.  This process results in the selection of a best-fit HCM technology solution because it defines the requirements necessary to achieve the desired business state including all company resource requirements and all technology-related cost commitments.


Item# HRA12 – “Client –Side” HCM System Deployment Project Team Consulting to Assure Successful End-User Adoption and HR Process Realignment Coincident with the Turn-On the of the Chosen Technology


Most organizations are under-resourced for their HCM system deployment (i.e. talent, time, skills and experience) and already fully- committed to their current and ongoing cross-functional HCM system operations. Such gaps in resources make it difficult for an HCM system deployment to proceed efficiently and effectively. This combination HR / HCM and IT - experienced consultancy provides deployment project team assistance related to HR process realignment requirements and the end-user adoption needs all the way from project design through go-live. Working with key business stakeholders they gain an understanding of the strategic needs, operational needs and drivers of the business that might impact the project plan and long-term business objectives. Working with HR / HCM and Payroll, they facilitate current process reviews and establish guidelines for suggested process improvement redesign opportunities while considering the cultural and legislative requirements. This minimizes any resistance to a standardize process model. These inputs are used to develop an Organizational Change Management Plan that also includes the business sponsors and their roles /responsibilities. The result is that the organization, the business processes and the HCM system are all aligned thereby maximizing the investment in the HCM system.  



Item# HRA13 - Post-Deployment Optimization of an Initially Stabilized but Not-Yet-Functioning-as –Desired, HCM System  


Post -deployment, employers may realize they are not capitalizing on the full capabilities / functionalities of their now stabilized HCM system.  They may be experiencing system errors, gaps in requirements, functionality shortcomings, inconsistent master data, pay discrepancies, lack of understanding of how the systems work, limited end-user adoption and incomplete processes redesign. This consultancy not only identifies the issues/root causes of such deficiencies then helps the client build the knowledge and skills needed to internally fix the issues to ensure sustainability and more efficient processes. A current state assessment and subsequent optimization plan includes:

  • Analyzing end-to-end processes and evaluating client adoption within the current operating environment of HR and payroll
  • Inventorying current areas of responsibility by functional area
  • Comparing current state to industry better practices or standards
  • Identifying and summarizing opportunities and potential resolutions 
  • Prioritizing the recommendations in conjunction with HR, Payroll and IT
  • Executing recommendations while transferring knowledge and skills to employer’s internal teams


This process helps the organization realize the originally-anticipated value of the human capital solution. 



Item# - HRA14 - Tool for Assessing the Employee Handbook  


When employee handbooks are misaligned, improperly drafted, or ineffectively implemented, they can undermine the employment brand, mislead employees about what is important, misdirect employees about what actions they should take, create binding contracts that may be entitled to judicial enforcement, and increase the risk of employment related claims and lawsuits. This comprehensive assessment tool developed over 25+ years with continuous refinement consists of over 100 questions to be answered by the employer. The assessment is designed to help the employer identify and assess both the positive and negative aspects of it employee handbook policies and procedures then implement corrective measures. Results include improved adherence by employees to HR policies and procedures and a decrease in regulatory entanglements.   


Item# HRA15 - Tool to Present HCM / Payroll Data from multiple instances whether local or global, in an Aggregated and Consistent Format


As organizations change by merger, acquisition and / or divestiture, they may be left with multiple and /or geographically dispersed legacy and present-day HR systems that make it difficult or impossible to access all desired HR, payroll and related data. This application and related consulting services provide easy access to data coming from multiple data streams resulting in actionable management information.  This tool is built as a learning tool such that the tool itself “learns and grows” as the users actually use the system. An easy and intuitive user interface simplifies the jobs of both IT professionals and end-users thereby freeing up valuable resource time. 



Item# HRA 16 - Highly Configurable HR Portal that Seamlessly Integrates with Legacy HCM Platforms and Captures Missing Data


The employer’s current HCM technology platform(s) may lack the latest functionality of modern day web applications or require modifications due to newer regulation, enhanced metrics needs, etc. making an investment in newer technology seem all but inevitable. This tool instead allows for data stored in outdated technology platforms and data not readily available / tracked in such platforms to be delivered via a web-based application. Robust portals and dashboards provide a rich user interface allowing users access to latest features and functionality of modern day web applications. Employers can extend the life of their existing applications by capturing missing information and augmenting functionality without making significant investments in new technologies. 



Item# HRA 17 – Platform to Extract, Transform and Load HR Data for Data Conversion, Integration and Consolidation


Data flow can be as important if not more important than the end analytical result itself. This proprietary data integration and data consolidation platform uses an intuitive user-interface for either one-time data conversions from multiple sources into a new application or for ongoing system interface management. It provides instantaneous information to top-end users including the status of interface runs, logs and alerts. Its efficient extract process and predictive mapping algorithms cut data migration time to a fraction of the time that the data conversion activity would otherwise take.  



 Item# HRA18 - HR & Payroll Data Archiving Tools


When implementing a new HR or payroll application, migration of current data can be a daunting task. So much so, that many application providers simply do not convert historical data into the new application. This often results in organizations spending significant amounts of money keeping legacy system up and running for historical data access.  These historical data archiving tools instead, store all or desired historical data from multiple applications and sources in one area for a fraction of the current upkeep cost, allowing for downstream reporting and compliance.  Easy access reporting tools make reporting across historical data archives and current data platforms greatly simplified and users are able to get access to information across both archived and current databases simultaneously. 



Item# HRA 19 - Business Process Consulting for HR, Payroll and Related HR Fields


Employer’s often implement  HR -related systems and either do no fully change the surrounding business processes or simply assume the prior business processes supporting those systems will automatically work themselves out.  This consultancy reviews existing tools, process flows and methodologies and designs comprehensive solutions to significantly enhance process efficiency.  The solution set can also include recommendations for implementing simple, quick-win automation and robotics applications to perform select transactions and process flows, thereby releasing users to focus on more strategic activities. 



Item# HRA20 - Outsourced Project Management Resource for HR-Related Special Projects with Special Expertise in Employee Benefits  


      Most employers will periodically have HR-related special projects they need to have completed but may lack the requisite internal staff to manage such projects e.g. vendor changes, new law compliance, population right-sizing, etc.  This HR project management consultant with extensive employee benefits program and other HR expertise has over 30+ years of project management experience.  She provides the necessary services to effectively manage such projects and the project team, if any. Services include system implementation, HR process improvement, team leadership plus vendor and client management. This consultant contracts with the employer typically on a weekly or monthly basis to provide the required person power.  The consultant essentially serves as a temporary extension of the client’s internal team to provide the required project management expertise, needed experience and hours of time without the employer having to add the overhead expenses associated with a new hire. 


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