Item # CMP1 -Push Technology Driven, Job Documentation Development and Management System Using Employer’s In-House Job Information                                                                             

This customized-to-employer needs, SaaS-based system Integrates the employer’s own job content and own intended market to develop and maintain an employer-specific job hierarchy. The system database holds and reports out on information from every relevant source. “Wizard” Technology steps managers through various processes of updating current JD’s or creating new JD’s in less than a third of the time vis-à-vis a manual approach

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Item # CMP2 – Low Cost Outsourced/Co-Sourced Interim Compensation Analyst Services

This boutique (thus low cost) compensation consultancy is managed by former consultants form a Big 3 human capital consultancy. It can serve as a temporary extension of the client’s staff during the time it is searching for those hard-to-fill comp analysts positions. The degree, nature and extent of services are worked out with each client based on the specific client’s circumstances

 Item # CMP3 – Competitively Priced, Fully Integrated Point Factor Job Evaluation and Salary Analysis Program Software

This job evaluation and market pricing system is built on a proprietary analysis of 15 compensable factors and also incorporates the external salary survey data by position. Multiple regression analysis is used to determine the internal dollar value of each point and position to be matched against external survey data to ensure both internal and external equity. It builds an internal base pay structure based on your compensation policy and "what ifs" and has Vvsual tools for establishing pay grades and identifying potential pay issues related to gender, ethnicity and age. It reduces the need for outside consulting assistance so as to save HR department budget dollars 

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Item # CMP4-Consistent Methodology-Developed, Salary Survey Information in Over 140 Emerging Countries              

This highly experienced organization surveys leading employers in each of 140 small and medium-sized emerging markets using a consistent methodology (unlike many other survey houses) that results in having the most reliable data. Surveys provide a complete market profile across all sectors with access to data for salaries, fixed allowances, variable pay and benefits such as retirement, medical, housing, transportation and more.

Item # CMP5 - Totally Integrated System for Job Evaluation Linked to Competency-Based Career Pathing Further Linked to a 360 Performance Management Process     

This simple-to-understand and deploy, 4 factor system for larger, global employers provides an integrated approach to first defining the organization’s job levels and then linking the levels to their required competencies for purposes of employee-driven career pathing and ultimately determining the desired and requisite performance at each competency level. It operates at the intersection between Compensation and OD and is proven to be effective in over 80 countries.


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Item # CMP6 – Most Statistically Accurate and Reliable, On- Line Job Pricing Engine for 1000+ Jobs (U.S. Only) 

This system can be used for pricing 1000+ O*NET-based occupations and 2400+ levels across 560 geographic areas. All data are derived from over 400,000 establishments and educational institutions the latter to accommodate early career pricing (No job seeker data in included). All surveys have been conducted within the past 12 months with a minimum of 25 respondents per work grade. System eliminates the mapping and sample biases inherent in the typical convenience samples conducted by compensation consultancies. Per RAND Corp statisticians, this pricing engine is the “the only statistically defensible method of Job Pricing in the industry”     

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Item # CMP7 - LEAN Principles-Based Sales Compensation Modeling Tool That has Increased Net Sales by 20% 

This well-proven, LEAN Principles-based sales compensation modeling tool ties BU-level general ledger expense items to sales compensation and P&L forecasts. It tests the veracity of current sales comp programs in real time with all or just the desired internal stakeholders at the table and can model multiple alternative programs by type of sales force so as to optimize compensation and assure hitting desired net income targets at every Level of sales. It has been shown to Improve Net Sales Revenue by at least 20%

Item # CMP8 -Objective Vendor (i.e. Does Not Conduct Salary Surveys) of a Non Legacy Technology, Salary Survey Analysis Tool 

This comparatively low cost yet powerful tool is used for automating compensation survey data analysis and building, maintaining and analyzing benchmarking databases. Features include point & click market pricing, automated survey participation, merit & structure modeling, report writing, presentation graphics and more

Item # CMP9 - External Consultant’s Objective Assessment of Employer’s Base-Salary Program’s Internal Equity                    

This consultancy uses a proprietary job hierarchy development methodology that provides a statistically valid visualization of the employer’s current pay regression line which can be used as the basis for market pricing comparisons so as  to minimize litigation risk/expense and promote internal C=communication about pay fairness.

Item # CMP10 - Temp Worker Salary Pricing System                 

This salary calculation engine is used for accurately pricing temporary workers in 450+ O*NET occupations using statistically significant data to ensure candidate placement and retention (U.S. Only)

Item # CMP11 -SaaS-Based, Occupation Mapping Capabilities (U.S.Only) 

This service uses patent pending algorithms that employ multiple variables so as to enable the accurate selection of an occupation prior to performing the salary analysis.

Item # CMP12 - "Value Based Compensation" (VBC) System to Determine the Distribution of the Annual Compensation Budget Based Upon 100% of the Drivers that Create True Business Value     

This VBC planning / budget allocation system (SaaS or in-house) and related initial consulting services are built around the determination and deployment of all drivers related to total rewards that determine business value - either as those drivers as they are currently defined or as they should be defined going forward.  Drivers include both those that look backward i.e. market price and individual performance (as found in most current Pay-for-Performance models) and those that look forward i.e. business strategy and talent strategy. Formulas are developed for each driver if/ as relevant at the individual employee level and are then rolled up post-performance review to determine a holistic allocation of the compensation budget and one that reflects the underlying and true value of each employee’s contribution to the organization. Thus, compensation can now be treated as a Human Capital Investment not as a Corporate HR Expense

Item # CMP13 - Free! Salary Data Aging and Salary Data Geographic Adjustment Calculators(U.S. Only) 

These calculators contain data for 1000+ O*Net-defined occupations and are based on data from over 400,000 establishments. The Aging Calculator provides the most recent 5 Years of salary trend for each occupation. The geographic adjustment calculator delivers occupational adjustment factors by region for each occupation across 560 regions. These calculators  are felt to generate the most accurate adjustment factors avaialble and are free to you so as to attract users to the website for broader but strictly optional job pricing services for which there is a charge.    

Item # CMP14 - SaaS Based, Lowest Cost and Fully Editable Job Description Management System with Email-Out Collaboration Feature                                                                               

This SaaS-Based Job Description (JD) Writer and Management System Contains a Master library of 1100 Pre-Loaded but Editable Job Descriptions. Additional JDs can be created by Using the System Template. JD’s can be housed within One Central System Location and saved in Different File Formats (e.g. Word, html, etc.) for easy Exportation to the Employer’s other HR Systems. A Unique Collaboration Feature allows JDs to be mailed out to Selected others in the Organization for Completion / Review. This JD Writer produces Comprehensive, Consistent and Compliant Job Descriptions all for a Low Annual Subscription Fee

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Item #CMP15 - Survey of Trends and Salaries for College Interns

Treating your interns congruently with markettrends can help to establish a strong employment recruitment brand that can result in having a stronger candidate pool for entry-level hires. This survey is based upon a national study conducted annually of more than 30,000 interns who complete intern experience and pay surveys that are pushed out by major colleges, universities and other sources. Survey results for employers include latest trends, college credit policies and internship compensation practices sorted by the employer's industry, the intern's position, the intern's college major and other factors. The report provides specific intern pay rates by industry, employer size, state-working-in, position held, etc


Item #CMP16 - SaaS-Based System for Planning and Managing Salary, Merit, Annual Incentives, Bonuses and Other Elements of Compensation

Managing the various Elements of a Sophisticated and /or Performance-Based Compensation Program can be a harried Task Absent a Consolidated and Automated Platform. This SaaS-Based System provides a Single Platform for Planning, Budgeting, Calculating, Adjusting and Administering Salaries, Merit Pay and Annual Bonuses, etc. according to the Employer's own Business Rules and Performance Factors. Special Features include Pre-Configure Management Reports (plus a Report Writer), Comp Statements and Bonus Awards (Confined to within the Employer's Specific Guidelines.) Having a Centralized, On-line Application increases Accuracy and provides an Audit Trail for Compliance Purposes


Item # CMP17 - Low Cost and High Qualtiy HR/IT Consultancy that Automates your Internally-Developed Rewards Processes, Taking the Hours, Cost and Pain out of any Administrative Process

HR and compensation functions necessarily rely heavily on Excel for planning, analysis and budgeting to get the functionality they cannot get from their systems. However, the disparate spreadsheets and processes may not be integrated into cohesive system that works with "click of the mouse ease". This low cost,specialized HR consultancy creates a flawless workflow with Excel to build an integrated compensation management system that is customized to your exact needs, improving and automating the underlying processes. A rigorous upfront needs assessment and road mapping exercise is deployed to help assure desired end-user functionality. Robust reports and dashboards are developed to your exact requirements. Results include a reduction of time spent on processes, nincreased accuracy, and elimination of paper. Automation of processes insures knowledge transfer in the event of compensation analyst turnover


Item # CMP18 - Low Cost and High Value HR/IT Consultancy that Develops Customized - to -your-Unique - Needs Compensation Management Systems when the HRIS System Lacks Desired Functionality

Your HRIS (even large brand name ones) by design is driven by payroll, compliance, administration and recordkeeping, largely to follow basic requirements and extensive regulations. Thus, the requisite functionality to manage the complexities of multi -component compensation programs can be years away and many dollars out of reach. This low cost, specialized HR IT consultancy develops sophisticate, powerful and customized-to-your-needs solutions for compensation management using feeds from payroll/HRIS. A rigorous upfront needs assessment and road mapping exercise is deployed to help assure desired end -user functionality for budgeting, administration, workflow, reporting and analyses. The process and resultant system take out the hours, cost and pain out of managing any rewards process.


ITEM # CMP19 - Parameter-Driven, Drag and Drop Sales Commission Management System to Calculate and Pay across Multiple and Even the Most Complex, Sales Incentive Programs


Commission payments are the second largest expense for many companies, yet 85% of businesses still use error-prone spreadsheets administered by analysts who may lack the requisite support or training to manage the level of complexity. This advanced technology uses powerful, intuitive analytics to give even non-technical users the ability to fully automate any complex sales or incentive pay program right out-of-the-box, thereby eliminating any need for custom development. Performance dashboards, drag and drop analytics, bulk reporting, email distribution and multi-level reporting modules are also standard features. The system produces timely and accurate payments based on solid documentation such that the sales force gains trust in management's commitment to paying the promised sales remuneration



Item# CMP 20 - Reasonably-priced, Broad-based Compensation Consulting Services Provided by a Former National Compensation Consulting Practice Leader for a Big 10 Human Capital Consultancy


Certain compensation consulting assignments require the keen insight that can only come from a consultant with vast experience advising mid-sized to larger employers. However, such advice usually comes with a very high price tag. This now independent consultant was the National Compensation Consulting Practice Leader at both a renowned independent global compensation consultancy as well as at Big 10 human capital consultancy. This consultant provides high quality, lower-cost compensation consulting services including total reward strategy, market analysis, salary surveys, performance management, pay-for-performance, job analysis/evaluation, job architecture, and career-based salary structure design. Results are having a compensation program that meets the employer’s business and talent needs, comes at a price that is kind to the compensation consulting budget and is conducted by a consultant with credentials that are credible at senior management and Board levels.



Item# CMP -21 – Spreadsheet-Based Compensation Program Creation and Planning Portal  


Companies using spreadsheets to manage annual compensation planning eventually run in to risks caused by increased spreadsheet volume, growing compensation sophistication, high error rates as well as resource and time limitations.  Moving to a testable, repeatable process is key to managing these risks.  Web-based solutions are available but the large commitment can create hurdles in the corporate environment such as demands on IT and other resources, multiyear contracts and the high expense of typical web-based solutions.  This compensation administration portal helps to create a complete and integrated process to manage spend-to-budget activity on base pay, short term and long term incentive plans. The portal is backed by an intelligent engine that turns customer defined-parameters ranging from the most basic to the most sophisticated needs (e.g. guideline matrices, budget pools, multiple currencies, proration, market data, etc.) as “point-and-click” style input that immediately transforms requirements into fully-tested, operational and re-creatable spreadsheets.  Results include reductions in both organizational disruption and the total process timeline.   Key advantages entail increased precision, superior administrative control and tighter security with access to robust management reporting.


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Item# CMP22 - Wage and Hour HR Policy and Procedure Assessment


In formulating compensation policy, an organization must consider numerous influencing factors, such as Wage & Hours Laws, EEO mandates, business objectives, corporate culture, performance management, etc. to achieve compliant internal and external equity. This comprehensive assessment tool developed over 25+ years with continuous refinement consists of over 90 questions to be answered by the organization so as to assess its compliance with current wage and hour laws and regulations. The result is ensuring that the organization’s wage and hour activities are in compliance and meet the organization’s needs.     


Item# CMP23 - Professional Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services for Compensation and Related HR Issues


Determining the “Reasonableness of Compensation” can be a major consideration in IRS audits, minority shareholder inquiries, case involving wrongful discharge, deferred compensation arrangements, marital dissolution issues, EEO compliance requests, etc.  This consultancy provides meaningful and persuasive arguments on behalf of clients is based on many years of   expert witness and litigation support services tied to extensive consulting experience, in-depth industry knowledge and the use of very strong supporting empirical data.    Activities are conducted in an objective, thorough manner with a view to providing defensible findings.   Examples of potential service offerings include:

  • Determining Reasonableness of Compensation (private, public companies and tax exempt organizations)
  • Assessing Earnings Potential
  • Resolving Equitable Distribution and Community Property  Issues
  • Analyzing Employment and Change-of-Control Agreements
  • Determining Job Availability and Competitive Market Value of Positions
  • Evaluating Discriminatory Compensation Practices
  • Resolving Minority Shareholder Complaints
  • Determining Compensation Violations Relative to Government Contractors
  • Verifying Intermediate Sanctions and Self-Dealing Regulations

Results include removing uncertainties, creating clarity and helping to resolve compensation-related business issues.