About Us

Our Mission

The mission of HRM&DCo is to locate, high-level validate, and accelerate the time it takes for HR-related specialty products and services to reach strategic thinkers within the employer organization.


 What we know is:
-If gaps exist in HR needs or ptoemtial, entrepreneurs will move in to capture opportunities


-Generally, HR innovators have limited ability to widely distribute to mid and large size employers and are not at all connected to HR therein


-Consultants, brokers and brand name vendors who are so connected to HR, are typically conflicted in their business models from bringing this type of fresh thinking to their clients. Examples of conflict include the needing to be objective, having competing products, being incongruent with mission, losing revenue, etc. 


 HRM&DCo is not conflcited in these regards. We are independtly contracted and duly compensated representatives of our HRM&DCo Specialty Products & Services Partners™ and are thereby inveterate representatives of unique, one-of-a-kind and /or best-of-breed products and services for HR.

Value To HR

HRM&DCo's informal HR advisory board tells us that the HR department gets bombarded daily with voice and e-mails from well-meaning entrepreneurs wanting an audience to share fresh thinking. Often, out of necessity caused by scarcity of time, the HR department's response must be DELETE, DELETE, DELETE. To remedy this conflict, HRM&DCo has created the first-ever compendium to share these fresh ideas. It is called the HR Specialty Products & Services Catalogue™. Using the Catalogue, the employer no longer needs to spend a myriad of hours with a myriad of vendors panning for just a few golden nuggets - it can simply use the Catalogue.


Role Of HRM&DCo

Like with any catalogue company, HRM&DCo does not directly sell anything. Our objective is to be sure that HR understands what specialty products and services are contained in the Catalogue. Someday, the employer may wish to place an order by connecting with the vendor and we arrange for this connection. HRM&DCo is neither a consultant nor broker. Rather, we are agents for change and innovation. Because we represent specific vendors, we do not make product or service recommendations. This role is left up to the client and/or its HR advisors.