HRM&DCo welcomes associations, consultancies and agencies to contact us about the possibility of becoming an HRM&DCo Channel Partner™. Right now, many association, consultancies and agencies are leaving monies on the table as they have limited product / service portfolios and limited ability to ask about and respond to a client’s broader HR needs.


The benefits of becoming a MRM&DCO Channel Partner include:

 -An ability to respond to virtually 100% of any client’s HR

 -Backroom sales support and required “HR speak” provided by HRM&DCo as needed

 -Channel Partnering is “plug and play” as the entire backroom vendor contracting process has been completed

 -Websites can be easily linked to display the Catalogue index on the Channel Partner’s website under a new “HR Specialty Products & Services” tab and as desired, a new “Other HR Consulting Services “ tab

 -Catalogue marketing support collateral has already been customized and is devoid of vendor names so as to minimize circumvention of a Channel Partner by a client

 -Remuneration is based on the amount of respective effort involved in the sales process by HRM&DCo and the Channel Partner and this effort is Channel Partner-detemined case-by-case 

 Interested Channel Partners please go to the “Contact Us” section of this website