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HRM&DCo Forms LInkedIn Group

HR professionals (within employer organizations only please) are welcomed to join this very unique group. It is a site to post your inquiries about needed HR specialty products and services without being bothered by vendors. Only others in HR will respond to you as will only HRM&DCo and then, HRM&DCo will respond only if an innovation or guidance is known to us. It is also a site to periodically learn of the new HR innovations as discovered by HR Mining & Distribution as it continues its quest to search around the world for fresh thinking in HR. 

Chicagoland Innovator's Society Acceptance

HRM&DCo was recently accepted into a Chicago area Innovators Society and was subsequently recognized as “Innovator of the Month” in March 2012

Innovations From Around the World

Most of the specialty products and servcies that have been located by HRM&DCo have been developed in the US. However, we also have prodcuts and services within the Catalogue that have come from India, Canada, Spain, UK, AU, Israel, etc. These outside-the-US innovations plus many others found in the Catalogue, have potential applicability for employers in many countries around the world.

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Effective in 2012, HRM&DCo and the Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council (MCHC) have entered into a partnering arrangement around the HR Specialty Products & Services Catalogue. MCHC will be making the fresh thinking for HR that the Catalogue brings available to its members via a linkage between the websites and other related marketing activities.


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