For HRM&DCo Catalogue Vendor Partners™

HRM&DCo welcomes vendors of specialty products and services to contact us about the possibility of becoming an HRM&DCo Catalogue Vendor Partner™. Benefits of becoming a Catalogue Partner include:

 -Access to HR in large and mid-sized employer organizations where such access is otherwise difficult and expensive to obtain

 -Senior marketing level expertise and support with preparing customized marketing collateral in support of the Catalogue

 -Being in the Catalogue as it gets distributed at various HR conferences

 -An ability to also become and HRM&DCo Channel Partner™ to help sell any and all items from the Catalogue - and get paid for doing so

 -An ability to build up a network of consultant and broker partners in cases where HRM&DCo is allowed to act in wholesaler’s capacity on behalf of the innovator

 -Being connected via the Catalogue to the clients of broker, consultant and association groups as such groups connect to HRM&DCo’s website and the Catalogue items therein


Interested vendors please go to the “Contact Us” section of this website