Item # PTY1 - Oprah Endorsed, Charitable Giving Program Management System that is Customizable to both the Employer’s Policy and Each Employee’s Charitable Giving Goals                                                                                                 

This Oprah Winfrey-Endorsed, SaaS-Based System Enables Employee to establish their own “Foundation Account” from which to Manage all Charitable Giving via an Employer-Branded and Customized Portal. System Manages Multiple Sources of Contributions (e.g. Payroll Deduction, Employer Matching, Credit/ Debit Cards, On-Line Cash Back Shopping, etc.) and Distributions to any IRS-Registered 501(c)3 Organization. Vendor handles all Coordination of Payroll Interfaces, Contributions & Distributions, Employee & Employer Accounting and Reporting etc. and Assigns a Dedicated “ Giving Officer”      

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Item # PTY2 - Employee On-Line Cash back Shopping and Optional Charitable Giving Portal (U.S. Only)                          

This is a System where Employees Shop On Line Directly at 5500+ Retailers Websites Using Powerful Search Engine to look for 300+ Million Products plus Travel, “Green” and Local Deals. Cash back ranging from 4% to 15% (in addition to website coupons, discounts, deals, etc.) is kept in Employees’ Personal Account until all or Potion is either Distributed Back via Check, AHC, etc. or Donated on-Line to Employees’ Favorite Charities

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