Item # RTG1 -Non Conflicted, Highly Acclaimed, Fixed Fee, Boutique Executive Search Firm for Those Hard To Obtain Candidates                                                                                                                                               

Highly Acclaimed Retained Firm for Select Clients using Proprietary No-nonsense Approach to Securing the Best and Brightest in Technology, Consumer Goods, Retail and Financial Services from Fortune 100 to Fledgling Startups. All searches conducted by firm’s principal named by Business Week as one of the “World’s 100 Most Influential Headhunters”


Item # RTG2 – Hiring Tax Credit Screening and Management System (U.S. Only)                                                                         

Each Year Billions of Dollars in Hiring Tax Credits and Related Incentives are Left Unclaimed by Companies in the United States. This SaaS-Based Hiring Tax Credit Screening Solution maximizes Employer Credits with Less Effort. The Dynamic Questionnaire screens Job Candidates for Federal Programs like Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) plus any Available State and Local Tax Credits Based on where the Candidate Lives and Hiring Location. Employers immediately view Eligibility Results within this Screening Solution or their own Recruiting Solution. Easily Customizable, Online Reports help Employers view Earned and Pending credits. Eliminates 99% of the Paperwork typically Associated with capturing these Lucrative Programs for both Non-Profit and For-Profit Employers.

Item # RTG3 - Outsourced Federal Hiring Tax Credit Management Vendor (U.S. Only)                                                          

This Contingency Fee-Based Firm conducts Live Screening Interviews and OffersGuidance on how to maximize Credits by identifying Target Job Categories, assisting with Internal Compliance, etc.

Item # RTG4 -Benefit Program Pre-Viewer and Dollar Value Calculator of Total Rewards for Employment Candidates                                                                                                                                      

This System is tailored to each Employer’s Distinct Benefit Programs. It Allows Employment Candidates to Preview Available Benefit Programs and Policies and to Hypothetically Enroll in the Employee Benefit Programs so as to determine the Dollar Value of your Total Rewards Employment Offer vs. the Cash-Only Value of the Competitor’s Offer

Item # RTG5 - Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) Global Background Check Vendor                                              

This is the only known Certified Women’s Business Enterprise in the Background Check Business. In addition to Receiving High Quality Screenings, use of this Organization’s Services can help your Company meet its WBE Supplier Requirements when doing Business with Government Entities  

  Item # RTG6 - SaaS Based, Lowest Cost, Full Functionality, “Nimble” Applicant Tracking System                                         

This SaaS-Based ATS has Complete Functionality to include Recruiting, Applicant Tracking, Prescreening / Assessment, Interview Management and Onboarding. Low Operating Overhead allows this Vendor to sell this System at around 50% of the Cost of Legacy Technology Vendors. Vendor is nimble so as to quickly Implement and Modify and has a 99.993% Client Retention Rate over 14 Years

Item # RTG7 - High Quality Temporary Staffing Agency with Unique Low Cost Delivery Model    

This is a Proprietary, 24 X 7 and Recruiting Team Specialization Model that Significantly Reduces Recruiting Cost due to having the Non Client-Facing and Back Room Functions Not Critical for the Actual Recruiter to Perform, Outsourced to Lower Cost Positions. This Approach Creates the Fastest Possible Delivery of Temporary Staffing (and / or Full Time Placement) for all Positions. Plus this Vendor has Unique Abilities to Deliver on Desired Quantity Requests and Execute on Hard-to -Fill Requests (e.g. IT, Accounting, Finance, Light Manufacturing, etc.) Comes Complete with Quality Guarantee

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Item # RTG8 – Contingent Recruiter Fee Escrow System under which Fees are Paid to Recruiter Over Time Based on Length of New Hire Retention     

This New Concept, Third Party Managed, Contingent Recruiter Fee Escrow Management System Spreads the Fee Payments Over 1 to 4 Years Based on the Amount of Time the New Hire Remains in the Position. This Reduces the Employer’s Financial Risk of Making New Hires and Creates a Recruiter Incentive to Attract Stable Candidates and then Help Keep the New Hires in Place

Item # RTG9 – 100% Dedicated Internship and Entry-Level Talent Acquisition (ELT) Consultancy for Internal Program Development and / or Critical Issues Training   

This Specialized Internship and ELT Consultancy has developed Proprietary Research-Based Processes for Creating, Supporting and Administering the Employer’s Internship and ELT Programs.  The Process considers all of the Critical Factors of Programming to Include Understanding Gen-Y, Structuring a Program, Managing Diversity, Aligning Supervisors, Marketing the Opportunity, Orientation, Compensation, Benefits, Performance Management, etc. Services Range from Consulting on Internal Program Development to On-Site /and or Web-Based Critical Issues Education to all but guarantee Effective Internship and ELT Program Implementation and Management for both Organizations and Students


Item #RTG10 - Low Cost, High Touch, Global Relocation Network Comprised of On-the-Ground, Local Country Partners

This Soon-to-Be Women's Certified Business Enterprise provides a very Competitively-Priced Network of Global Relocation Firms. The Network is Centrally-Managed from its US-Headquarters and because the Network is comprised mostly of Boutique Partners, the Service is 24 X 7, provides Personalized Attention at Low Cost with Unlimited Support. On-the-Ground Partners exist in most Major Regions of the World (e.g. Asia, Europe, Middle East,etc. including the US) and the Network is Expanding


Item #RTG11 – Low Cost (7% of Salary Price Point) High Quality, On-Demand Recruitment Firm for Full-Time Positions

Most recruitment firms / external recruiters for staffing full time positions charge between 20% and 30% of salary. This recruitment firm only charges about 7% and offers a much higher quality of service. With 100+ highly experienced recruiters and a 20+ year successful track record, they have filled tens of thousands of positions across all levels, disciplines and most all industries nationwide. In addition, they offer a one year extended warranty on new hires. By using the industry's most advanced recruiting technologies and six-sigma inspired processes, they maintain a low overhead operating environment and therefore can offer high value services inexpensively


For more information click here 


Item #RTG12 - Professional Background Screening Services for Volunteers to Non-Profit Organizations Volunteers

Volunteers are most desirable and most welcomed in many Organizations, yet they can present significant Exposure to Potential Undesirable Incidents, Accusations and Legal Actions. This Full-Service Background Screening Organization, accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) has a Specialty Practice in the Screening of Volunteers. They applyInnovative Technologies and high Quality Services to Screen Volunteers in areas such as Criminal Background, Sex Offenses, Social Security Number Trace, Motor Vehicle Records and More. They provide the Non-Profit Organization with the Information it needs to make Informed Decisions about the Team of Volunteers who will interact with the Organization and the Public


Item #RTG13 - Objectively Validated Employment Branding Tool That Allows Employment Candidates to Understand and Compare Workplace Cultures In Advance

Employers Building a Strong Employment Brand often struggle with How to Build, Support, Maintain and then Leverage the Brand. This Independent, Third Party Manages a Centralized Branding Site that containsEmployer-Specific Content Developed from Validated Survey Results across a Random Sample of the Employer's Own Employees. Survey Results on Topics like Work Environment, Workplace Challenges, Rewards, etc. are used to develop a detailed Workplace Story about the Company's Culture that gets placed on the Branding Site along with Testimonials, Survey Scores, etc. This allows Employment Candidates to Side-by-Side compare the Experience of Working at One Employer vs. Another. An Employer-Specific Logo Designation is provided that can be used on the Employer's Own Website for Job Postings and on Social Media to Link Back to the Workplace Story. The Result can be a larger Talent Pool for the Employer and One with an improved cultural Fit


Item # RTG14 - 15+ Years Proven Recruiting and Staffing Firm that Specializes Only in the Temporary and / or Permanent Staffing of Open Positions for the HR Department Itself

Most recruiting and staffing organizations cover all corporate positions and thus lack the data and appropriate knowledge about what it takes to staff up HR with high quality candidates. The specialized agency is headed up by a professional who knows HR and Operations management from the inside out having spent 20 years inside of major corporations such as GE, Cigna, Prudential etc. in both operational and HR management roles. Since then, he has founded a company with established procedures and keen insight with the requisite “HR Speak” that allows for a high quality and fast fulfillment of open HR Job Reqs.


Item # RTG15 – Outsourced Temporary Staffing for HR Department


Temporary HR support may be needed while recruiting for full-time replacements, for short-term assistance when someone is on leave, to serve as an on-site mentor for strengthening the HR staff or for special time sensitive assignments. This temp staffing service allows employers to select from a menu of on-site HR support services provided by experienced HR professionals ranging from seasoned HR executives to hands-on-support personnel while paying only for the help that is needed and only during the time that it is needed. These professionals perform and/or oversee a wide range HR functions e.g. recruiting, compensation, benefits, etc. Results include uninterrupted HR operations and HR staffing optimization



Item # RTG16– HR Outsourcing Program for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses that Provides Access to Fortune 500-Style Benefits and HR Services that are Otherwise Unattainable / Unaffordable


To effectively compete for talent, smaller businesses need to be able provide all or just their essential employees with large-company- type benefits and other HR programs.  Up till now, the only way for employees to access these types of programs has been through employment with a larger employer. To solve the dilemma, this Employer Payroll Purchasing Services Organization (EPPSO) allows all or just the hand-picked employees of the smaller employer to become formal employees of just the EPPSO. Once payroll services are moved to the EPPSO as a condition of the employer’s membership, employees of the smaller employer can access an entire portfolio of benefit programs like health insurance, 401(k), LTD, dental, etc. with prices and plan features heretofore only available from large employers. This works because the rolled-up EPPSO is actually a larger employer in and of itself and unlike a PEO, the EPPSO has full liability for its employees. Other cost effective services include worker’s comp, HR compliance and HR administration. The results are that smaller employers can now save HR costs, streamline operations and focus more on building their businesses and less on running their tedious day-to-day backroom-type HR operations 


Item # RTG17 - International Hiring Practices and Employment Regulation Consulting Services Firm


Hiring new staff or transferring existing staff for out-of-country assignments requires having a knowledge of local country business methods, customs, laws and language(s). This 25+ years-in-the-business, award-winning professional services firm conducts in-country, in-language market research to position companies for global expansion. Researchers who speak the target-country language and know its customs are assigned for each unique project. They equip HR with knowledge of local country corporate hierarchies and structures; compensation / benefit practices; plus laws/regulations related to hiring; interview questioning; firing; discriminating (relative to age, gender, religious, sexual-orientation); employment contacting and interviewing references. As desired, this firm can obtain specific laws and /or translate them into English



Item # RTG18 - Robust Database Complete with Salaries for Purposes of Campus Recruiting Analytics


Employers that recruit on campus may be looking for additional and/ or more robust campuses, need to know what to pay incoming graduates, may need to learn of compatible degrees that have proven to be successful, etc.  This vendor maintains a campus recruiting database that enables employers to identify specific majors to recruit from over 2,700 four- year colleges. Statistically significant surveys of more than 400,000 employers are used to develop a database that contains 90% of all occupations, related salaries, college & university information, etc. The vendor uses  O*NET  standards-based occupation definitions, has real data on 560 metro and non-metro area and includes occupations in the database  only if there are at least 25 or more respondents for that occupation in a given region from within the past 12 months. Over 5,000 employers currently use these data services, including more than 200 of the Fortune 500. Cost for data and analytics are approximately 20% of what typical brand name consultants charge for similar projects.


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ITEM# RTG19 - Fee-For-Service Based, Search Consultancy Specializing Only in Benefit and Compensation Professionals at All Levels


Given the comparative technical nature of their work, HR professionals in the compensation and benefits areas are most often very hard to find. For over 10 years, this relationship-based and specialized search consultancy has focused close to 100% of its efforts in only in these areas of HR. Clients range from Fortune 500 companies on down. Working collaboratively with the client’s talent acquisition team and hiring leader, this firm acts as an extension of that team. Plus it brings both access to a deep network of compensation and benefits professionals across industries / geographies and personal “HR-insider” experience with building and leading global compensation and benefits teams. They identify and engage in-scope potential candidates, assess their qualifications, determine interest in the client’s role, evaluate cultural fit and determine mobility and monetary preferences. The firm’s historic placement rate is well above that of most search firms.



Item#  RGT20  - Global, Co- Employent / PEO Foreign Subsidiary as a Service" Provider for Your Already-Recruited Local Nationals or Ex Pats  


Some companies may want to first test-out a foreign market’s potential and are thus not yet ready to set up a legal entity or they may have independent contractors in a foreign country who desire to be converted to employment status. This PEO-style provider offers a "Foreign Subsidiary as a Service" (“FSaaS”) in 150+ countries for employers hiring local nationals or sending expatriates into a market.  Services include timely and accurate payroll, compliance with foreign laws and employee benefit programs. It allows companies to enter foreign markets quickly and with a light footprint, reduces employment related costs by as much as 50%, reduces hire time by up to 90% and keeps the company focused on running its core business 



Item# RTG21 – Tool for Assessing of the Employer’s Recruitment, Selection and Hiring (RSH) Process


HR professionals generally rank recruitment, selection and hiring as the single most important HR management activity affecting organizational competitiveness. Yet, many organizations do not have an optimized RSH process that considers all of the key components. This comprehensive assessment tool developed over 25+ years with continuous refinement consists of over 100 questions to be answered by the organization so as to assess the current state of its RSH processes. Depending on responses, various remedial actions and process improvement recommendations are provided to help the employer achieve its desired future state.       


Item# RTG22 – Tool for Assessing the Employer’s Affirmative Action Plan and Procedures


Federal contractors found to be out of compliance with E.O. requirements risk losing all or part of their federal contracts, being debarred from receiving future contracts and possibly making monetary payments to correct past employment decisions. To avoid these consequences, federal contractors must complete an AAP annually, and demonstrate good faith efforts to maintain or improve representation of women, minorities, covered veterans and individuals with disabilities. This comprehensive assessment tool developed over 25+ years with continuous refinement consists of over 80 questions to be answered by the organization so as to assess the current state of its AAP and related processes. The result is having an AAP that is in compliance with Labor’s Office of Federal Contracts Compliance Programs (OFCCP) requirements.  



Item# RTG23 - Tool for Assessing Employee Retention Issues


Organizations must find ways to overcome the inertia of “employees in motion” caused by factors like downsizing, portable benefit programs and the long-predicted retirement bubble. This comprehensive assessment tool developed over 25+ years with continuous refinement consists of over 70 questions to be answered by the organization so as to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the employer’s current retention efforts and help develop successful retention strategies. This assessment helps to mitigate current and long-term costs and minimize negative effects on business opportunities and revenues.  



Item # RTG24 - Social Networking-Driven System for Optimizing Referrals of Employment Candidates from Your Employees   


Employee referrals are the single most successful source for hiring but the referral process in many organizations is delivered in portal (or worse) fashion resulting in low employee engagement, makes poor use of employee’s social connections, lacks continuous status update visibility for employees to help track progress and improperly aligns and manages referral incentives. This anytime, anywhere cloud-based employee referral recruiting system provides employees with mobile access to their social networking sources with an intuitive user-interface to increase employee engagement in the referral process. Potential candidates are easy to refer from the employee’s networks, job requisitions can be easily shared via the social network, employees can see status of their referrals at any time and employees’ referral rewards are optimized through gamification and immediate gratification. Artificial Intelligence is used to automate screening and develop a candidate short list that can interface with any ATS. The system saves up to 50% of hiring costs, increases candidate quality and improves hiring and retention rates. 


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