Item # EFW1 - Employee On-line Cash Back Shopping and Optional Charitable Giving Portal (In U.S. Dollars Only)  


This free-to-employer and employee benefit generates cash for those employees who shop on -line within a mall of 5500+ national to local retailers at the retailers’ own branded sites for over 300 million products, travel destinations, “green” and local deals. Cash-back of 4% to 15% as determined by each retailer (in addition to other on-line coupons, discounts, deals etc.) is kept in employees’ personal accounts until distributed in cash or contributed by employees to favorite charities, the corporate foundation, etc.


Item # EFW2 -Brand Name Furniture, Appliance, Electronics Purchasing Program Based upon Employee Work History - Not Credit Score                                                                                         

Large percentages of employees can have neither the requisite credit history nor cash flow required to purchase brand name home furnishings - even at heavily discounted prices. This vendor extends up to 36 months of credit based on the employees’ qualified work history. Purchases can be paid for via payroll deduction (with minimal employer involvement) and / or direct deposit (with no employer involvement). There is no cost to the employer or employee to participate and vendor maintains liability if employee leaves employment


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Item # EFW3Affordable On-site Personal Tax Return Preparation Services at No Cost-to-Employer (U.S. Only) 


Given sufficient volume, these CPA’s and Tax Professionals come to the workplace and meet with employees at their convenience (e.g. lunch, breaks, after hours, etc.) to prepare Annual Tax Returns on a system- secure and confidential basis. The employee pays (employer can pay /contribute as a perk) at affordable, H&R Block-style rates for various packages i.e.basic, homeowners, homeowners with investments and Complex. Complex to include for example, self-employment income, rental income, foreign investments / income, stock options, multi-state, Eexpats, etc.


(Note: HR Mining is currnetly in discussions with this vendor)


Item # EFW4 - Free-To-Employer and Employer Regulated, Paycheck Advance Worksite ATM Machine to Prevent Pay Day Loan Store Rip-Offs of Our Employees


On average 33% of US workers need improved cash flow and are using high-priced (i.e. 15% to 17% of the paycheck or a 700% APR ) "Alternative Financial Services Providers" (AFSP) like Pay Day Loan stores. Via daily payroll interface, this at-the-worksite placed ATM, allows employees to take employer-ontrolled-as-to-amounts, cash advances against accrued pay. They can also conduct traditional ATM-type transactions and at employer’s option, access desired HR Portal type Information. If 300 employees have access per machine, there is no cost to the employer and employees pay 3 to 4 times less than with an AFSP


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(Note: HR Mining is currnetly in discussions with this vendor)


Item # EFW5 - Weekly e-Learning Series that Provides Up-to-the-Minute Financial Wellness Education and a Financial Wellness Measurement Tool     


Other financial newsletters focus on providing only simplistic information. This unbiased vendor that does not sell financial products, instead produces an employer-brandable, weekly e-learning series that provides content rich, easily understood, broad-based financial education. The Newsletter helps employees avoid financial scams and pitfalls, stretch their dollars and save money e.g. “Financial Tips for Generation Y” “Long-Term Care: The Real Story”. “Divorce over 50: What You Need to Know”. Series can be enhanced to include customizable assessments of employees’ specific knowledge of each topic so as to provide valuable analytics for employers to measure financial education and financial wellness progress


Item # EFW6 - Financial Education Workshops Using Skill-Based Learning Principles (U.S. Only)   


These instructor-led onsite or web-based training workshops are designed to solve specific problems not simply to “educate” as other workshops do. They deploy the latest Skill-Based Learning principals providing progressive “Layers of Information” and engaging exercises so as to achieve progressive learning results that actually build skills, change behaviors and achieve sustainable change. Courses teach Money Basics. How to: Manage Money, Avoid Debt Traps, Find Money and Prepare for Retirement


Item # EFW7 - Non Conflcited, Certified Workplace Money Coaches to Help Employee Avoid Costly Mistakes  


These Certified Money Coaches (having passed both an internal certification process and 35 competency exams) are unbiased as they neither sell financial investment or insurance products nor give advice and recommendations. Instead, via documented e-mail responses, they provide the “Other Side of the Story / Insider Secrets” by objectively outlining the both the pros and cons in a way that that financial products and services sales people (e.g. agents, brokers, money managers, etc.) do not do. Access to experts is provided real time at the time the financial decision is being made on over 200 broad financial topics


Item # EFW8 - Employee Elective High Dollar Deductible Plan Benefits “Gap Filler (U.S Only) 


Some employers are increasing deductibles and eliminating ancillary benefits like dental just as to eb able to save basic medical benefits for employees. This employee elective, High Dollar Deductible Plan gap-filler program is customizable by the employer and can include tele-health, Rx, dental, vision and other programs. Arguably, this approach is the beginning of the Socialized Medicine “Top Up” or “Wrap Around” coverage” for the US under PPACA


Item # EFW9 – Healthcare Plan Employee Annual Planner (U.S.Only)                                                                       


Many employees do not fully understand how their health plan works as it relates to copays, deductibles and other plan design features.  This hard copy Healthcare Plan Work Book and EOB / Invoice organizer has been designed by the Head of Employee Benefits for a notable state government. Its helps employees to optimize utilization of health plan services by having a better understanding how their healthcare plan is working throughout the year.


Item # EFW10 - Luxury Cruise & Resort Packages Purchasing Program Based upon Employee Work History - Not Credit Score  


Large percentages of employees can have neither the requisite credit history nor cash flow required to purchase luxury vacations with the most popular cruise lines and at some of the best resorts in the World. This vendor extends -12 months of interest-free, credit based on the employees’ qualified work history with repayment made through the convenience of payroll deduction. There is a Money-Back Guarantee on contributed funds if the employee later decides not to take the Vacation


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Item # EFW11 – New Style, Actuarially-Derived Flex Plan Design to Decrease Both Employer and Employee Taxes Further Than Old Style, Traditional Flex

An independent actuary has developed a process under which various provisions in the Internal Revenue Code can be combined to allow for an actuarially-derived tabular value to be used as the basis for establishing the employees pre-tax contribution amounts. This further increases employees’ pre-tax premium deductions thereby increasing employees’ take home pay and deceasing employer payroll taxes both beyond the traditonal flex parameters


Item # EFW12 –Veterinary Services plus Pet Products and Other Pet Services Nationwide PPO (U.S. Only)  


Coverage for family pets is the third most requested employee elective benefit. This employee cost savings program discounts veterinary services plus products, supplies, Rx, grooming, boarding and training at local and national providers and includes a “Lost Pet Recovery Service”. There are no pre-existing, per-incident or annual maximum benefit limitations. Exotic pets plus any and every vet service is included. Employee pays a PEPM with an average annual savings ranging between $100-$400 (per pet) on the U.S. annual average spend of $2,000 (per pet)


Item # EFW13 - Deeply Discounted and Highly Flexible Employee Perks and Discount Purchasing Program (U.S Only)


This flexible employee shopping and perks portal provides a Single, employer-branded destination for employees to purchase heavily discounted products, services and entertainment from top local and national vendors. Discounts range from 15% - 35% off retail rates due to volume purchasing discounts, local couponing opportunities and as vendor commissions are instead uniquely used to generate larger purchasing discounts for employees, whenever possible. Portal flexibility and perks include PPACA compliant wellness services access, a personal concierge service, birthday and anniversary recognition e-mails, gifts, a prizes and incentives store, charitable giving opportunities, member engagement analytics and more. The program consistently engages 40%-75% of employees and serves over 2 million members in organizations ranging from national associations to mid-sized and Fortune 1,000 companies. Participation in the program for vendors and members is free and the employer pays a small PEPM


Item # EFW14 - Dynamically-Updated-Throughout-the-Year, On-Line, Total Compensation Statements


Traditional total compensation statements are produced only once per year and contain information much of which is outdated even when the statements are first posted. This vendor populates a central data repository for the employer that takes up-to-the minutes data feeds from and and all compensation and reward systems as desired by the employer so as to provide near real time information to employees throughout the year. Electronic data interfaces allow the system to essentially run on autopilot once it gets up and running thereby making the cost of these dynamic statements affordable for most employers   


Item# EFW15 - Most Heavily Discounted Up to 90% or More Off of Face Value Promotional Gift Card for Employee Incentives, Spot Awards, etc.


Other gift cards can be purchased for only 2% to 3% below face value and therefor create no leverage for the employer when used as an incentive. These promotional gift cards instaed allow employees to use the credit towards the purchase of 1000's of competitively priced products in over 50 categories (e.g. electronics, kitchenware, sports team merchandise, etc.) at exclusive on-line stores. They come in $25 or $50 denominations and can be purchased by desired storefront or in packets which are available at up to a 90% discount. This steep discount is possible as the vendor owns the stores, has no advertising expenses, realizes forfeitures on unused cards and experiences buy-ups above the face value of the card 


Item# EFW16 - Employee Financial Wellness Portal Provides Direct Access to Specifically-Needed Content from Over 150 Prescreened, Top Named Websites

Employees sometimes search for hours to locate the specific-to-the-individual, website sub-content needed to address a given financial wellness need. This website Portal has been developed based on over 30 years of fee-based financial wellness consulting and training for the employees of major corporations, unions and government agencies. Robust portal search capabilities direct employees to those website hyperlinks that address specific needs so that time consuming and thus, potentially costly-to-the-employer website navigation is eliminated. Optional portal services include financial wellness training, online mini-lessons and semi-monthly email scam alerts


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Item# EFW17 - Competitively Priced, SaaS Based System that Tracks both the Administrative and Financial Aspects of Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP)


Implementing an employee payroll deduction stock purchase plan requires that there be a supporting administration system.  This competitively-priced, fully secured, SaaS-based system tracks all activities related to ESPP’s. Salient features include 24X 7 call center support, wizard-based and self-serve template uploading of ESPP grants, employee self-serve set-up and enrollment, automatic journal entries and expense reconciliation, auto generation of employee status letters etc. There is no financial commitment to system for the employer post-implementation unless expectations are exceeded (not just met)  



Item # EFW18 – Blue / Pink / White Collar Worker Low / Lowest Cost, Long Term Disability (LTD) Coverage Paid Upfront as a One Time Lump


Non-executive, non-management employees may not be covered for LTD benefits or if covered, may have a need for upfront cash in the event of a total disability so as to cover more immediate expenses resulting from the disability. This LTD coverage, underwritten by an A+ rated carrier provides for an immediate, one time lump sum payment of up to 100% of salary with a minimum payment of $26,000 and a maximum payment of $100,000. Premium rates are based on age, sex, smoking habits and can be as low 50% of typical LTD rates because the amount and duration of the benefit are fixed. “Accept-or-Reject” style underwriting is based on information found at MIB and Script Checks and the benefit is payable for a total disability that prevents an insured from performing any occupation for which s/he is reasonably suited for based on training, education or experience. Other terms and conditions apply as can be found in the insurer’s materials



Item # EFW 19 - Calculator to Determine Lost 401(k) Contributions Caused by Employees Engaging in Unhealthy Behaviors


Half of all Americans have less than $10,000 in savings, and yet they spend monies on unhealthy behaviors that could otherwise be saved the amount of which was undeterminable - until now.  This lifestyle risk and lost savings dollars calculator was developed in 2012 by a practitioner with 38+ years of benefits experience. At the intersection between Wellness Programs and 401(k) Savings Plans, this Calculator effectively communicates the ills of unhealthy behavior and the dollars currently being spent on such behaviors so as to help motivate change to more healthy behaviors and redirect new-found monies over to retirement plans. Employees enter their own information on wellness behaviors, the hard dollar cost (e.g. 1 latte / day  X  @ $4.00 each  X  5 days a week  X  52 weeks = $1,040/ year ) is calculated and an individualized “health-to-wealth” plan is developed. Results for the employer include an increase in both healthy behaviors and 401(k) plan contributions by employees.  


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Item# EFW20 – Wholesale-Priced-to-Employee / Member, Travel Purchasing Program


Individuals are struggling under the weight of 3% pay raises that are not keeping track with inflation, and thus they need help with conserving limited purchasing dollars. This on-line, customer-service-center-supported, member-only travel program offers net and wholesale rates to members as opposed to the more traditional public sites (e.g. Travelocity, Expedia, etc.) that can only offer “Best Available Rates” to everyone.  Access is provided to over 1,000,000 online and offline discounts for hotels, restaurants, cruises, airfare packages, vacation packages, car rentals, theme parks, movie theaters, golf, etc.  Discounts ranging from 65% to 80% off retail rates are realized by members and arise because the reasonable annual membership fees support this program not the spread between retail and wholesale pricing which support the general public purchasing sites.  


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Item# EFW21 Instantly Available, Low Cost, Term Loans for Your Desired Employee Groups that Get Repaid via Payroll Deduction


The average employee has less than a $1,000 on hand for emergencies, doesn’t qualify for prime credit and most live paycheck-to-paycheck. Yet, employees have financial needs to pay for medical expenses, auto related expenses, outstanding debt, etc. This online lender provides competitive loans to all or just the employer’s desired group(s) of employees at no default risk to the employer. Loans parameters are tailored to each employee’s circumstances using the lender’s proprietary algorithms which consider factors such as length of employee employment, credit score, income level, etc.  For employees, advantages include access to responsible credit and auto repayment  that is  a superior alternative to 401k loans, credit card borrowing and predatory lending. Employers can avoid /minimize requests for paycheck advances or employer loans, reduce 401k loan approval / administration work and offer a more viable financial wellness solution.


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Item# EFW22 - Employee Financial Wellness Survey to Assess Employee Knowledge, Needs and Stress Levels


Employers (and others) have created a defined contribution environment within which employees and their families must operate. This has resulted in brand new needs in the areas of education, cash access / cash conservation and stress management skills. Many employees across most income levels live paycheck-to-paycheck and have difficulty paying their bills. The constant worry about money and related personal and family stress erodes employee morale, engagement and productivity while increasing illness, absenteeism and employee turnover. This survey tool is designed to help the employer both determine employees’ needs and identify what the employer’s priorities should be. Employees are asked to rank their level of agreement with a series of statements in each area financial needs, educational needs and emotional needs. These are then broken down across desired demographic groupings. The resulting outcomes and analysis report enables the employer to address the issue of financial wellness in the workplace with solutions ranging from doing nothing, to offering a series of distinct programs,  to designing a more formal “Financial Wellness Benefit Plan”.      


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Item # EFW23 – An Employee Elective, Health and Wellness-Driven, Fully-Insured Indemnity Program that Both Increases Employee Pay and Generates Tax Savings Income for the Employer


Employee health management and wellness programs typically come at cost to the employer and can be ineffective in that “unhealthy well” and “chronically ill” employees do not participate at desired levels. This fully-insured product was developed to both increase health management and wellness program participation and decrease the cost of the healthcare benefits plan by providing indemnity-type benefit payments to and pay increases for, employees who elect to participate. Employees access the program via a user-friendly portal that provides access to a wellness activities menu, health coaches, telemedicine, provider cost and quality information plus Rx price shopping. The pre-tax nature of the insurance premiums combined with a monthly wellness activities dollar credit provided under the insurance policy combine after all program expenses to produce both:

- an increase in pay for (most) employees which is estimated for each employee at time of program participation election (or not),

-an increase in employer income resulting from corporate FICA tax savings                        

The benefits to the employer and employees as documented in a suite of robust management reports can include:

- health management and wellness programs with increased participation levels

- a decrease in the healthcare benefits plan spend

- an increase in employee net pay and additional income for the employer


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Item# EFW24 -  Patient Cost Advocacy that Negotiates Down then Finances at 0% APR any Out-Of-Pocket Health Related Expense for Employees / Family Members

Employees in HDHP’s may wind up using credit cards, dipping into their 401(k)’s or taking out personal loans when they do not have sufficient funds on hand to pay for large out-of-pocket (OOP) healthcare expenses. This vendor and patient advocate negotiates down OOP healthcare expenses for employees by paying offering to pay providers in cash up-front. It then finances the negotiated / net amount that is now due from the employee through small payroll deductions that are interest-free (0% APR) and have no impact to the employee's credit score. The program is not tied directly to the employer’s plan and can cover health -related expenses (in or out-of-network), dental, vision, pharmacy and elective procedures such as Lasik, fertility, cosmetic procedures, etc. Employers no longer have to worry about making personal or other loans to employees and there is zero liability to the employer if the employee leaves the company while repaying the loan.