Item # HRR1 - Touchless, Real Time, Worker’s Comp (WC) Absence Tracking and Reporting System (U.S. Only)  

Supervisors often fail to Report or Report Late, Workers Compensation Incidents. With this Interactive Voice Response (IVR)-Driven, Automated WC Tracking and Reporting System, Employees Self-Report WC Claims. Within 20 Seconds of the Call, Notices are sent and Management Reports are available to HR/Risk Management at Headquarters on Down so as to Maximize the Time Available for managing the First Report of Injury Process. The System tracks Lost Time due to Physical Therapy, Visits to WC Healthcare Providers and Unscheduled Absences Due to WC Occurrences. System also facilitates OSHA Reporting Requirements and Identifies Locational Staffing Issues in Real Time. Experience shows Reduced Absence Times and Improved WC Claims Experience

Item # HRR2 - (This Listing is currently under Construction) Contingency Fee Based, Workers Comp Claim Coding Error Assessment and Third Party Recovery (U.S. Only)                   

 Item # HRR3 - Contingency Fee-Based, Premium Audit for Insured Worker’s Compensation (WC) Programs with Third Party Recovery of Overcharges (U.S. Only)                                    

The WC Insurance Company’s Auditor’s Job is only to determine the Actual Payrolls for the Past Policy Year and Adjust the Estimated Payroll to the Actual Payroll Figures - not to Locate Overcharges. Thus, an Estimated 75% of all Employers have overpaid or are currently overpaying Premiums. This Team of WC Experts knows where and how to obtain Proprietary WC Premium Information and Cost Saving-Type Rating Plans which are not ordinarily disclosed to Policyholders by the WC Carriers. They provide an Unbiased, Independent Review to Search for Lower-Rated Classifications for Employees and Operations, Incorrectly calculated Experience Ratings, Discounts Promised in Proposals that are not applied on the Final Billing Statements and more. Fess Are Based Solely on Performance as a Percentage of Actually Recovered and Delivered Overcharges and /or Other Savings                           

Item # HRR4 - Workplace Violence Prediction System that Produces Hard, Pre-Incident Data                                            

“Primal Aggression”-fueled by adrenalin and loss of control (e.g. fist fights, road rage, etc.) is almost always mistaken for “Cognitive Aggression” fueled by hostile/malicious intent (e.g. suicide bombers, rapists, shooters, etc.) resulting in much Confusion and Mis-Diagnosis. This 15 + Years Experienced Vendor was First to Recognize, Define and now owns the Entire Professional Area of “Cognitive Aggression”. Their Process works where a Team of the Employer’s Trained First Observers each enters Data on Potentially Aggressive Individuals when such Individuals exhibit any of the Various Degrees of the 8 Indicators of Cognitive Aggression. When the Dashboard’s “Meter of Emerging Aggression™ reaches a Critical Level, the Employer’s Behavioral Intervention Team of the intervenes to Prevent the Aggression from Happening and / or Create a Pathway to Legal Defensibility

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Item # HRR5 - Confidential Substance Abuse Intervention Service                                                                                                   

Employees and their Families Members Who are addicted to Drugs and Alcohol may need to “Bottom Out” so as to be willing to accept Professional Addiction Treatment Services. For Many of Them, that May be Too Late. This Confidential Substance Abuse Intervention is for Individuals who are Not Ready to seek Help. It takes Place at the Employee’s Residence Location. A Proprietary “Systemic S.M.A.R.T. Model” is used that Results in a 90%+ Success Rate with having the Addicted Person Willing to Accept In-Patient Treatment

Item # HRR6 - Confidential, Placement Service for In-Patient Drug & Alcohol Treatment Facilities                                               

There are over 14, 000 In-Patient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facilities located across the US with Little Guidance Available to Addicts and Families about which Facilities are the most Appropriate. Selecting the Right Facility can be a Daunting Task and is based upon Factors such as Amount Insurance Coverage, Cost, Age, Sex, Hobbies, Location, etc. This Free-to-the-Employer Concierge Service helps the Employee and / or Family Member get Placed into to a Mutually-Agreeable Facility   

Item # HRR7 - Mobile-to-Employer’s Site, Sleep Management Clinic                                                                                                                   

This is a SaaS-Based, HIPAA Secure Platform with Proprietary Processes to Test, Diagnose and Manage Sleep Disorders that are often the Root Cause of Work-Related Accidents and General Workforce Heath Risk. Services include Initial Sleep Testing at the Employer Site, (or Remote Employee Sites e.g. for Truckers) Ongoing & Remote Sleep Monitoring plus Management Level Reporting on Outcomes and Progress. It also includes a Proprietary Initial Analysis to Identify Specific Healthcare Insurance Costs that are Directly Attributable to Sleep Disorders as well as the development a Go-Forward strategy. ROI = 1.05 Y1 to 6.3 Y2 and Beyond.

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Item # HRR8 - Organization-Wide Stress Risk Assessment and Development of Appropriate Risk Mitigating Solutions                                                                                              

Workplace Related Stress can Result in Poor Performance, Absence and Ill-Health. This Specialized and 100% Dedicated Consultancy for Stress Management Follows a 5 Step Process for Controlling Risks Associated with Employee Stress Ranging from Identifying the Hazards and Who might be harmed to Evaluating, Recording and Monitoring the Risks and Necessary Mitigation Actions. Risks are assessed and Powerful Control Measures are developed at both the Organization and Individual Employee Levels                                                

Item # HRR9 - Actuarially-Determined Human Capital Risk for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Models                    

Human Capital Risk Assessment can be a very Weak Component within a Risk Management Firm’s ERM model as the P&C Brokers tend to focus on Areas where Insurance Products are needed like Employment Practices Liability. This Assessment begins with an Enterprise-Wide Risk Survey of Leaders / Managers /Supervisors that Provides Information and Insight for Managing and Mitigating both Known and Previously Unknown Risks.The Assessment is followed by Actuarial Modeling to Quantify HR Exposures recognizing the Potential of Internal Organizational Developments, Organizational Equity and Cost Effectiveness, Competitive Forces for Talent, Governmental Developments, etc. Allows the Employer to be Out-in-Front of Potential HR -Related Developments so as to outflank the Competition

Item # HRR10 - One-On-One Telephone Interviewing Service to Assess Workforce Risks from the Inside Out                       

This Telephone Interviewing Service is driven by “Precision Information Capture” not Mere “Data Collection”. It deploys a Multi-lingual Staff of Real People calling Real People using Computer-Aided Technologies that enable Quick Deployment of Telephone or Web Surveys. Surveys are tailored to Identify issues concerning safety, illegal or unethical conduct, risk management, fraud, theft, unsafe working conditions and / or compliance standards. They Provide the Difference Between just getting Data and Information and getting the Real Knowledge that can only come from looking at the Actual Responses offered by the Population Surveyed. This Service is backed by Industry’s Most Rigorous Quality Control Processes of 95%+ Audited Response Information vs. an Estimated 8% for Other Vendors thereby Delivering “Squeaky Clean” Root Cause, Actionable Data

 Item # HRR11 - 100% Independent Physician Review of High Dollar Workers' Compensation Claims Supported by Advanced Analytics and Defended by Attorneys

Fee Schedule Repricing and Network or Individual Provider Discounts are Hollow if based on Unprovided, Unrelated, or Clinically Inappropriate Services. Simple Automated Repricing and Coding Edits only scratch the Surface of Unsupportable and Unnecessary Charges for Workers' Compensation and Liability Claims. This Group of Claims -Reviewing Physician Experts and Attorneys is not conflicted by Ownership, Partnering or Contractual Relationships with Provider Networks or Medical Management Companies as is all too common in the Industry. They review High Dollar Hospital & Medical Service Claims Prior to Payment, which is especially important in States with no Pre-Certification or Concurrent Case Management. Medical Bill Reviews are performed in Accord with all Statutory Requirements and Take a Deep Clinical "Dive" looking for Errors such as Services Billed but not Rendered; Unnecessary Services; Contraindicated or Inappropriate Procedures, Implantable Devices & other Products; Medications; Gross Overcharges; Unbundling; Upcoding & Severity Creep; and even "Never Events"

Item # HRR12 - On-Site Workplace Intervention Services to Resolve Employee Conflicts and /or Address Aggressive Behaviors


Aggressive behaviors by management or non-management employees can cause conflict and tension in the workplace and are difficult to deal with if the behaviors are not in violation of company policy or if they are in violation, would otherwise result in an unwanted termination of a valuable employee. This on-site intervention service uses proprietary and detailed workplace investigations (either as active interveners or as independent, neutral investigators) conducted by experts with over 25 years of combined expertise. The intervention allows all parties to move forward and re-establish productive workplace relationships by re-focusing on desirable end results not placing blame. Conflict has been resolved in 100% of the experiences and has resulted in reductions in turnover, absences, legal costs, management time expended and increases in productivity and performance



Item # HRR13 - Competitively-Priced, yet Most Comprehensive and Deepest Service Level Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with Personalized High Touch Focus


Clinical best practices support face‐to‐face counseling so as to reduce the chances of misdiagnosis as 80% of all communication comes from the surrounding “body language”. Yet, most EAP providers rely heavily upon on-online or telephonic sessions which may drive down costs but which also reduces the efficacy of the EAP program overall. This 20+ years-in-the-business specialty EAP provider strives to provide 100% in-person clinical sessions (telephonic counseling sessions are used only in mitigating circumstances) with its staff of Master Degree Level therapists. A most deep portfolio of existing services provided in four broad pick-and-choose areas (behavioral health, financial wellness, work-life balance and health & wellness) can be customized to your organization’s specific needs. These service areas are supported by an assigned client account manager, an employee portal, various on-site education and training sessions as well as robust yet HIPAA-compliant management reports on EAP utilization. This EAP is ideal for those employers or other organizations that wish to offer only the best possible assistance to their most important assets – their own people.


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Item # HRR14 – Low Cost, High Quality Drug Testing Program Management Service

Some employers may establish their own drug testing program dealing directly with lab services providers and unknowingly end up paying more than if this service were outsourced to a third party vendor. As well, dealing with multiple lab service providers can create stress and strain on a company’s employees handling several separate points of contact with each laboratory. This10+ years-in-the-business, low cost service organization coordinates comprehensive drug testing management services by working directly with multiple SAMHSA certified laboratories (only) and Medical Review Officers giving your company a lower cost with a single point of contact to access.  Services include nationwide drug test specimen collections, laboratory testing coordination, medical review plus data management and reporting all designed to fit each employer’s unique business situation including random testing services and Drug Free Workplace Certification program management. Internet-based ordering and retrieving of drug testing services speeds delivery, insures confidentiality and reduces paperwork 

Item # HRR15 – On-Site, One-On-One, Continual Safety Coaching Service to Help Create / Maintain a Culture of Safety and World-Class Safety Program

 Effective safety programs require continual reinforcement but the employer may have neither sufficient nor the most qualified resources present in the workplace to provide that reinforcement. This high quality safety (and wellness) coaching services provider has spent over 10 years in perfecting a ground-up, proprietary onsite coaching model that consists of assessing and hiring correctly profiled coaches and adapting coaching, protocols, processes, etc. to the realities of workplace delivery. The coaches get trained on the employer’s injury prevention polices and then capitalize on their onsite presence to become trusted advisors by regularly engaging (8 to 12 personal interactions per employee, per year) with virtually all employees (generally, 80%  to 90% engagement of the total employee population) to provide injury-prevention coaching. Coaching topics are based on each employee’s unique needs and can include injury prevention education; health, fitness and conditioning; mindfulness and worker readiness; safe work performance; early intervention and return-to-work support. Results include significant decreases in work comp costs and lost time (30+ %), reported strains/sprains and musculoskeletal disorders (60+ %), etc.  


Item# HRR 16 – Assessment Tool for Labor and Employment, Regulatory Compliance and Related HR Policy and Procedure 


Numerous external and internal factors affect an organization’s Human Capital’s value, its ability to achieve its goals, and its exposure risks. This easy-to-use tool is designed to quickly assess the strategic components of the organization’s human capital management activities, the key internal and external forces affecting the organization, HC risk factors, and potential liabilities. It defines the nature and scope of the employer-employee relationship, provides context for making human resource management decisions, and determines the applicability and scope of employment law compliance. Afterwards, the organization will be better able to determine which human resource management and employee relations activities are necessary and which are most cost effective.


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Item# HRR17 - Tool for Assessing the Employer’s Ability to Maintain a Drug-Free Workplace


Illicit drug users and alcohol abusers are more likely to work for organizations that do not conduct drug or alcohol testing resulting in 1) increased absenteeism and tardiness; 2) greater incidence and severity of workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses; 3) higher insurance costs and medical expenses; 4) lower morale and productivity and 5) higher turnover. This comprehensive assessment tool developed over 25+ years with continuous refinement consists of around 60 questions to be answered by the organization so as to assess the current state of the employer’s substance abuse policies plus its drug and alcohol testing programs. Results are having substance abuse related policies and procedures that recognize the legal and regulatory requirements, are aligned with business objectives and that consider the employee relations impact.   



Item# HRR18- Workplace Safety Management Program and Process Assessment


While most organizations consider the direct cost implications of workplace fatalities and recordable case rates, many ignore both the indirect cost and the intrinsic value of having a safe workplace. This comprehensive assessment tool developed over 25+ years with continuous refinement consists of over 90 questions to be answered by the organization helps assess workplace safety management activities and helps ensure compliance with workplace safety laws and regulations. The result is ensuring that the organization’s workplace safety compliance activities are in compliance and are effective in maintaining a safe working environment. 



Item# HRR19 - Outsourced Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS)


Most safety consultants do not truly understand the employer’s safety process requirements nor do they know from actual experience how to get buy-in at the floor level in order to meet both the employer’s safety compliance requirements and its production goals. Instead, this safety consultancy has real “Hands-On / Boots on the Floor” plant experience and has successfully installed and run all aspects of an OSHA compliant safety program in all parts of the country.  They implement and continuously direct a safety program that:

  • Minimizes or eliminates injuries / lost time injuries which reduces operational as well as workers compensation costs
  • Provides a compliance auditing structure that prepares the organizations to be OSHA compliant every day
  • Develops team leaders with ground-up safety processes and training
  • Improves safety culture by increasing two-way communication between workers and management

Thus, the employer does not need to spend time searching for someone that has the expertise to execute and install an OHSMS that delivers meaningful results -in the first 90 days.


Item# HRR20 - Mock OSHA Audit


The “General Duty Clause” under OSHA requires that all employees be provided with a safe and healthful workplace or else the employer can be subject to citations, fines and penalties.  This safely consultancy uses the consultancy’s proprietary process to evaluate your level of OSHA compliance preparedness. The audit process includes:

  • Required program and policy document analysis and findings
  • Wall-to-wall facility hazard analysis and findings
  • Workplace OSHA standards violations analysis and findings
  • Required training effectiveness analysis and findings

Once these items are identified, a plan is submitted for your firm to track the appropriate countermeasure’s until the action item is closed out and reported to management. The result is a complete report detailing your OSHA compliance risks.


Item# HRR21 - On-line Safety Training and Risk Management Resource Portal


Required safety training and safety risk management resources can be costly initiatives and can otherwise take valuable time away from both production efforts and running the business. Instead, these web-based portals provide access to value-added training and risk management resources which include:

- An on-line training portal that provides over 200 unique and out-of-the-box courses in areas such as OSHA, Human Resources, Environmental and Employee Wellness, provides internal tracking of completed courses and auto-issues certificates of successful course completion

-An on-line risk management resource portal that provides informational and process support for OSHA compliance, OSHA record keeping, tool box talk content, safety communications, risk management tools/solutions and accident reduction strategies

Using these valuable tools and solutions will result in the reduction and use of both internal and external resources, which will increase compliance and decreased expenditures.    


Item# HRR22 - Development of Customized Safety Policies and Programs to Meet Client’s Specific Needs


Specific industries or specific employments settings and working conditions require customized safety policies, programs and procedures.  This safety consultancy assists with the development of customized policies and programs based upon the employer’s specific operations. They then assist with program implementation and the training of employees.  Program examples include:

  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Hazard Communication  (Updated for GHS)
  • Lockout/ Tagout
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Bloodborne Pathogens


Having well defined safety policies is required to meet OSHA compliance standards. It also lets employees know that management considers safety a high priority and that they are expected to follow the company safety policies as a condition of their employment.


Item# HRR23 - On-Line Safety Perception Survey to Establish Safety Benchmarks and Monitor Improvements


Measuring a successful safety program requires more than just tracking the accident records and lagging indicators.  This on-line safety survey measures directly observable safety-related behaviors and correlates them to balanced scorecard safety metrics and/or the employer’s other defined safety metrics. The predictive correlations between key performance indicators and safety metrics are used to establish benchmarks so as to measure the improvement in the level of employee safety and validate the efficacy of the company’s safety program. It provides a road map for organizations to measure improvement in risk mitigation strategies, success of OSHA compliance initiatives, improvement of cultural mindset and opportunities for cost reduction.



Item# HRR24 - Proactive Behavioral Health Management Program vs. Typical “Control the EAP Spend” Approach


Depression and stress drive more health plan costs than tobacco or obesity combined (per HERO study). Yet, most employers have robust Wellness Programs while for the EAP, their focus is on the PEPM spend rather than on the EAP results. This provider instead focuses on EAP utilization and early intervention in order to optimize Behavioral Health (BH) outcomes. On-site counselors provide educational workshops to help employees overcome the stigmas associated with stress, depression, substance abuse, etc. Overcoming these stigmas is the key to the getting EAP utilization into the 15% to 20% range (vs a 1% to 2% norm). When the EAP is not enough (in 10% to 15% of the cases), an assigned Care Coordinator sets up an assured appointment with an in-network provider so people don’t fall through the cracks. Intensive Case Management for high-risk members assures integrated care in the most appropriate setting i.e. in-patent and outpatient facilities and specialized BH services providers. By increasing EAP utilization, the mental health, substance abuse (and presumably other non-BH-related healthcare benefit plan costs) can be reduced significantly and well below the national averages.