Item# HRC1 -Employee Benefits Cross-Trained Qualified Plan Auditors To Take "Green Auditor Noise" Out of HR Department and Possibly Reduce Cost (U.S. Only)                 

Large Auditing Firms have a Tendency to conduct their On-the-Job-Training for College Graduate Accountants in the Qualified Plan Audit Area thereby wasting HR Time and Company Financial Resources e.g. “What is a 401(k) plan?” For 15 Years, this Top-Ten CPA and Consulting Firm has maintained a Fully-Dedicated EB Plan Audit Practice with Auditors who are Cross-Trained in Employee Benefits and Continually Assigned to the Client from Year-to-Year. The Client establishes the Audit Timeline and there is typically a 15 to 20% Reduction in Time Spent by HR with Potentially a Similar Reduction in Professional Fees    

Item# HRC2 –Fully Automated /Touchless Real Time FMLA Tracking and Reporting System with Optional Outsourced Administration (U.S. Only)                                                                  

Generally the STD Carriers are Claims Adjudicators that have as an Accommodating Afterthought, bolted on Claims Administration Services emanating from a Call Center. This Specialized Claims-Administration-Services-Only (i.e. no Adjudication) delivers a 13+ Years-in-the-Development and Refinement, Proprietary IVR Front-Ended, FMLA Tracking, Management and Reporting System. This System can be the front end for the Client’s current FMLA Administrator, or Vendor can provide Fully Outsourced Administration to include mailing EE Certification Forms, approving / denying Claims, tracking Continuous and Intermittent Leave Occurrences, maintaining Employee FMLA Leave Time Balances and monitoring Employee Intermittent Leaves for Abuse/Suspect Claims

Item# HRC3 - Real Time, Web-Based H&B and 401(k) System for Compliance Information, Execution Responsibility Assignment, Execution Monitoring and Execution Documentation for Audit Purposes     


ERISA Fiduciaries and Plan Administrators of H&B and 401(k) plans are required to ensure compliance with the myriad of federal laws and regulations that require forms filing, notice distributions, process adherence and audit, bonding, etc. or else face fines and penalties. This 8-years-in-the-making-and-refinement compliance tool backed by both internal and external legal counsel has been designed to solve the four most common compliance problems. It ensures all required information is at hand, determines what needs to be done and when, identifies on-point individuals and documents all activities to help ensure task completion and create an auditable compliance trail. Information about each employer and each of the employer’s plans is entered into the system to create an automated compliance road map specific to each employer. Duties and responsibilities for required tasks are assigned to individuals by the system administrator and monitored via push-type notifications of tasks and due dates supported by dashboard style monitoring of all open, pending and closed activities. Results include minimization / avoidance of fines and penalties, a pathway to legal defensibility upon audit and peace of mind for those saddled with ERISA responsibilities.


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Item# HRC4 – SaaS-Based, Specific-to-the-Individual, Company Policy Distribution Management System with Auditable Evidence of Acknowledgement and Understanding


Every Organization has Policies that Define how Employees, Suppliers and Third Parties need to Act and Behave,but these Policies will not be Effective unless they are understood. This System Automatically distributes Specific-to-the-Individual Policy Materials that are Mandatory for Individuals to Know in their Current Roles. It provides Auditable Proof that Individuals are Aware of, Acknowledge Receipt of and Understand their Obligations under the Policies. Full Reporting and Data Extractions are available at any time to Internal Staff and Desired External Parties with Exceptions Identification and Automatic Escalation to Management


Item# HRC5 -Employment Practices Training Methodology and Risk Management Tool Kit with both Retroactive and Prospective Effect on Litigation Reduction      

Most or all other Training in the area of Employment Practices focuses on “What Cannot be Done” with a Goal to keep HR out of Trouble. The Result is Most Often the creation of a Paralyzing Operating Environment in which HR is Afraid to run its People Business. This Tried and Tested Learning System focuses Instead on “What we can Do” in HR and provides Actual and Specific Processes and Tools to handle all Areas of HR Policy, Procedure and Process that Relate to Employment Issues. This Approach can actually create a Retroactive Pathway to Legal Defensibility plus Reduce Future Liability. The Innovators Behind this are a Former F500 SVP HR and a Notable Employment Attorney

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Item# HRC6 - External Consultant’s Objective Assessment of Employer’s Base-Salary Program’s Internal Equity                     

This Consultancy Uses a Proprietary Job Hierarchy Development Methodology that Provides a Statistically Valid Visualization of the Employer’s Current Pay Regression Line. This Pay Regression can then be used as the Basis for Measuring Internal Equity so as to Minimize Litigation Risk/Expense and / or to Promote Internal Communication about Pay Fairness

Item# HRC7 - Employment Law Compliance Risk Assessment (U.S. Only)                                                                                           

Depending on number of Employees and Contractor Status, Employers may be required to comply with Twenty Five or More Employment Laws at the Federal and State Levels. Non-Compliance can result in Fines in the Event of an Audit by a Regulatory Agency. This National Public Accounting Firm conducts a Thorough, and Competitively-Priced Assessment of Employment Law Compliance risk. Their Reports to Management identify Instances of Non-Compliance as well as any Policies, Procedures, or Practices that would Compromise Management’s Position in defending against a Claim of Non-Compliance brought by a Job Applicant, Employee or Former Employee. Reports also include Recommendations for Mitigating Risks                                                                                                 

Item# HRC8 – Employment Process Regulatory Review and Solutions Development Performed by I/O Psychologists and Back by Their Expert Witness Capabilities (U.S. Only)                       

The Employment Process Compliance Landscape is Ever-Changing presenting an Ongoing Challenge for HR. This I/O Psychology Consultancy provides Professional Services Related to Employment Process Design, Review, Analysis and Tracking so as to highlight "Red Flags," and identify Potential Vulnerabilities. They work with Inside or Outside Counsel and use the most Up-to-Date HR Strategies, Tactics and Technologies to frame out Legally-Defensible Solutions that can guide an Employer’s Recruiting, Screening, Assessment and Hiring Standards Ranging from Entry-Level Employees up through Senior Management. Their Work is backed up by Significant and Notable Experience in the Expert Witness Domain to offer Testimony and Help to resolve Legal Challenges, Agency Audits, etc. – Even Those Already In-Process


Item# HRC9 - SaaS-Based, Affordable Care Act (ACA) True Management Information System (not a One Time Study) that: 1) Automates Census Data Integration / Validation; 2) Determines and Manages Employee Eligibility and Medical Benefits Affordability Compliance; 3) Automates Federal Reporting and Internal/External Audit; and 4) Provides Management Decision Support Through Cost, Risk, Plan Design, and Projections Analytics (U.S. Only)

Managing the Employer's Medical Benefits Requirements under the ACA is not a Snap Shot, Single-Point-in-Time Analysis, but rather it is a Continuous Process under Health Reform. This System (developed over 2+ years by regulatory software engineers and Washington DC /ACA insiders) assures Compliance to Current and Evolving ACA Requirements. Accurate and Complete Data is generated through Proprietary Validation Tools and Processes that aggregate Employee Data from Multiple Systems based on Company-Defined Intervals. Then, Analytics are applied to determine Employee Eligibility, Plan Affordability, Penalties and Excise Taxes and provide ongoing Cost Projections based on Company-Defined Wait, Measurement and Stability Periods. The System provides Employee Grouping /Parsing Capability to allow for Consolidation and Disaggregation by numerous Variables and Parameters (i.e. hours, wages, division, entity, etc.) in order to instantaneously determine both the Risks and Liabilities associated with paying substantial Penalties for Non-compliance, as well as facilitate Analyses for Cost-Reduction Opportunities. The System also automates ACA Compliance Reporting, provides ad-hoc Management Reporting and contains Archiving and Audit Tools for Regulatory Data and Compliance Support. Dashboard Technology and Configurable Security and Access Rights extend System Functionality for Collaboration both internally and externally thereby, Facilitating Process Management responsibilities with Consultants and Brokers

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Item# HRC10 - Consultancy to Prepare and /or Review Your Employee Handbook (U.S. Only)


Every organization should have an updated handbook so as to assure both management and employees know "the rules of the game." and can keep abreast of what is expected of them. This consultancy's experts work with the employer to develop, write and/or review the employee handbook to make sure it defines your company's philosophy, rules, regulations, policies and procedures and covers all local, state and federal laws. The result is a well-informed organization.


Item# HRC11 - Consultancy to Write and / or Review Your Company's Policies and Procedures (U.S.Only)


Not having clearly defined policies and procedures can result in misunderstandings or misstatements that create legal liabilities and other people problems for your business. This consultancy's experts work with the employer in developing, writing and reviewing its HR Policies and Procedures (e.g. vacations, harassment, termination for cause, use of company property, etc.). This service is designed to help ensure compliance with all local, state and federal laws as well as current best practices


Item# HRC12 - Consultancy to Review and Audit HR Operations (U.S. Only) 


Problems with record keeping, out-of-date policies and procedures or other potential "land mine" issues can bring expensive penalties if discovered by outside investigators. This consultancy's experts work with the employer to review: Pre-Employment/Staffing; Employment; Recordkeeping; Benefits; Compensation; Affirmative Action Plans/Federal EEO Requirements and other areas as desired by the employer. Results are contained within a detailed report that includes both the operational-level information needed to improve HR administration / avoid trouble and an Executive Summary that prioritizes recommended actions


Item# HRC13 – Low Cost Consultancy to Develop an Affirmative Action Plan (U.S.Only)


Federal contractors and subcontractors must have written Affirmative Action Pans (AAP's) tha can be quite extensive, include statistical analyses and provide narratives that comply with a complex set of ever-changing affirmative action regulations promulgated by the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). Organizations selected for Compliance Evaluations by OFCCP have only 30 days to submit their current AAPs and supporting documentation, including a report on prior year goals and progress achieved. This 20+ year experienced consultancy develops AAP's by drafting all narrative sections, providing supplemental forms, conducting the required statistical analyses and more. Non-compliance can be costly and none of this consultancy' clients AAPs have ever received any technical violations during any AAP review process


Item# HRC14 - Low Cost HR Answer Center (U. S. Only)


When HR is seeking answers to questions it must often rely on high cost attorneys when all that is needed is a practical answer from a trusted source that knows both yours and HR's business. This HR Answer Center responds to 1000's of questions each year. It not only researches your specific question but it can also provide sample employee policies, employment law compliance information, job descriptions, HR forms and posters as well as cost-of-living and salary survey data for benchmarking jobs. Results include saving valuable time, accessing low cost solutions and having the most up-to-date information upon which to base employment-related decisions


Item# HRC15 – Fiduciary Audit and Assessment of ERISA-Covered Benefit Plans Conducted by a Consultancy with Former DOL Investigators on Staff (U.S. Only) 


ERISA Plan Sponsors pay much attention to retirement plan investments or healthcare plan design, costs and budgets but more often than not, they pay little or no attention to plan compliance and governance - perhaps under an assumption that the external TPA's are keeping a watchful eye on these matters. For Plan Sponsors in need of review, this specialized consultancy staffed with former DOL Senior Investigators, ERISA attorneys, investment, plan administration and governance specialists conducts a 40+ point DOL audit-like assessment and fiduciary review covering the entire plan process from plan design to current management / in-operation issues including plan compliance through fee and other disclosures. They work with the plan sponsor to identify strengths and weaknesses of each plan under review, develop detailed action plans to improve processes and can provide an updated "prudency report" each year 


Item# HRC16 Web-based HIPAA Training for Employers


Employers which provide health benefits for their employees are considered “Covered Entities” and are thus required to comply with the Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Employers are subject to significant fines and penalties from Health and Human Services (HHS). Education is central to positive compliance. This on-line training and testing video package comes in four parts - Privacy, Security, Penalties and Breach. It can save money, hours of time and provide required tracking of your employees’ training


Item# HRC17 - SaaS- Based, On-line, Self-Service Tool for HIPAA Compliance Insourcing


Most employers that sponsor a healthcare benefit plan must comply with the onerous HIPAA Privacy and Security (Title 1) regulations or face significant penalties, but they often find the cost of hiring a consultant to help them prohibitively expensive. This web-based tool allows employers to work through the compliance process on their own by providing all of the resources necessary to bring their health plan(s) into compliance with regulations. System features include templates for HIPAA policies and procedures, a library of relevant sample documents, a sample risk analysis, unlimited technical / system support and optional HIPPA consulting services as needed. This ‘Self-Service’ compliance tool provides one of the lowest cost comprehensive compliance options available since most of the work can be done by the employers themselves.  


Item# HRC18 - Full-Service HIPAA Policy and Procedure Development and Auditing Consultancy


Most Employers that sponsor a healthcare benefit plan are subject to the HIPAA Privacy and Security (Title 1) regulations to some degree. To be in full compliance, they need to have internal policies and procedures in place that cover the HIPAA requirements. These specialized HIPPA consultants analyze the employer’s current practices in its role as a health plan sponsor and / or business associate if applicable. They then develop tailored policies and procedures designed to bring the employer into full compliance with the HIPAA rules, and finally they train those employees who are subject to the employer’s HIPAA policies. This full-service approach minimizes the time the employer’s own staff needs to invest in the development of written policies and procedure and due to having a lower overhead, services typically costs less than half of what a law firm or more brand name consultancy would charge for the same service



Item# HRC19 - Reasonably-Priced, Independent H&B Compliance Consultancy


Employers must keep up with rapidly changing and often confusing health and welfare benefit compliance issues. This independent consulting service is made up of regulatory analysts and legal professionals with extensive experience in assisting employers in understanding the complicated H&B compliance issues related to ACA,  HIPAA Privacy and Security , COBRA and State continuation, ERISA Reporting and Disclosure, Section 125, HRA, HAS, FSA  rules and regulations, etc. Services include comprehensive compliance assessments, ongoing compliance assistance, or any number of 'one-off' compliance projects including non-discrimination analysis and testing, controlled group determinations, DOL audit assistance, 5500 delinquent filer program assistance and more. Their practical yet thorough approach to solving compliance challenges results in employer piece of mind and often costs far less than other external consulting approaches. 



Item# HRC20 - SaaS-Based Data Gathering and Management Reporting System for Tracking Acknowledgement of HR Documentation


Lack of efficient and consistent processes to manage employee compliance with HR document dissemination and acknowledgement of receipt poses a risk of non-compliance and results in higher labor costs associated with managing paper. This easy-to-use, cloud based e-acknowledgement system manages compliance for any type of HR documentation through dashboards and email reminder notifications sent by HR and / or other system administrators. E-mail notifications that are secure to the designated individual employee-users communicate they have a document to acknowledge. Users review, download and acknowledge / e-sign documents which are then stored in both the user’s and the administrator’s libraries. Results include a savings in time and money associated with replacing manual processes and a reduction in HR risk through improved and documented compliance



Item# HRC21 - Mock DOL / EBSA Audit to Prepare for an Actual ACA Group Health Insurance Audit by DOL


DOL is forecasting the collection of over $10 Billion over 10 years in new fines levied against employers for failing to comply with the ACA. Thus, employers need to understand the DOL audit process and take action today to ”audit proof” their benefits as much as possible. This non-law-firm benefits consultancy conducts a due diligence type audit to assess the employer’s ACA mandates compliance requirements and the strengths and weaknesses of current response activities. The end product is identification of a best course of action and a DOL Healthcare Reform Audit Manual. This helps the employer comply with ACA and maintain a state of DOL audit readiness 


Item# HRC22 - Moving Annual Open Enrollment Compliance from Paper Documentation to CD


Whether conducted in-person or on-line, the annual open enrolment process requires the distribution of compliance documentation and the delivery of voluntary/ elective benefits of forms and collateral materials.  A paper-based approach can be overwhelming depending on group size and scope of program offerings. This consultancy delivers all of benefit information, organized contact information, compliance documents, product information and more to each employee on a simple CD. 


Item# HCR23 – Assessment Tool for Labor and Employment, Regulatory Compliance and Related HR Policy and Procedure   


Numerous external and internal factors affect an organization’s Human Capital’s value, its ability to achieve its goals, and its exposure risks. This easy-to-use tool is designed to quickly assess the strategic components of the organization’s human capital management activities, the key internal and external forces affecting the organization, HC risk factors, and potential liabilities. It defines the nature and scope of the employer-employee relationship, provides context for making human resource management decisions, and determines the applicability and scope of employment law compliance. Afterwards, the organization will be better able to determine which human resource management and employee relations activities are necessary and which are most cost effective.


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Item# HRC24 - Tool for Assessing HR Processes Related to and Compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA)


The ADA and its Amendments establish a broad prohibition against discrimination based on disability and impose an affirmative obligation to engage in an interactive process of determining reasonable accommodation that would enable either an applicant or current employee to perform the essential functions of the job sought or currently being performed. This comprehensive assessment tool developed over 25+ years with continuous refinement consists of over 60 questions to be answered by the employer. The questions help determine whether HR policies and procedures conform to the requirements of ADA. By being better able to examine whether the individual can perform the essential functions of the job (with or without accommodation) the employer can better determine appropriate employment opportunities and meet its ADA obligations.



Item# HRC25 - Tool Force Assessing Overall Workplace Employment Discrimination


Various federal, state, and local laws (and regulations) since the 1960’s prohibit employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, pregnancy, age, disability and the use genetic information in all facets of the employment relationship. Employment discrimination negatively impacts an organization’s employment brand, reputation, employee morale and productivity and diminishes employee and consumer trust. This comprehensive assessment tool developed over 25+ years with continuous refinement consists of over 100 questions to be answered by the employer. This assessment helps the employer assess its exposure to discrimination claims and identifies activities to help reduce the incidence and severity of discrimination liabilities.   


Item# HRC26 - Tool for Assessing the Employer’s Workplace Sexual Harassment Policies and Procedures


Sexual harassment in the workplace can result in direct financial costs (awards, settlements, legal fees, etc.) and indirect costs associated with recruitment, absenteeism, customer retaliation and shareholder relations. This comprehensive assessment tool developed over 25+ years with continuous refinement consists of over 80 questions to be answered by the organization so as to assess the current state of its sexual harassment policies and procedures. The result is having a workplace that is free from sexual harassment so as to avoid these direct and indirect costs.      



Item# HRC27 - Tool for Assessing the Organization’s Employee Benefit Plans Compliance Policies and Procedures


There are serious penalties associated with an organization’s failure to comply with the amazingly complex myriad of laws, regulations and rules promulgated by governmental agencies that apply to employee benefit programs. Failures to comply can include fines and even imprisonment. This comprehensive assessment tool developed over 25+ years with continuous refinement consists of over 100 questions to be answered by the organization to assess its policies and procedures related to benefit plan compliance. Results include an analysis of what areas might be out of compliance and what policies and procedures might need to implemented or adjusted so as to minimize the chances of non-compliance.  



Item# HRC28 - COBRA and HIPPA Compliance Assessment


COBRA and HIPPA laws and regulations provide rights and protections to participants and beneficiaries in group health insurance plans that affected employers must follow so as to improve the portability and continuity of health insurance coverage. This comprehensive assessment tool developed over 25+ years with continuous refinement consists of over 100 questions to be answered by the organization so as to assess the current state of its COBRA and HIPPA activities and processes. The result is having COBRA and HIPPA activities that are in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations. 



Item# HRC29 - Records, Notices and Information Management Assessment


A myriad of federal, state and local laws govern what employment notices are required to be posted and what employment records should be kept and for how long. Failure to meet these requirements can result in substantial financial liability. This comprehensive assessment tool developed over 25+ years with continuous refinement consists of almost 60 questions to be answered by the organization helps assess its compliance with records creation, posting, and retention activities and proper usage of these documents. The result is ensuring that the organization’s records and notices activities are efficient and in compliance



Item# HRC30 – Corporate Governance and Ethics Activities Assessment


Organizations in the private sector — and increasingly in the public sector — have found themselves under the mantra (“Less Trust; More Verification” (LTMV).  Increasingly they must demonstrate that their policies, practices, and activities are related to sound business practices and that these practices are congruent with legal requirements and ethical standards. This comprehensive assessment tool developed over 25+ years with continuous refinement consists of over 70 questions to be answered by the organization and helps it assess its governance and ethics activities and helps it ensure compliance with laws and regulations. The result is ensuring that the organization’s governance and ethics compliance activities are in compliance with laws and regulations.