Item # PYR1 - Independent Payroll Consultancy for Global and/or U.S. Payroll Vendor Search

This  well experienced and independent (and thus lower cost) payroll consultancy for U.S. and /or global clients ranging from mid-sized to Fortune 500’s. provides searhc and selection services for disparate local country and /or global payrolls Include payroll practices discovery, payroll operations cost and efficiency analysis and vendor search and/or Implementation.

Item # PYR2 - Centrally Managed Global Payroll Services Provider                                                                                                           

This vendor provides a consolidated payroll solution across a portfolio of 130+ countries. Utilizing a single web-based Platform and proprietary network of payroll services companies, the vendor provides an end-to-end solution from the taking of payroll changes to calculation and distribution services. It offers single contract, single billing and single point-of-contact.  Thye can consolidate funding and invoicing to your specifications and can distribute payments to employees in any currency or combination of currencies. Includes gross-to-net payroll calculations, net distributions to the employees' local bank accounts, tax remittance, compliance, monthly and year-end tax processing, General Ledger feeds and HCM system interfaces

Note: HR Mining is in the process of contracting with this vendor


Item # PYR3 –Purveyor of a Wholesale-Priced White Labeled Version of a “Big 5” Payroll Services Vendor                                 

This vendor has negotiated an all-inclusive pricing arrangement under a “White Labeled” version of a Big 5 Payroll Provider that is anxious to gain smalle employer market share. Fee reductions up to 50% have been realized by smaller employers with mid to larger employer savings levels yet unknown. Actual payroll vendor will not cannibalize its own book of business at this fee level


Item # PYR4 –Cash Flow Facilitation Tool for Converting from Weekly to Bi-Weekly Payroll                                                                  

This is an at-the-worksite ATM that via daily payroll interface allows employees to take cash advances against accrued pay. The employer-controls permissible amounts and with 300 Employees having access per achine, there is no cost to the employer. This provides employees with partial access to the upcoming paychecks


Item# PYR 5 -  Global Payroll Assessment and Planning Services

As organizations expand globally, a top challenge is complying with individual country regulations and legislations many of which apply to payroll.  This vendor agnostic and well experienced consultancy conducts a thorough and objective analysis of the both the global payroll and the business operating environment. It begins with  an evaluation of the current global payroll process and controls for each  local country.  Then, a detailed analysis of industry best practice is conducted and charted against organizations that are similar to the client so as to identify all possible options for process improvement  and other potential wins for the organization :  

  • Improve the accuracy of organizational policy adherence
  • Increase the ability to withstand external audit and review
  • Provide the availability of data and trends for business use and evaluation
  • Hold managers accountable to a standard set of practices
  • Produce accurate and automated interfaces to all-organizational systems
  • Ensure all process controls and validations are inplace
  • Sustain growth and prevent fraud and business disruption
  • While always looking to minimize costs


Item# PYR6 - Payroll and HR Data Archiving Tools


When implementing a new HR or payroll application, migration of current data can be a daunting task. So much so, that many application providers simply do not convert historical data into the new application. This often results in organizations spending significant amounts of money keeping legacy system up and running for historical data access.  These historical data archiving tools instead, store all or desired historical data from multiple applications and sources in one area for a fraction of the current upkeep cost, allowing for downstream reporting and compliance.  Easy access reporting tools make reporting across historical data archives and current data platforms greatly simplified and users are able to get access to information across both archived and current databases simultaneously

tem # PYR 7 - Business Process Consulting for HR, Payroll and Related HR Fields

Employer’s often implement  HR -related systems and either do no fully change the surrounding business processes or simply assume the prior business processes supporting those systems will automatically work themselves out.  This consultancy reviews existing tools, process flows and methodologies and designs comprehensive solutions to significantly enhance process efficiency.  The solution set can also include recommendations for implementing simple, quick-win automation and robotics applications to perform select transactions and process flows, thereby releasing users to focus on more strategic activities.