Item # HRF1 -Total Benefit Program and Benefit Policy Expense, Liability and Risk Reduction Audit (U.S. Only)        

Many Benefit Managers and Consulting / Brokerage Firms lack the Overall Business-Level, Operational Insight to discover Opportunities to change Benefit Programs in a way that will have Favorable Effects on Financial Statements. This Experienced Benefit Consultancy with Accounting Background looks at Benefit Programs from a Financial Manager’s Perspective with an Objective to identify Ways to reduce Benefit Plan Balance Sheet Liabilities, Program Expenses, Payroll Taxes, Risk Exposures, etc.

Item # HRF2 - Health & Benefits “Entropy”/ Degeneration Audit Plus Follow-on Financial and Analytical Reporting Package (U.S. Only)                                                                                   

Most CFOs and VP’s HR in Mid-Sized Organizations are without Good Financial Reporting for the Non-Retirement Benefits Package thereby making Managing Benefit Program Costs more Difficult than Need Be. This Consultancy scours Contracts, Bills, Benefit Documentation and Census Files to collect Over 1,000 Data Points. They expose Deficiencies Created by Benefit Plan entropy where the Longer Plans Exist, the more likely: Plans are not being Administered Pursuant to Contract Terms; Current vendors are no Longer the Most Competitive; Current Plan Design and Financing Arrangements are not the Best Strategy, etc. The Audit is followed with a Three Year Benefit Analysis Reporting Package consisting of over Two Dozen Financial, Benchmarking, Demographic, Plan Design and Compliance Reports

Item # HRF3 -Per Position, Staffing Budget Tool That Incorporates Pay Code and Accounting Transaction Level Information                                                                                                 

Some staffing cost budgets are created using generalized payroll and other HR data and do not accommodate the development of precise staffing budgets or detailed monthly labor costs analyses based on actual YTD and projected payroll and accounting results at the "pay type" level.  This system quickly and accurately builds annual labor cost budgets by employee, by pay code. It tracks payroll, accounting cost and headcount by operating company, legal entity, cost center, employee and location against budget. It forecasts monthly staffing costs and headcounts and it projects the impact of changes to labor costs due to modifications to headcount and/or expense type(s) both today and/or  for a multiple year business plan

Item # HRF4 - LEAN Principles-Based Sales Compensation Modeling Tool That has Increased Net Sales by 20%                 

This Well-Proven, LEAN Principles-Based Sales Compensation Modeling Tool ties BU-Level General Ledger Expense Items to Sales Compensation and P&L Forecasts. Tests Veracity of Current Sales Comp Programs in Real Time with all or Desired Internal Stakeholders at the Table and can Model Multiple Alternative Programs by Type of Sales Force so as to Optimize Compensation and Assure Hitting Desired Net Income Targets at every Level of Sales. Shown to Improve Net Sales Revenue by at Least 20%


Item# HRF5 –Wholesale Priced Employee Travel Purchasing Program


Employers that manage employee travel in-house may be / are very likely spending more than necessary. This on-line, customer-service-center-supported, employee travel program provides net and wholesale rates for employers as opposed to the more traditional and general public sites (e.g. Travelocity, Expedia, etc.) that can only offer “Best Available Rates” to everyone and such rates  are converging due to intense competition. Under this program, employer access is provided to over 1,000,000 online and offline discounts for hotels, restaurants, cruises, airfare packages, vacation packages, car rentals, theme parks, movie theaters, golf, etc.  Discounts ranging from 65% to 80% off retail rates are realized by employers and arise because the reasonable membership fees support this program not the spread between retail and wholesale pricing which support the general public purchasing sites.  


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