Item # OBG1 -Social Intranet Style, Employee On-Boarding System with Reward and Recognition Features

This is SaaS Based Social Media Style On-Boarding System that Quickly Builds Employee Communities via Reward and Recognition. It is driven by Powerful “Gamification” Techniques with Features like Welcome Posting Notice, Company Trivia, Job Tips, etc. Works to both reduce Turnover and accelerate the Employees’ Time-to-Productivity

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Item # OBG2 – New Hire Benefit Programs Previewer and Pre-Enrollment Total Rewards Dollar Estimator

This System is tailored to each Employer’s Distinct Benefit Programs. It Allows New Hires to Preview those Benefit Programs for which they will be Eligible and to Hypothetically Enroll in the Employee Benefit Programs now so they can Determine the Dollar Value of both their Own and the Employer’s Contributions and the Effect on the Dollar Value of Their Total Rewards and Net Pay


Item # OBG3 - Tailored-to-Your HR Budget, One-On-One Telephone Interviewing to Assess On-Boarding Experience

This Telephone Interviewing Service is driven by “Precision Information Capture” not Mere “Data Collection”. It deploys a Multi-lingual Staff of Real People calling Real People using Computer-Aided Technologies that enable Quick Deployment of Telephone or Web Surveys for New Employees to explore experiences and Identify issues. They Provide the Difference Between just getting Data and Information and getting the Real Knowledge that can only come from looking at the Actual Responses offered by the Population Surveyed. This service is backed by Industry’s Most Rigorous Quality Control Processes of 95%+ Audited Response Information vs. an Estimated 8% for Other Vendors thereby Delivering “Squeaky Clean” Root Cause, Actionable Data


Item # OBG4 - Low Cost, Highly Scalable SaaS-Based New Hire Onboarding, e-Verify, WOTC, and ACA Compliance System That Efficiently Guides New Hires through Simple Questions to Drive Completion of Entire Process 

Organizations having many locations (e.g. restaurants, retail, etc.) staffing firms, payroll providers or any company with high new employee enrollment levels may desire to automate the on-boarding process. This 100% web-based, configurable and secure service streamlines the new employee onboarding process by eliminating the paperwork and redundancy of manual processes plus optimizing the way new hire paperwork is completed, reviewed, approved, signed and securely stored. The system guides each employee through a question-and-answer process after which the appropriate data is then overlaid onto the appropriate new hire forms including I9 (e-verify),W4, State forms, WOTC (8850, 9061), ACA Compliance, Direct Deposit, Emergency Contact, Employee Information, Company Policies and other required forms . The result is having professional, organized and simplified employee documentation that is easily accessible online or that can be electronically fed into existing HR systems.


Item # OBG5 - Outsourced Employee Membership Processing for Paper-Based or Electronic Annual and Ongoing Enrollments and Other Membership Changes

Employers that do not have electronic enrollment capabilities or those having a front-end-only on line enrollment capability can be saddled with an administrative nightmare handling all of the backroom carrier / vendor processing. This outsourcing vendor supports enrollments changes by receiving employee election information, getting employee elections to carriers and other vendors (e.g. COBRA, HSA, Payroll, etc.) and assuring all changes are processed.  The service is supported by a call center to answer membership questions and eligibility reports are included.  Optionally, common billing reports can be made available to show one consolidated bill for all employee benefits across all insurance carriers (see Item # OBG6)



Item # OBG6 – Outsourced Employee Benefit Plan Insurance Carrier Premium Adjudication and Consolidated Billing Services


Employers having multiple health and welfare benefit plans have to view /manage multiple carrier invoices in order to see the entire cost and benefits picture company-wide.  This billing consolidation service processes membership changes across all carriers/ plans, verifies that changes have been made on the monthly bill and then produces an accurate consolidated monthly bill that shows adjustments and benefit costs broken down by employee. Employment status changes are monitored for each carrier to assure that proper premium adjustments have been made. Optional services include sending out COBRA Notices, invoices by family status and electronic transactions to carriers