Item # AMW1 – Consultancy that Uses Proprietary Methodologies for Flex/Agile Work Program Development or Advancement

Employers looking to Initiate or Advance their Flexible Work Efforts may not have the Resident Expertise and /or Resources to ensure Desired Results and / or Program Sustainability. This Specialized Consultancy deploys Proprietary Methodologies to Address Workplace Practices and Facilitate Change Management. Services include Support for the Design, Implementation, Management and Documentation of Flex Pilot Programs; Assistance with Developing Business Cases; Alignment of Strategy and Operations (e.g. Facilities, Information Technology, Policy, Procedure, etc.); and Guidance for the Communication and Branding of Flex Initiatives. Optionally, these Consulting Services can be coupled with Deployment of the Vendor's Own Configurable Systems for Flex Program Enrollment Administration and / or Policy and Procedure Management

Item # AMW2- Flex/Agile Work Program Leader, Manager and / or Supervisor Training & Coaching

Companies looking to Operate within Agile / Flex Work Environments need to ensure that their Lynchpins for Having a Successful Effort have the Requisite Competencies and Confidences. These In-Person or Webinar-Delivered Training and Coaching Programs increase the Manager's Competencies for Work Flexibility in General and their Ability to Work with their Teams to Create Meaningful Solutions to Flex Needs. The Result is Mutual Support for bothIndividual and Organizational needs

Item # AMW3 – SaaS Based System and / or Advisory Services for Automating the Ongoing Enrollment Administration of Agile / Flexible Work Programs

Companies that are committed to Agile/Flexible Working must be able to administer such Programs but may Lack a Formal system for Doing So. This SaaS - Based System manages Requests, Enrollments and Ongoing Participant Tracking for Addressing Audit / Compliance Needs, Providing Internal Benchmarking / ROI and Positioning for External Recognition such as Employer of Choice. If the Employer already has a System, this Vendor can share its Intellectual Property and Provide Advisory Services to Update / Modify that System. Companies Benefit by having Reduced Legal Exposure from Subjective / Delayed Responses to Requests, making Flex Request Processes Clear to Managers and Employees, enabling Manager Effectiveness and Confidence in Approving or Disapproving Flex Requests and generating Data for Strategic Workforce Planning

Item # AMW4  - SaaS-Based, Configurable Portal for Managing Agile/Flexible Work Policy and Procedure

Companies that do not have Consistent, Compliant Methods for Distributing Flexible Work Policies and Procedures Risk having Inadequate Awareness, Inequitable Treatment and Under-Utilization. This SaaS-Based, Configurable Portal provides a Consistent Communication of Policy and Procedure by Desired Business Unit that enables Companies to Enrich their Flexible Work Offerings by Leveraging Proven Flexible Work Tools and Resources while Integrating the Company's Own Guidelines and other Stakeholder Interests and Needs It is tailored to Educate Managers, Employees and Flex Time Program Administrators to overcome Misconceptions and Develop a Cost-Effective, Enduring Cultural Shift to Flexible Working

Item # AMW5 –Employee On-Line Time Utilization Analysis, Reporting and Management System                                          

SaaS based, Quick Loading Workstation Application at each Desired Workstation /Mobile Device that Measures the What , How and When of each Specific Computer Application Interaction (Down to the Specific Website Visited so as to Determines which Applications are “Productive” and “Non Productive “ by Individual and/or Group  

Item # AMW6 - Employer-Sponsored, Business-Issues-Driven, Mutual Reward and Recognition Social Network             

Employer Controlled, Business Intranet Configured as Social Network Drives that Fosters Innovation via Real Time Collaboration and Knowledge Pool Exchange within Formal Discussion Groups by Allowing Managers and Employees to e-Recognize and e-Reward One Another for Desired Values, Behaviors and Business Purposes

Item # AMW7 –Fully- Automated, Real Time, Absence Program Tracking and Reporting System                    

This System is driven by an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Front End. Core Voice Scripts are customized for any Desired Paid or Unpaid Absence Programs for tracking Continuous or Intermittent absence, Tardiness or Leaving Work Early. The IVR and the Auto-Generated Management Reporting both work to Minimize Human Error and Create a Real Time Operating Environment e.g. Supervisors notified within 20 Seconds of Call-Off. System minimizes Regulatory Compliance Issues and Union Grievances, facilitates Effective Staffing and Labor Cost Control and it Optimizes Disability / Work Comp Insurance Program Costs. Averages 15% Reduction in Absence Rates Year 1 + 10% Reduction Post-Sentinel Effect (Also See AMP2 under Absence Management & Productivity for FMLA services which can optionally be implemented together or stand alone with this system)

Item #AMW8 - Low Cost, Office Furnishing and Physical Set Up Services for Worker-at-Home

Employers with an Agile Workforce need to be prepared to address the Logistics of Furnishing and Setting-Up the Remote Office. This Vendor offers a Variety of High Quality, Low Cost Furnishing Alternatives. Vendor also provides Office Design, Delivery and Set-Up Services and thus, meets or exceeds ANSI / BIFMA Commercial Furniture Standards. This Objective Third Party Approach minimizes the Employer’s Risk in the Areas of Worker’s Comp, OSHA and General Liability. Assures Standardization of Furnishings across and evidences an Employer Investment in, the Remote Worker

Item #AMW9 - SaaS-Based, Agile Workforce Employee Readiness Assessment and Employer Financial Opportunity
Identification and Quantification Tool

For Some of Today's "Knowledge Workers", Work can be described more in terms of "What They Do" not "Where They Do It". This Easy-to-Use Web Based Tool determines if there is a Case for Workplace Change and the Size of any Opportunities to thus better align the Company's Workplace Approach with its Business Strategies. Using Algorithms based on over 20 Years of Client Experiences, Employees Self- Assess their current Work Behaviors and Preferences and are segmented into One of Six Unique Categories of Agile Work Style. Employers then know How Employees can be more Effectively Enabled to Work Tomorrow. Depending on Quantified Results, Employers can realize Potentially Significant Operational Saving,Improve Employee Work Effectiveness and Work-Life Balance and substantially enhance Workplace Efficiencies to improve Results for Shareholders, Employees and the Communities in which the Employers Operate


For more information click here 


Item #AMW10 - SaaS-Based, Agile Workforce Employee Program Enrollment and Program Management Tool

Major Barriers to Agile Workforce Program Development include an Inability to Both Efficiently and Consistently Document Initial and Ongoing Employee Self-Enrollments and provide Management with Reporting Visibility in order to Effectively Manage the Agile Workforce Program Processes. This Automated, Web-Based Agile Workforce Management System serves as a Resource Center for Guiding Individual Employee Decisions Regarding their Suitability for Program Participation and for Managing the Step-by-Step Process Required to Track their Enrollment Status. The System assures that only Suitable Candidates are selected, that Appropriate Approvals are granted and that the Proper Training, Facilities, Collaboration Tools and IT Infrastructure are in place as the Employee Transitions to New Work Arrangements. The Results are Consistency of Employee Treatment and a Reduction in the Program Management Burden on Corporate IT, Real Estate, Training and Human Resources Staff


Item  #AMW11 - SaaS-Based System to Monitor and Report the Economic, Environmental and Social Savings Resulting from the Deployment of an Agile Workforce Program

Successful, Sustainable Agile Workforce Programs monitor On-Going Performance to Provide Auditable Measurement of Projected ROI's. This Agile Workforce Sustainability Tool redefines and quantifies how Organizations Report Previously Hidden Financial and Environmental By-Products associated with Enabling Employees to Choose Where and How they Work. Examples include the Operation of Company and Employee-Owned Vehicles, Time Saved, Car Emissions Reductions and Reduced Impact on Local Transportation Infrastructure. Following a Quick Registration and One-Step Profile Set-Up, Employees report Workplace Choicesusing any Web Browser. Standardized accounting within the Tool Objectively assesses and reports the Sustainability of Agile Workforce Programs (e.g. Telework, Flex Work, Workforce Mobilization, etc.) and provides Weekly Reminders to Employees on their Own YTD Financial Impacts

Item #AMW12 - Low Cost, High Touch, Global Relocation Network Comprised of On-the-Ground, Local Country Partners

This Soon-to-Be Women's Certified Business Enterpriseprovides a very Competitively-Priced Network of Global Relocation Firms. TheNetwork is Centrally-Managed from its US-Headquarters and because the Networkis comprised mostly of Boutique Partners, the Service is 24 X 7, provides Personalized Attention at Low Cost with Unlimited Support. On-the-Ground Partnersexist in most Major Regions of the World (e.g. Asia, Europe, Middle East,etc. including US) and the Network is Expanding


Item #AMW13 – SaaS-Based, Mobile Worker Transparency Tool for Measuring and Monitoring Efficacy of On-line Type Work

Telecommuting often reduces the efficiency of workers because of the distractions at home or in another environment where they are working. The SaaS-based system allows managers at all levels to know the precise status of each project while empowering agile workers to determine their own working hours. The system monitors workers' activity in real time and retroactively by taking screen-shots of their computer work every three minutes. For each work product or project, robust Gantt Charts & dashboards enable managers at all levels to see the current progress,
amounts of time being spent and the costs of all related tasks. Productivity gains ranging from 15% to 40% have been realized



Item # AMW14 - SaaS-Based Tool to Assess Business Case for Agile Workforce Needs and Related Workspace Accommodation 


Today’s employees are often geographically distributed or working remotely and thus may require work environments that support a vastly different set of employee work patterns and preferences This affordable software tool is an combined  employee preference / needs assessment and space utilization tool that collects employer-specific data to determine the potential benefits of enabling  new style work requirements. First, an online survey collects employee responses to work behavior and work preference questions. Second, a mobile survey collects and records a real-time observation study of individual workspace and conference room usage.  Matched surveys result culminate in a series of   auto-generated reports, graphs and a baseline space plan that outline any business case for workplace change  - including the size of any opportunity. Employer benefits include providing insight into the possibility for more efficient, productive and employee-satisfying work environment.



Item # AMW15 - Co-Design Workshops to Determine Baseline Space Plan and Assess Organizational Readiness for Agile Workforce Accommodation


Work activities should be designed to support desired business outcomes, and thus should be based upon an understanding of the work practices which the workforce itself identifies as being key to their workplace success.  To gain this understanding, a series of co-design workshops are used to determine the ideal work environment “enablers”. Workshop design is based upon interviews with key stakeholders that identify the organization’s unique business objectives and desired outcomes.  In separate manager and individual contributor workshops, participants are asked to identify the key work practices that are required to support those objectives and outcomes.  In a subsequent  combined management / contributor  workshop, participants identify the requisite work environment enablers to include company policy, management practices, technology support and physical environment that facilitate the previously-identified key work practices. This information is used to develop a detailed baseline space plan, provide insight into the organizational / cultural readiness for workplace change and identify the change management program that will be needed to support the desired workplace transformation



Item # AMW16  - Pre and Post Occupancy Assessment of the Prototype for a Shared Work Environment


Work Environment Enablers (types of work space, supporting technologies, policies and team agreements) facilitate the use of Key Work Practices of a work group.  The presence of these Work Practices re-enforce the likelihood that a work group will achieve its business objectives and desired business outcomes. The dependency of Work Practices on specific Enablers establishes a cause and effect hypothesis that can be tested by measuring the presence or use of the Enablers and associated Work Practices.  This is done before a new shared work environment is occupied and then several months after occupancy.  The Pre Occupancy Work Environment Assessment is designed to establish a baseline of employees’ overall agreement with the existence of enablers and key work practices and to gain consensus on how supporting Enablers need to be revised within the shared work environment to improve the Work Practices. The Post Occupancy Assessment analyzes and reports on the effectiveness of the revised Enablers to better facilitate use of Key Work Practices within the newly occupied shared work environment.  These assessments can also be used to measure ongoing performance of the shared work environment design to identify the need for potential future improvements.    



Item # AMW17 - Wholesale-Priced-to-Employer, Corporate Travel Purchasing Program


Organizations that in-source their corporate programs may be receiving only 10% to 20%  discounted corporate rates or may be relying on traditional internet search engines.  Instead, this on-line, customer-service-center-supported, member-only travel program offers wholesale net rates to members as opposed to the more traditional public sites (e.g. Travelocity, Expedia, etc.) that can only offer “Best Available Rates” to everyone.  Access is provided to over 1,000,000 online and offline discounts for hotels, restaurants, cruises, airfare packages, vacation packages, car rentals, theme parks, movie theaters, golf, etc.  Discounts ranging from 65% to 80% off retail rates are realized by members and arise because the reasonable annual membership fees support this program not the spread between retail and wholesale pricing which support the internet-based general public purchasing sites.