Item # ECP1 - Obama Care Excepted, Fully-Insured Executive Medical Reimbursement Plan (U.S. Only)

Every Company has a Select Group of Employees who share Major Responsibility for Success and who must be Retained and Engaged in the Business. This Supplemental Medical Reimbursement Plan (EMRP) is an Excepted Benefit that sits Outside of the Health Care Reform Group Plan Provisions, so it can be carved out for Select Employee Classes. The EMRP reimburses Out-of-Pocket Expenses for In and Out of Network Healthcare, Rx, Dental, Vision, and most other IRC Section 213(d) Eligible Expenses. It also includes Clinical Support Services and 24/7 Travel and Medical Emergency Support Services, including Air Evacuations. (See Item ECP14 below) Benefits may be Non-taxable to the Member and Premiums may be a Deductible Business Expense for the Employer. (This is not local, state or federal tax advice. Please seek counsel of a professional tax advisor.)


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Item # ECP2 - Money Back Guarantee LTC Insurance To Eliminate the “Use It or Lose It” Purchase Deterrent Syndrome (U.S. Only)


A Major Concern with LTC Benefits is the Use-It-or-Lose-It Feauture whereunder the Pruchaser may Never Realize a Benefit fpomr Paid Premiums. Here, the Purchaser Pays either 5 Annual Premiums or a Lump Sum Premium. 100% of Premiums are Guaranteed to be Returned to the Policy Beneficiary via Payment of 100% of LTC Expenses up to the Policy Maximum and / or an Income Tax-Free Death Benefit and /or via an Unfettered Cash Withdrawal Provision or Combinations thereof

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Item # ECP3 Confidential Substance Abuse Intervention Service                                                                                                           

This Confidential Employee / Family Member Substance Abuse Intervention takes Place at the Executive’s Residence Location and Uses a Proprietary “Systemic S.M.A.R.T. Model” Resulting in a 90%+ Success Rate for the Addicted Person’s Willingness to Accept In-Patient Treatment (Also Available for Non-Executives)

Item # ECP4 -Confidential, Substance Abuse Treatment Facility In-Patient Placement Service 

This Free-to-the-Employer Concierge Service helps the Executive or Family Member get Placed into one of 14, 000 In Patient Treatment Facilities across the US based upon Factors such as Insurance Coverage,  Cost, Age, Sex, Hobbies, Interests, etc. Can Include Placement into Private Room Accommodations at High End Facilities (Also Available for Non-Executives)  

Item # ECP5 -On-site Personal Tax Return Preparation Services at No Cost to the Employer Organization

Given Sufficient Volume, these CPA’s and Tax Professionals come to the Workplace and meet with Executives (and down to Managers). Meetings take place at their or their Employer’s Convenience (e.g. lunch, breaks, after hours, etc.) Executives Pay (Employer can Contribute) at Affordable H&R Block Style Rates for Various Packages e.g. Basic, Homeowners, Homeowners with Investments and Complex

Item # ECP6 -Executive-Level Exotic and Discounted Dream Vacation Packages                                                                                      

This Service Provides Access to a Calendar of Unique, Pre-Planned, Luxury Trip Packages Every Year (e.g. Bora Bora, Cuisine Tour of Italy, etc.) at Incredible Values. White-Glove Concierge Service for Priority Pass Access at Airport Terminals across the Globe, Private Jet, Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance and other perks

Item # ECP7 -High Quality, Low Cost Chartered Jet Service

Exclusively -Managed Fleet of Prime Private Jets with Access 24 Hours a Day / 365 Days a Year at Thousands of Airports in North America. No Long-Term Commitments, No Large Capital Outlay and No Hidden Costs (i.e. Fuel Surcharges, Dead Head Charges, Additional Overnights, Repositioning or Taxi-Time).

Item# ECP8 - US Secret Service Based Global Executive Protection                                                                                         

Customized-to-Needs, Executive Protection Service Inside a Mobile Office SUV with U.S. Secret Service Expertise and Methods of Operations including Proactive Security Approach, Advance Travel Logistics / Planning and Sophisticated Surveillance Cameras System to Enhance Corporate Leaders’ Efficiency and Reduce their Personal Risks around the World

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Item # ECP9 –Global Major Medical Insurance             

Medically Underwritten, High Dollar Limit Major Medical with Choice of Deductibles This Individual Medical Insurance Policy Pays for Healthcare Services Anywhere in the World (Not Available to Already Insured US Citizens)

Item # ECP10 - Guaranteed-Not-To-Exceed, Low Priced Packages of Outsourced Executive Compensation Consulting Services                                        

Well Established Exec Comp Firm Staffed Largely with Former Brand Name Consultancy Professionals that Provides a Menu of Fixed Fee Services Packages (e.g. NEO Quarterly/Annual Reporting Services (includes LTI and STI), Dodd Frank, B.O.D. / Comp Committee Advisory, etc.) so as to Provide HR and Finance with a Fixed Budget and to Smooth out the Workflow to Eliminate “Crunch Time” 80/90 Hour Work Weeks. Services are provided at much Lower Cost due to Upfront Workflow Planning with Client and therefore a Better Ability of Consultancy to manage its Hours throughout the Year

Item # ECP11 – Low Cost, High Quality 409A Risk Assessment   

This is an In-Depth Assessment of Compensatory Arrangements for Compliance with or Exemption from, Section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code. It is performed by a Non-Big 4 yet National-in-Scope, Public Accounting Firm so that Professional Fees are typically lower than the “Big 4”, the global HR Consultancies and the Larger Law Firms. Reviewed Arrangements can include Bonus Plans, Deferred Compensation, Employment Agreements, Severance Agreements, Change-in-Control Agreements, Stock Options, Stock Appreciation Rights, Restricted Stock, Restricted Stock Units, etc.  The Evaluation includes Alternatives for Potential Corrective Actions for any Violations so as to mitigate Tax Penalties on Corporate Executives and / or other Employees

Item # ECP12 - Deferred Incentive Pay Plan for Key Employees Based on Cumulative Income Statement (Not Balance Sheet) Results

Private Companies can be at a Competitive Disadvantage in Attracting, Retaining and Motivating Key Talent in that in they are most often reluctant to Offer Real Equity Ownership and Publicly-Traded Companies may need to hedge the Equity Portion of their Executive Pay Package against the Vagaries of the Stock Market. This Wealth-Building Solution is a Proprietary Deferred Incentive Pay Plan that rewards Key Talent Based on Cumulative Income Statement Results rather than on Balance Sheet Values so as to create an Intense Focus on Profitable Growth. The Plan awards Annual Synthetic Equity Shares that can appreciate in Value Based on the Attainment of Long-Term Income Statement Success. The Plan drives Annual Growth in Profit and Cash thereby increasing Company Value, Helps Retain and Motivate the Key Leadership Team and Facilitates Attracting Top Talent 


Item # ECP13 - SaaS-based System to Automate the Computing End of Stock or Non-Stock Long Term Incentive Awards Using Your Desired Business Rules

This SaaS-Based Centralized System calculates the Number of Units and the Relevant Value of Awards for each Plan Participant to allow Managers to allocate Bonuses and Awards based on the Employer's Various Business Rules and Performance Factors. The System produces Personalized Letters for Distribution to Participants, Reports for Management, exportable Data Files to the Employer's Equity Plan Administration System and does all of the Work for Audit Purposes. Changes can be easily made
within the Tool. Results of the Equity Awards can then be easily exported to the Company's Financial System and Equity Plan Administration Application


Item# ECP14 - Clinical Oversight and Evaluation System to Locate Optimal Medical Specialist for Afflicted Executives

When Executives face Challenging Health Situations, few realize there is a Significant Distinction between Sub-specialists. Yet, many Executives find a Specialist through Subjective Referrals from Friends, Family, or Primary Care Doctors which can result in Mis-diagnoses, Sub-optimal Treatment Plans and Potentially Dire Consequences. This Health Care Advisory Service begins with a Proprietary Medical Specialist Navigation System managed by a Chief Medical Officer and Medical Advisory Board comprised of Specialty Medicine Leaders. Together they review, validate and approve Specialists from around the World based on the Physicians' Credentials, Leading Expertise and Experience ( not the Traditional "Elite Club Membership" Approach). Care Specialists then work with the Patient to Create a Detailed Case Profile which is Clinically Reviewed and Approved. A Subsequent Matching of the Profile to the System creates a Dossier of Specialists for Selection by the Patient whereupon Initial Contact is facilitated by the Care Specialists. Service can include Optional Fully-Paid Medical Air Evacuation, Global Medical / Dental Referrals and 24X7 Access


Item # ECP15 – No-Cost-To-Employer, CSR-Supported, SaaS-Based Retirement Assistance System to Help Executives Move from Active Status to Retiree Status

Most all retirement information services today help executives save for retirement but fall short of providing information on how to actually transition into retirement. This service fills the gap for pre-retirement age executives, current retired executives and the aging family members. The service is delivered via a SaaS-based on-line educational portal supported by a US-based executive advisor center staffed by salaried, credentialed and licensed advisors plus robust insurance and investment
exchanges to assist executives with executing institutional solutions. Users receive help in 5 major areas; 1) retirement lifestyle planning 2) pre- 65 and post -64 health insurance options 3) distribution rollover options / all asset investment guidance 4) income optimization / Social Security and 5) risk management related to longevity, morbidity and mortality. Services are provides at no cost to the employer as they are funded by fully transparent user-purchases


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Item # ECP16 - Specialzed Rabbi Trust Consultancy that Provides a Complete Portfolio of Asset, Liability and Tax Services for Either a Unique One-Stop Shopping Experience or Ala Carte Delivery

Using a Rabbi Trust as a "funding" mechanism for a non-qualified plan (NQP) brings with it initial and ongoing needs on the asset, liability and tax sides. Almost always trust services are provided by disparate professionals such as actuaries, investment advisors and tax specialists. This specialized NQP consultancy can provide an integrated services delivery model that includes a complete portfolio of services in six major areas: 1) benefit funding analysis 2) funding implementation 3) portfolio management 4) investment administration 5) existing COLI audits 6) financial / tax analysis. Multiple specialized services are provided within each of these six categories and services can be purchased en masse or ala carte


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Item # ECP17 - Proprietary Methodologies-Based Combined Investment and Taxation Optimization Service for Rabbi Trusts

Typical "funding" approaches for Rabbi trust-funded NQP's that deploy life insurance and /or off-the-shelf mutual funds can be rife with cost and tax inefficiencies caused by the inadequate matching of assets and liabilities and the mis-considerations of corporate tax implications. This service combines the extensive modeling and monitoring capabilities of a renowned NQP consultancy with the sophisticated tax analytics, portfolio optimization and volume-based separate account purchasing capabilities of a large, brand name financial institution. The model first analyzes all current trust investments to determine the true after tax rate of return by asset class while considering all sources of expense plus the taxation / "tax drag" factors. Newly-established employer financial and funding objectives are used to drive asset and liability modeling / matching with overlaid tax analyses in order to optimize current funding of the Rabbi trust. Ongoing performance monitoring assures ongoing NQP trust optimization. Results include improved after-tax rates of return and thus, improved financial statement results.


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Item # ECP18 - Low Cost, Customized-to Your-Specific-Needs, Personal Money Manager with Patented Processes for Managing Personal Investments, IRA's and 401(k) Self-Directed Accounts


Most executives (and other management team members) rely on traditional brokerage house brokers to manage their personal investment portfolios, rollover IRA's and /or self-directed 410(k) accounts. However, these brokers typically do not manage money at all, get paid additional for cross-selling / up-selling products and services and place the client into a one size fits all risk-tolerance-based portfolio allocation that is funded by mutual funds and / or annuities which contain hard-to-identify and quantify expense loads. This money manager instead develops a tailored-to-your-personal-needs investment approach using a variety of less expensive investment styles / methods including the purchasing of individual issues of stock. Patented risk management processes auto notify this manager on the suggested timing for selling select securities so as to minimize downside risk. This is all done at a lower expense than the typical mutual fund arrangement (e.g. 30% to 40% less) which can increase the portfolio's net rate of return


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Item # ECP 19 - Competitively-Priced, SaaS-Based System that Tracks both the Administrative and Financial Aspects of either Public or Private Company, US or Global, Employee Equity-Related Programs


Administrating equity-related programs for employees can be a daunting task if completed using either spreadsheets only or an equity administration system that requires off-system spreadsheet support due to having incomplete functionality. This competitively-priced, fully secured, SaaS-based system tracks all activities related to all equity instruments (e.g. stock options, warrants, phantom stock, etc.) for either public or private companies anywhere in the world. Salient features include 24X 7 call center support, simulation and hypothetical databases, performance criteria management, auditor and employee interfaces, employee letter generation, etc. The system is multilingual / multicurrency and ASC-718 (FAS123r) and IFRS-2 compliant. There is no financial commitment to system for the employer post-implementation unless expectations are exceeded (not just met)



Item # ECP20 – Executive / Manager Level Supplemental Long Term Disability (LTD) Coverage Paid Upfront as a One-Time Lump Sum


Most executives already have group and / or personal LTD coverage but may have a need for upfront cash in the event of a total disability so as to cover more immediate expenses resulting from the disability. This LTD coverage, underwritten by an A+ rated carrier provides for an immediate lump sum payment of up to 100% of salary with a maximum one-time payment of $100,000. Premium rates are based on age, sex, smoking habits and can be as low 50% of typical LTD rates because the amount and duration of the benefit are fixed. “Accept-or-Reject” style underwriting is based on information found at MIB and Script Checks and the benefit is payable for a total disability that prevents an insured from performing any occupation for which s/he is reasonably suited for based on training, education or experience. Other terms and conditions apply as can be found in the insurer’s materials     


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Item# ECP21 – Specialized Consultant for Developing a Formalized Long Term Care Plan (LTC Plan ™) via Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation for Suitably-Appropriate Persons   


Few Americans have a formal LTC plan, including many who have purchased insurance. Most LTC advisors are licensed agents who focus primarily on selling insurance products instead of developing a formalized LTC Plan™ for managing overall LTC risk. This highly-credentialed, experienced and insurance company-agnostic advisor works with age 50+ individuals / couples with $750,000+ in liquid assets to assess and mitigate their LTC risk in creative and appropriately beneficial ways. The planning process begins with an in-depth conversation about family, care giving, care settings, health histories, retirement planning, legacy planning, asset protection and client preferences.  Various funding options are then considered, with insurance typically the most efficient means of funding a well-designed LTC Plan.  The LTC Plan provides peace of mind for family members and allows them to both coordinate the long term care (and not provide the care themselves), as well as protect their assets so that their own personal financial, retirement and legacy plans can be executed as desired.