Item # SFR1 - LEAN Principles-Based Sales Compensation Modeling Tool That Has Increased Net Sales by 20%

Sales puts together the annual Sales Plan / Revenue Forecast and Finance assembles the budget but there is no science applied to determine whether the budgeted expenditures will actually produce the desired net income results.  This well-proven, LEAN principles-based sales compensation modeling tool ties BU-level general ledger expense items to Sales Compensation and P&L forecasts. It tests the veracity of current Sales Comp programs in real time with all or desired internal stakeholders (i.e. sales, marketing, IT, etc.) at the table and it can model multiple alternative comp programs by type of sales force so as to optimize compensation and assure hitting desired net income targets at every level of sales. It has shown to improve Net Sales Revenue by around 20%


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Item # SFR2 - Listening Skills Assessment, Consulting and Training for Front Line Sales People                                           

Listening Effectively to what Clients and Prospects have to Say is Critical for Sales Success. This 15+ Year Old Specialized Consultancy provides a Proprietary, Validated, Online Instrument that is used with Individuals and / or Group to assess Listening Style, identify the Strengths and Challenges of the Individual’s Listening Patterns and provide Guidance for improving Listening Skills. Other Listening-Related Services include Training, Coaching and Certification with Objectives to discover Personal Habits, Heighten Intelligence, Develop Skills, Build Attention Mastery and listen to the Needs of Others and the Situation

 Item # SFR3 - One-On-One Telephone Interviewing Service to Assess Sales Force Effectiveness                     

This Telephone Interviewing Service is driven by “Precision Information Capture” not Mere “Data Collection”. It deploys a Multi-lingual Staff of Real People calling Real People using Computer-Aided Technologies that enable Quick Deployment of Telephone or Web Surveys. Surveys are tailored to your sales skill evaluation needs from on-boarding through training completion, client interaction and beyond. They Provide the Difference Between just getting Data and Information and getting the Real Knowledge that can only come from looking at the Actual Responses offered by the Population Surveyed. This Service is backed by Industry’s Most Rigorous Quality Control Processes of 95%+ Audited Response Information vs. an Estimated 8% for Other Vendors thereby Delivering “Squeaky Clean” Root Cause, Actionable Data


Item # SFR4 - Free-to-Employer,Out-of-the-Box-Ready, CRM System for Measuring, Managing, Integrating and Automating the Sales Force and Sales-Related Activities

Most CRM Systems come at a Cost and do not foster Collaboration among Executives, Marketing and Sales leaders to collectively think about how Technology can help the Company more effectively manage the Customer Acquisition Process and Control Customer-Related Costs. This SaaS-Based System instead converts Raw Data coming from Marketing, Sales, Customers and the Business into New and Business-Critical Knowledge. The Basic System Modules for Sales, Marketing and Customer Support get integrated into a Suite of Actionable Management Reports /Dashboards that are Free to the Employer and are completely usable for Free as is. System Implementation, Hosting, Configuration and Customization are charged for on a Time-and-Expense Basis. Results include Enhanced Marketing Effectiveness, Improved Sales Performance, Increased Customer Satisfaction and New Executive Insights about how to Increase Top Line Revenues while at the same time Controlling Middle Line Marketing and Sales Expenses Based on ROI Measurement of those Expenses


Item # SFR5 - Low Cost and High Value HR/IT Consultancy that Develops Customized to-your-Unique-Needs Sales Compensation Management Systems when the HRIS and /or Sales Force Management System Lacks Desired Functionality

HRIS's and Sales Force management systems (even the large, brand ones) are by design driven by payroll, compliance, administration and recordkeeping largely to follow basic requirements and extensive regulations. Thus, the requisite functionality to manage the complexities of the sales compensation programs can be years away and many dollars out of reach. This low cost, specialized HR IT consultancy develops customized-to-your-needs spreadsheet style compensation management systems using feeds from payroll / HRIS / Sales Force systems. A rigorous upfront needs assessment and road mapping exercise is deployed to help assure desired end -user functionality for budgeting, administration, workflow, reporting and analyses. Robust reports and dashboards facilitate sales analyses with "click of the mouse ease". The process and resultant system take out the hours, cost and pain out of managing any sales process


Item # SFR6 - Low Cost, Customized-to-Your-Specific Needs, Complex Commission Arrangements Calculation, Tracking and Management System

Meeting the exact needs of customers and / or of the employer's own business can require that complex commission structures be developed and maintained so as to optimize sales results. Yet, Sales/HR/Finance may be reluctant to implement such arrangements due to the burdensome administration requirements. This low cost, specialized HR IT consultancy develops customized-to-your-program(s) commission calculation, management and tracking systems. A rigorous upfront needs assessment and road mapping exercise is deployed to help assure desired end-user functionality. The system integrates back to payroll for commission payment purposes and is supported by multi-level reporting from the individual sales rep on up. The process and resultant system take out the hours, cost and pain out of calculating sales commissions.


Item # SFR7 - Real Time, "Voice of the Customer" Feedback Tool to Facilitate Customer Service so as to Improve Customer Relations

Not being aware what your customers are thinking is bad business. Yet in today's Twitter-like world of instantaneous and snippet-style communications, customers can simply be too busy to answer traditional, often lengthy surveys (but they may still have the time to "dis" you in the social media). This SaaS-based tool allows customers to easily communicate current concerns (quality, cost, service) praise and ideas in real time (when they have something to say) via a simple, on-line response form. Detailed and instant email messages are directed to designated responders and an optional anonymous dialog feature allows for 2-way anonymous chat. The system generates real time reports by sortable category of submission and a log containing resolution details. Results can include improvement in customer relations, customer retention, repeat purchases, etc.


ITEM # SFR8  - Parameter-Driven, Drag and Drop Sales Commission Management System to Calculate and Pay across Multiple and Even the Most Complex, Sales Incentive Programs


Commission payments are the second largest expense for many companies, yet 85% of businesses still use error-prone spreadsheets administered by analysts who may lack the requisite support or training to manage the level of complexity. This advanced technology uses powerful, intuitive analytics to give even non-technical users the ability to fully automate any complex sales or incentive pay program right out-of-the-box, thereby eliminating any need for custom development. Performance dashboards, drag and drop analytics, bulk reporting, email distribution and multi-level reporting modules are also standard features. The system produces timely and accurate payments based on solid documentation such that the sales force gains trust in management's commitment to paying the promised sales remuneration.


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Item # SFR9 - Twenty +Years Experienced Outsourced HR Business Partner (HRBP) for the Sales Function


Human Resources Managers in growing companies may lack an understanding of how to properly recruit, train and compensate the sales force as the needs are quite different and more complex than those of other employees. This HRBP for the sales function (and marketing operations if desired) has 20+ years of experience with companies ranging in size from start-ups to global Fortune 500 organizations. Outsourced, expert advice can be dispersed across geographies and cultures to guide all levels of management on the HR implications of revenue-related business strategies, people-management and leadership.  Services include staffing, sales compensation, sales management and leadership training, strategic planning, performance management, career development, talent review, succession planning, culture surveys, facilitation of sales leadership team meetings, etc.  Results include the adaption and promotion of best-in-class practices, collaboration across sites, smooth implementation of HR solutions and a build-out of the overall capacity of the sales organization if/as needed.




Item # SFR 10 - Specialized Psychometric Test for Sales Professionals that Measures Personality Traits against Sales Professional Norms


Effectively recruiting new sales professionals or developing existing ones requires assessing the inane aspects of a personality, discovering the motivational aspects of the individual and understanding his/her attitudes / values and then comparing the results to normative data for sales professionals. This 6th generation test which has been scientifically validated evaluates 11 dimensions of personality to describe the person’s profile. It also assesses one’s abilities to recognize the level of customer interest, ask questions to identify the customer’s needs, use varying strategies to close a sale and to influence the client through personal enthusiasm.  Assessing specific-position-related characteristics against norms allows the employer to strengthen the sales professional’s knowledge in relation to any particular skill and capitalize on the individual’s existing strengths.

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