Item # PEA1 -Mass Customization-Based, "Lowest" Cost Pre-Employment Assessment System for Entry Level, Front Line Jobs and Lower Level Management Positions

Pre-employment tests have their strongest predictive power when they are closely tailored to measure the nuanced requirements of a job but customization is usually expensive. This firm of industry-leading I/O Psychologists has solved this problem by developing scores of "item clusters" that are focused on measuring diverse aspects of jobs...from work attitudes to behavioral tendencies to objectively-measurable skills and abilities. Using a propriety job analysis approach, they can quickly assesse a job's key requirements and assemble a collection of item clusters that fits the test to the job. Results include better prediction and stronger defensibility for a very reasonable cost


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Item # PEA2 - Affordable and Easy System for Pre-Assessing 100% of Employment Candidates


This Very Affordable, SaaS-Based Applicant Screening and Selection System Rank Orders the Competency Scores of 100% of Job Applicants for over 1,200 Occupations in Less than 1 Minute and Develops a Top Applicants List Before Opening a Single Resume. Assesses for both Suitability and Eligibility Traits and is 87% Accurate >95% of the Time


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Item # PEA3 -Wellness Program Participation and Healthy Lifestyle Propensity Pre-Employment Assessment                  

The Framework for this Type of Test has already been established working with a Group of Industry Leading I/O Psychologists. HR Mining & Distribution Co. is currently seeking Employer or other Partners to serve as Upfront Investors for Tool Development and Validation with Payback coming in the Form of Free / Discounted Future test Usage and / or Fee Sharing via White Labeling of the Test

Item # PEA4 - Audio/ Video Applicant Interview and Interview Process Management and Improvement System                    

This Virtual Job Interview System Automatically Pre-Qualifies Candidates on the Web and Prompts them to “Interview Now” by Answering Multiple, Pre-Recorded Questions Specific to each Job. Recruiters are notified and then Listen, Review, Rank and Share Digitized Voice Clips Relevant to each Specific Member of the Interview Team. Eliminates the 60% of Recruiters “Dread Time”, Reduces Time-to- Hire by up to 75% and Increases Placement Rates by Nearly 50%

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Item # PEA5 - Pre-Employment Assessment with Determinable ROI that Measures Not Only the "Can Do" Skills but also the "Will Do" Attributes so as to Predict Employee Engagement

Other pre-employment assessments measure only one dimension of a candidate such as "personality" or "skills". In contrast, this on-line applicant assessment tool developed by Leading I/O-Psychologists (authors, key note speakers, HR consultants) measures both the traditional skills (i.e. the "Can Do's") and the new and research-based engagement attributes (i.e. the "Will Do's"). No other known applicant screening measures the engagement / "Will Do" attributes to identify those candidates who will actually do the best Job, will do whatever it takes and will do it willingly. The performance markers found in engaged employees include higher productivity, higher customer satisfaction, lower turnover and lower accidents on the job. These "Will Do" attributes equate to higher overall employee performance levels that in turn result in a measurable-by-the-vendor ROI that is optimized as the assessment tool gets continually improved over time.


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Item # PEA6 - Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) US and Global Background Screening Company                                      

This WBE Certified background screening provider has earned a reputation for personal service via providing 24 hour contact throughout the course of each assignment. Personalized case management and investigations are tailored to each client's requirements and objectives. They employ sophisticated methodologies complimented by the very latest technology all supported by a diverse team of hard working, highly skilled Investigators. Services range from single screenings for non-management, U.S.-based employees all the way to complete screenings for Senior Executives located around the world. Screenings can include prior employment, credit, education, identity, professional certification verifications plus criminal history, reference checking etc.


Item # PEA7 -  Pre-Employment Assessment to Screen Out Candidates Not Likely to Perform Well in High-Performance Environments

Some Employment Candidates do not understand the Requirements of the Competitive Business World and the Fact that the Business's Needs may sometimes supersede the Employees' own Needs so as to keep the Company Competitive and Viable. In Addition to Assessing Basic Work Skills, this 20/30 Minute On-Line (or Paper and Pencil) Test assesses Attitudes and Beliefs about Working in a High Performance Environment such as Taking Personal Responsibility for ensuring Quality and improving Productivity, working Effectively and Collaboratively (as
appropriate) with Co-workers, Supervisors and Managers, and responding Effectively to Change and Continuous Process Improvement. The result is a more Top-to-Bottom Collaborative Working Environment


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Item # PEA8 - Integrated Interview Management System that Includes Valid Question Libraries A Guide Builder and Interviewer Training/ Certification


Organizations struggle to ensure their candidate interviews are conducted professionally and utilize valid, behavior-based questions. This SaaS -based system contains five core and modifiable training modules (e.g. Conducting the Interview, Evaluating Candidates, etc.)  The employer can use its’ own competency model (s) in the construction of interviews pulling from a library of 600+ rigorously quality reviewed,  structured interview questions and role plays with an ability for the employer  to enter  its own  technical / functional questions. An administrative “super structure” supports the management of the system (e.g., creation of administrators / interviewers with specific permission levels; storage of guides and templates). Results include training certification & documentation in case of legal challenge, having organization-wide standards, more efficient construction of interviews and greater assurance that "valid” questions / techniques have been used in the employee selection process.



Item # PEA9  - Tool for Assessing the Efficacy of the Employment Application Instrument and Surrounding Application Processes


The employment application function within HR must assure that the application instrument and surrounding processes capture needed candidate information, meet regulatory requirements and support the employment brand. Yet, seldom is this function optimized and monitored for process improvement. This comprehensive assessment tool developed over 25+ years with continuous refinement consists of close to 70 questions to be answered by the organization so as to assess the current state of its employment application function.   Depending on responses, various remedial actions and process improvement recommendations are provided to help the employer attract, hire, and retain top talent while assuring compliance with various Federal and state regulations.  


Item# PEA10 - Tool for Assessing the Employer’s Employment Reference Checking and Reference Inquiry Responding Processes and Related Compliance Requirements  


The processes for checking employment references and responding to past employment inquiries are lined with potential pitfalls such as charges of negligent hiring, illegal discrimination, defamation, Fair Credit Reporting Act disclosure failures and resultant litigation. This comprehensive assessment tool developed over 25+ years with continuous refinement consists of over 50 questions to be answered by the organization so as to assess the current state of its incoming and former employees referencing processes. Depending on responses, various remedial actions and process improvement recommendations are provided to help the employer make better employment references and avoid potentially costly errors. 


Item# PEA11 - Tool for Assessing HR Processes for and Compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) and Related Immigration Issues 


IRCA requires employers to document each newly hired employee’s employment eligibility, and prohibits the knowing employment or retention of an unauthorized alien. Civil sanctions and in certain instances, criminal penalties can be imposed against employers. This comprehensive assessment tool developed over 25+ years with continuous refinement consists of close to 100 questions to be answered by the employer. It covers the areas of IRCA-related HR process and compliance including but not limited to Form I-9, H-1B Sanctions, E-Verify and No Match Letters. The understanding obtained from completing this assessment helps the employer streamline its hiring and employment of foreign nationals, ensure immigration law compliance, and reduce exposure to discrimination claims based on national origin or citizenship status.



ITEM# PEA12 - Job-Specific, Simulation-Based, Whole-Person Pre-Hire Assessments 

In tight labor markets, companies need to make a positive impression on employment candidates to avoid losing them to the competition. At the same time, companies need a fast and effective means of identifying candidates who are likely to perform well and remain with the company long enough to return their investment in training.  This assessment uses animated simulation to simulate specific jobs, and covers all key classes of competencies: cognitive, personality, behavioral history, and skills/knowledge. The simulations are consistently rated by candidates as engaging and high quality. Makes all other pre-employment assessments seem outdated. A library of 200+ off-the-shelf simulation-based assessments is offered, conforming to individual job titles based on O*Net. Additionally, the company produces customized animated or video-based simulations for large clients. 


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