Voluntary / Elective Benefits 

Item# VEB1 - Objective Review and Analysis of Your Organization’s Employee Voluntary / Elective Benefits Program


Employee Voluntary benefits often get sold to the employer as a package from a single product vendor and / have not been objectively reviewed. This specialty insurance agency deals only in voluntary benefits and represents 20+ different insurance companies / vendors that underwrite voluntary coverages. They begin with an assessment of the current state of the employer organization’s voluntary program and work to establish employer objectives for the types of programs to be offered / employee risks areas to be addressed, the desired plan design, preferred pricing methods, administration goals, employee enrollment methods, etc. They then canvas the marketplace to find those products that are “best-fit” to meet objectives so as to get the employer to the desired future state. Services include side-by-side comparisons and full disclosure of commissions across product lines.      



Item # VEB2 -  “Employer-Directed, Private and Public, Individual Policy-Type Healthcare Insurance Exchange to Help Assure Controlled, Non-Biased  Assistance for Part Time Employees Who Need to Secure ACA-Required Coverage


The Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX’s) employers have been seeing thus far from their traditional benefit advisors are largely group-based  or “open access” types (via the internet) individual policy-based  HIX’s sold by uncontrolled brokers. Neither solves the employer’s need to support the non-group-eligible population purchase ACA required coverage . This SaaS-based system deploys a proprietary “choice architecture” that delivers an award winning consumer-level shopping platform. The platform contains personalized-to-the individual recommendations for individual-policy-type health insurance coverage from within a large portfolio of the nation’s leading national and regional health plans plus the federal and state HIX’s. The system also assesses eligibility for federal and state subsidies, and it can accommodate employer-made DC type contributions, if any. This allows the employee to optimize coverage by procuring the best health insurance coverage at the lowest cost. Given the complexity involved, the shopping experience is supported by a 24 X7 telephonic or on-line US-based, duly licensed and quality controlled customer call center resulting in an average enrollment time of 12 minutes or less. Thus, part timers can predict and manage their benefit spending for the year while considering federal / state subsidies, HSA plans, any employer contributions, etc. and while not being bombarded with multiple calls from multiple uncontrolled insurance brokers.


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Item # VEB3 - High Quality, Competitively Priced Identity Theft Program that Emphasizes its Intensive In-House Recovery Services as Identity Theft Prevention is a False Promise 



Many identity theft programs focus solely on the credit theft area (which represents only 20% of all identity fraud), provide “full assistance” (as they define this) only at additional expense to members and outsource critical backroom recovery functions to other organizations. Instead, this totally-integrated identity theft service provides a three pronged approach to total member protection including (1) portal-delivered education programs and scam alerts aimed at victim protection, (2) best-in-breed id monitoring across all known data sources including the IRS, medical/ health records, on-line transactions, etc. and (3) robust US-based and in-house Call Center plus secure Recovery Center. The Recovery Center is staffed with CITRMS certified recovery experts who provide start-to-finish recovery services including for example, next day delivery of proprietary “Recovery Kits” that are sent to the affected member along with directions and contact information to the closest Police Department that will indeed create an Identity Theft Police Report (as not all Police Departments recognize these crimes). Recovery Kits include all requisite information and forms like ID Theft affidavits, specific agency forms, form letters, etc. including a Limited Power of Attorney so that the Recovery Expert can act on the member’s behalf. Average recovery time is 30 days and hours spent by the victim average 2 to 3 hours vs. self-service style recovery which ranges between 60 and 500 hours.  Added employer benefits include employee time saved and productivity maintained.  


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Item# VEB4 – Wholesale-Priced-to-Employee / Member, Travel Purchasing Program


Individuals are struggling under the weight of 3% pay raises that are not keeping track with inflation, and thus they need help with conserving limited purchasing dollars. This on-line, customer-service-center-supported, member-only travel program offers net and wholesale rates to members as opposed to the more traditional public sites (e.g. Travelocity, Expedia, etc.) that can only offer “Best Available Rates” to everyone.  Access is provided to over 1,000,000 online and offline discounts for hotels, restaurants, cruises, airfare packages, vacation packages, car rentals, theme parks, movie theaters, golf, etc.  Discounts ranging from 65% to 80% off retail rates are realized by members and arise because the reasonable annual membership fees support this program not the spread between retail and wholesale pricing which support the general public purchasing sites.