Expense Reduction 

ER #1 - LEAN Principles-Based Sales Compensation Modeling Tool that Has the Potential to Increase Net Sales Revenue by 20%


Benefits advisory firms may be paying out sales commissions/ incentives and sales support expenses based on industry norms and other factors but may have no specific knowledge as to whether such expenditures are generating a positive return on sales all along the way   This well-proven, LEAN principles-based sales compensation modeling tool ties BU-level general ledger expense items to sales compensation and P&L forecasts. It tests the veracity of the current sales comp program(s) in real time with all or just the desired internal stakeholders at the table. It can model multiple alternative programs by type of sales force so as to optimize compensation and assure hitting desired net income targets at every level of sales. Use of this system has generally shown to improve Net Sales Revenue by at least 20%