Item # ISHC 1 – Tailored-to- Your-Needs, Supervisory Skills & Certification Program for Healthcare Managers                       

Front-Line Clinical and Administrative Employees Typically have Great Difficulty transitioning to Management Roles as their Preparatory Supervisory Training usually focuses only on Operations and HR Compliance - not Management Principles and Skills. Ill-Equipped Managers can “Suffer in Silence“ for Years. This Certification-Formatted Program and Curriculum is Customized to the Employer Organization Based on Senior Leadership-Defined Needs. It arms Managers with Critical Skills to improve Daily Performance and Overall Organizational Effectiveness. Certificates are awarded within a Formal Class Graduation Ceremony so as “reshape” Managers’ Internal Organizational Identities

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Item # ISHC 2 - Listening Skills Assessment, Consulting and Training for Front Line Healthcare Workers                          

Listening Effectively to what Patients and other Healthcare Professionals who Support Patient Care have to Say is Critical for developing a Successful Prognosis . This 15+ Year Old Specialized Consultancy provides a Proprietary, Validated, Online Instrument that is used with Individuals and / or Group to assess Listening Style, identify the Strengths and Challenges of the Individual’s Listening Patterns and provide Guidance for improving Listening Skills. Other Listening-Related Services include Training, Coaching and Certification with Objectives to discover Personal Habits, Heighten Intelligence, Develop Skills, Build Attention Mastery and listen to the Needs of Others and the Situation

Item # ISHC 3 - Cash Dividending-to-Employer, Group Life, Short and Long Term Disability Insurance Trust for Small to Mid-Sized Hospitals (U.S. Only)                                                      

Paying Insurance Premiums for STD and LTD can be like dumping Monies into a Black Hole. This Insurance Trust has been Fully-Insured by Same A-Rated Carrier since inception 45+ Years Ago. It is only for Smaller Healthcare Employers and currently covers around 250 Healthcare Groups. For STD and LTD Coverages Only, Premium Credits of Up to 35% have been paid in Cash to Participating Employer Groups based on a Blended Performance of Both the Total Pool and Each Individual Hospital Group. The Trust also provides Group Term Life and other Employee Voluntary and Non-Dividending Insurance Products (e.g. Life, STD, etc.)

Item # ISHC 4 - Group LTD for Physicians with Special Disability Definition (U.S. Only)                                                    

Because of Specialized Nature of Physicians’ Work and Because they can Readily get Classified as Being “Disabled”, Obtaining Special Definition LTD Coverage is Most Difficult. LTD Carriers usually require an Initial Period of Inability to perform any of the Material Duties of One’s Own Occupation and in Subsequent periods, the Duties of Any Occupation One is Reasonably Fitted for via Training and Education. Carriers can additionally require the Loss of at Least 20% of Earnings. Under this Program, the Own and Any Occupation Tests are both Satisfied if a Disability Prevents the Physician from performing even just One Material Duty of an Occupation. Plus, either the “Occupation Test” or the “Earnings Test” Must be Satisfied in Order to Receive Benefits – but Not Both


Item # ISHC5 - SaaS-Based System for Ongoing Monitoring of Healthcare Professionals' Licensing and Certifications

Around 60% of all Healthcare Professional are Licensed or Certified and such Credentialing must be kept Up-to-Date and Active in order for a Healthcare Organization to Receive JCAOH Accreditation. This SaaS-Based System has been
developed Based on 20+ Years of Healthcare Industry Client Experiences. It provides the JCAOH Required Primary Source Verification of Licenses and Certifications and monitors these Sources for Disciplinary Actions on a Monthly basis to significantly reduce the Risk of Having Staff Working with License Deficiencies. It also Stores and Tracks Verifiable Non-Primary Source Certifications. Client-Specific License Requirements and current Employee Data are combined within this Online Management System to help meet both State and Accrediting Bodies' Requirements to ensure that Licenses Remain Current and are Renewed prior to Expiration and/ or are Otherwise not invalid. Clients report a 75% Reduction in the Required Time for keeping Credentials Up to Date

Item # ISHC6 – On-Line Course for Lean Sigma Training and Certification for Healthcare Workers

Healthcare providers generally want to optimize the quality of patient services and patient safety and eliminate waste in patient care but may lack programs that train workers how to accomplish these goals. This on-line course (with optional one-on-one support) uses lectures, case studies and exercises to train healthcare workers on commonly used tools (e.g. DMAIC, PDSA, etc.) to eliminate/reduce waste, on the impact of value-added and non-value-added activities,metrics and business process management and on the value of data versus opinion when analyzing a process. Candidates earn certification by passing an exam and undertaking and documenting a work-related process improvement project. Graduates look through a different lens when examining department challenges and speak a common language to help identify stronger, more credible solutions.