HR Mining and the Benefits and HR Advisor’s Toolkit™

HR Mining is the world’s largest aggregator of specialty products and services that get sold into HR. In response to the changing benefit and HR Advisory landscape, we have also identified products and services that the agency / consultancy itself can utilize for its own rebirth and long term survival. These products and services are contained in the Benfits and HR Advisor's Toolkit The items are summarized high-level below among the following categories of opportunity:

  • Revenue Generation
  • Operating Expense Reduction
  • Key Employee Retention
  • Process Improvement
  • Risk Reduction
  • Process Outsourcin

Rationale for the ToolKit


U.S benefits insurance agencies and HR consultancies are undergoing change in ways not witnessed in modern times. Factors driving such change include:

  • a continuing barrage of controlling legislation,
  • commissions being reduced
  • increasing client servicing expectations  
  • consolidating within the agency and consultancy sectors
  • increasing competition from historic and new competitors
  • consolidation occurring across most US industries thereby leaving fewer available clients

For benefit and HR client advisory firms these factors have resulted in:

  • diminishing agency / consultancy revenue streams,
  • changing sources of revenues,
  • increasing operating expenses,
  • shifting of legacy agency / consultancy internal business processes and
  • putting producers / AE’s who control client relationships at risk of desertion for a better deal down the street

 Strategically, the time is right for the agency /consultancy to create a renewed vision built around the desired go-forward culture and assigning within that culture new accountabilities to achieve desired goals. Tactically, agencies/consultancies need to identify new sources of revenue, consider improving essential processes, outsource non-essential processes, reduce operating expenses, reduce risk and find new ways of selling and relating to clients.