Item # ISPC 1 - Using a PEO for Existing Employees to Allow Principals to Maximize Retirement Contributions and Heath Insurance Opportunities                                                                           


IRS Regulations and Insurance Company Underwriting Rules Often Make it Too Costly for Owners / Principals to maintain Premier Health Insurance Coverage and establish Rich Retirement Programs. Under this 10+ Year Old Proprietary Process, Non-Principal Employees become employed by a Unionized Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to receive their Benefits and are then leased back to the Practice / Firm via the PEO. Principals (See your tax counsel) can then set up a Principals-Only Defined Benefit (DB) Pension Plan to increase Tax Deferral Opportunities from the 50,000+ Limit under a 401(k)’s to the $200,000+ Limit under DB’s. Via a Unique Joinder Agreement, Principals can also participate in the PEO’s Rich Health Insurance Program at Very Competitive Monthly Rates