Board of Directors

Item # BOD1 - Competitively-Priced, SaaS-Based System that Manages and Tracks All Aspects of Boards of Directors Meetings

Often Board of Directors meetings are managed using Word and Excel and may be supported by expensive outside legal services. This competitively-priced, fully secured, SaaS-based system manages and tracks all activities related to BOD and BOD sub–committee meetings. Salient features include Board Book management, meeting agenda templates, meeting management, resolutions preparation and tracking, etc. This system helps to avoid that last minute / day-before scramble to put all the meeting components together, it minimizes outside legal fees and it creates a complete audit trail of BOD activities.    


Item# BOD2 - Board Member Compensation Program Evaluation and Development Services


Sarbanes-Oxley and changes to SEC Proxy Disclosure rules have caused company Boards, Board Committees and Senior Management Executives to seek objective assurance that Board-related compensation programs are properly structured. Additionally, with the increased responsibilities of Board members, as well as the inherent personal liability, time commitment and expertise required, Boards are taking a closer look at the compensation being offered to directors, committee members, and chairpersons. This independent and seasoned compensation-services-only consultancy applies a 9 step consulting process to assure that the company’s Board Compensation Program meets its objectives while considering the critical factors for both the industry and company.  Services for Board Compensation include:

-Current program review and analysis

-New program development

-Equity plans

-General advisory and education


The results include defensible assurance that today’s programs do not become tomorrow’s problems.